Summer camps not a good idea? | PMDC admissions scam

Some parents say summer camps not a good idea
Islamabad, June 01: For students the month of June brings the relishing thought of carefree holidays, but this year too schools want children to attend summer camps.

As the month of June is few days away, children of twin cities are somewhat worried over the imminent summer camps planned in their schools during the vacations. The schools are in the process of finalising dates for starting the summer classes for students.

Principal of British Academy School System, Satellite Town, Shahid Siddique, told this news agency that the school is arranging summer camps for the middle and secondary level students.

The classes are especially arranged every year to prepare those students who are weak in their studies as long break of vacation disrupt their educational activities, he opined.

Similarly, City School is also arranging summer classes for the students to appear in the entry test of `A' level.

TOFEL, IELTS and GMAT classes will be held during summer and training classes for the permanent faculty will also be arranged, Safinaz Adnan, Regional Academic Coordinator, City School informed.

In summer, temperatures hover around 50 degree centigrade, which keeps people indoors. So for students will remain an anxious thought to step out of their homes and to reach school under burning sun.

For parents and children, it will be an unfulfilled wish to spend vacation according to their plans. Children of the educational institutions as well as their parents are voicing concern over this arrangement, as they opine that summer vacations are an opportunity for children to relax after hectic academic schedule. These holidays, they argue, provide a much-needed break to the children, who can pursue their hobbies in a much better way and enjoy themselves by participating in recreational activities.

However, contrary to their wishes and expectations, the local schools have decided to keep busy their students with studies. Kids desire comfort and freedom, which they can hardly afford when their classes are in progress.

A displeased mother of a student of a private school remarked that the management of these institutions should take into account the views of the children as well as their parents before jumping to such decisions. "Otherwise, students will lose their interest and fail to deliver academically," she said.

Another mother was of the view that summer camps should not be mandatory. The students for the whole year wait for the summer vacations to have good times with their family and friends.

The haunting idea of summer camps is enough to spoil their charm of vacations. "The idea of holding summer classes can harm children health. They might not be able to gain sufficient benefit from summer classes rather catching infectious diseases," said a father showing reluctance to send his child to join summer camp.

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PMDC orders probe in admissions scam
Islamabad: The PMDC has constituted an inquiry committee comprising two members of the Council to investigate the alleged irregularities in the admission of students in Islamabad Medical College, following a report.

2. The PM&DC observed it with concern that, keeping in view the efficacy and sufficiency of the teaching and clinical facilities of Islamabad Medical College, the institution is allowed to admit 50 students annually, and in case the college has admitted more than 50 students, it is liable for committing an irregularity which shall have grave consequences for the adversely affected students. The necessary action shall be taken in the light of the inquiry report in accordance with law.

3. The PM&DC has taken an exception to the fact that the role and designation of Dr M. Sohail Karim Hashmi, Ex-Secretary PM&DC has been projected in the said news. The PM&DC clarified that Dr M. Sohail Karim Hashmi, had not been appointed, as Registrar of the Council and any impression created to that effect is a deliberate misrepresentation. The Honorable Bench of the Supreme Court, hearing suo-moto case of the students of Islamabad Medical College, who were illegally denied registration by the management of the Council, expressed displeasure over the behaviour of the then Secretary PM&DC Dr M. Sohail Karim Hashmi, by observing that "We will not allow any one to play with the future of these hundreds of students due to personal reasons and such persons should behave with students within the parameters of the Ordinance" (Dawn dated 30th May 2006). It is deeply regretted that the person who had been accused by the students for heavy handedness and who had been persistently acting in violation of law, is indulging in vicious and malicious campaign and is trying to make political mileage out of a case which the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan had initiated in Suo-Moto Case No 06 of 2006 on the complaint of students of Islamabad Medical and Dental College voicing against the administration of the college as well as PM&DC.

4. While commenting on the allegation of Dr M. Sohail Karim Hashmi, that there is a nexus between PM&DC management and private colleges, the PM&DC spokesperson said that this is without any substance and merit. The PM&DC has decided to take legal action against Dr M. Sohail Karim Hashmi, Ex-Secretary, PM&DC, for defamation and damages.

Usman Manzoor adds: it is interesting that PMDC has not rebutted any of the contents of the news item, however, it has only sent a rejoinder to a statement of its ex-Secretary/Registrar, which were incorporated because he was the secretary PMDC when the said college was ordered to be closed. 'The News' stands by its stance that 'Dr Sohail Karim Hashmi was Secretary/Registrar of PMDC' until he was forced to leave. I have contacted Dr Sohail Karim Hashmi and he said that many private colleges being run with the blessing of PMDC are substandard according to the rules set by PMDC itself. He further said that he was not afraid of any defamation case, as a suit claiming damages worth Rs35 million is already pending in a court of law because of him being outspoken against the private medical colleges. The News

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30,000 to attend IIU job fair
Islamabad: International Islamic University (IIU) will hold a two-day National Job Fair on June 9 in which over 30,000 visitors were invited.

The job fair is aimed at providing an opportunity to qualified youth to interact with employers, said IIU President Dr Anwar Hussain Siddiqui in a statement issued here on Saturday.

"We are providing employers with a perfect platform to interact with prospective candidates," he said, adding that the activity had been planned to minimise the burden the government had been facing due to unemployment.

"I request leaders of corporate sector to come forward and help in providing employment opportunities to young people to safeguard their future as well as of the nation," said Dr Siddiqui. There would be an open entry to the event for students of all universities in Pakistan. app

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