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Clerk 'outsmarts' UET administration
Lahore, June 26: A junior clerk of the University of Engineering & Technology (UET) has allegedly been dodging the varsity administration as well as other authorities concerned by claiming to be personal staff officer (PSO) of the Punjab Parliamentary Secretary for Education.

According to sources in the Punjab Higher Education Department, junior clerk Saqib Latif (0n contract basis) at UET Lahore has been claiming to be PSO to the Parliamentary Secretary for Education Ch Mumtaz Ahmed Jajja, ever since he has been appointed as the Parliamentary Secretary.

They further said that Jajja had now informed the UET and the department, in writing, that he had never requested placement of services of the said clerk at his disposal to work as his PSO.

The sources said the issue came to notice of the UET administration when the varsity registrar received a "letter", (a copy available with The News), from the parliamentary secretary on May 28, 09 requesting placement of services of Saqib Latif at his disposal as his PSO.

They further said the "letter" however proved to be forged as the parliamentary secretary in his letter dated June 23, 09, (copy available with The News), claimed that he had never requested for placement of services of the said clerk.

The letter further reads, "In this respect the letter, if any, addressed to you must be a forged one and the person responsible for this fraudulent act deserves severe action".

Another thing which further complicates the whole issue is attendance record of the said clerk, issued by the department's Additional Secretary (Academics) Farrukh Zahra Gillani, according to which he (Saqib Latif) had in fact served the parliamentary secretary as his PSO from February 17, 09 to February 28, 2009.

An official of the department, on condition of anonymity, said the "letter" for request by parliamentary secretary and the attendance record were contradictory which had created doubts about the whole issue. "This proves that the junior clerk has been befooling everyone in connivance with the additional secretary", he alleged.

The official further said the "moves" of the junior clerk had exposed that he was performing duties merely on papers. "If this is so then it is not possible without support of senior officials", he added.

UET Registrar Ashraf Bajwa said following request from the parliamentary secretary, the university had sought comments from the Higher Education Department.

To a question, he said the record was not available in his office owing to which he could not check his (Saqib's) present position. He further said he had not received parliamentary secretary's letter yet.

When contacted, Farrukh Zahra Gillani said she had issued the attendance record of period during which Saqib Latif worked as PSO of the Parliamentary Secretary for Education. She added she had not done anything wrong by issuing the attendance record.

Saqib said he was still serving as PSO to the Parliamentary Secretary for Education.

Mumtaz Ahmed Jajja could not be reached despite repeated attempts on his cell phone. The News

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GCU produces first PhD scholar
Lahore: Dr. Nadia Saleem Assistant Professor of the Department of Economics Government College University Lahore became the PhD Degree holder from GCU. The Department of Economics produced first PhD Scholar Dr. Nadia Saleem after getting the status of University in September 2002. Her topic was "Dynamics of Inflation, Exchange Rates and Inflation Targeting in Pakistan", which indicates the current problem of increasing prices and its impact on economic growth.

In this thesis she discussed the problems emerges from high inflation rate which is a concern for public and policy makers. This study concludes that inflation emerges from uncertainty and by forecasting the inflation rate this uncertainty can be avoided. She suggested that people can form expectations and central bank should be responsible for monitoring inflation. Uncertainty should be prevented because it makes the monetary policy ineffective on the one hand and it jeopardizes the growth because no business can invest in highly risky environment. She completed her research under the supervision of the Vice Chancellor Government College University Lahore Dr. Khalid Aftab. F.P report

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Bio-informatics lab inaugurated at UVAS
Lahore: Provincial Parlimentary Secretary, MPA, Shumaila Rana and MPA, Ali Haider Noor Khan Niazi inaugurated bio-informatics laboratory at the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) here on Thursday. The bio-informatics lab has been established by the Molecular Biology and Bio-technology department of UVAS. Earlier, the vice-chancellor, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nawaz briefed the guests about the research work, post-graduate departments and the problems faced by the livestock sector. The provincial Parlimentary secretary assured the VC that she would soon arrange a meeting of the university delegates with the Chief Minister, Punjab, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. App

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