Pakistani students in Kyrgyzstan : Future at stake

Future of students returning from Kyrgyzstan at stake
Islamabad, June 16: The future of students, returning from Kyrgyzstan while leaving their education unfinished, is at stake as most of them are not ready to go back even if the situation normalizes there.

According to information, there are around 1,200 students currently studying at various educational institutions of Kyrgyzstan. Around 270 are stuck at the core of massacre - Osh - while the government of Pakistan is trying to make proper arrangements for the safe return of these students.

The arrival of students has started due to the serious efforts by the Pakistan government which was under pressure after the murder of a Pakistani engineering student, Ali Raza.

The students who are returning back from Kyrgyzstan are mainly the students of engineering and medical while there are a few who are also the students of arts. According to the students, they went to Kyrgyzstan because of the quality of education and relatively cheaper fee structures.

They said that the annual fee for the engineering and medical is around Rs0.2 million while the total expenditure including the house rent costs around Rs0.4 million which is far cheaper than the other countries.

A complicated situation has arisen after the return of these students as they have left their education in the middle and also have deposited their fee in their respective universities. The students have expressed their grave concerns over the career and appealed to the government to take immediate measures to accommodate them in Pakistani universities.

However, while talking to this scribe Ministry of Education Secretary Imtiaz Qazi said that since the students were taking higher education, the responsibility lies on Higher Education Commission(HEC) to accommodate them in some way or the other.

On the other hand, HEC Executive Director (ED) Dr Sohail Naqvi termed it impractical to accommodate these students in Pakistani universities. He said that education

system in Kyrgyzstan was entirely different from what has been prevailing in Pakistan. "The students could not possibly be accommodated in local universities as they would not be able to adjust and adopt the local education system," he said.

Naqvi further said that the merit was really high in Pakistani universities and competition was really tough that's why these students went to Kyrgyzstan to gain education as the merit there was low. "It would not be fair with the Pakistani students to accommodate these returning students in Pakistani universities nor it is practical to do so," he said.

Naqvi said that the option they are considering right now to accommodate these students was to negotiate with the education institutions of other Central Asian states including Uzbekistan and Tajikistan where the education system and merit was equal to Kyrgyzstan. "We would try to accommodate them in the universities of Central Asian Countries and we are under process in doing so," he said.

But the question here arises that why these students have to go all the way to Kyrgyzstan in order to get higher education when the education of these countries was not even equal to the education in developed countries like US, England and Australia.

According to a recent report by UNDP, only 5.1 per cent of the students in Pakistan have access to the higher education which is lowest in the region as India has more than 10 per cent access, Malaysia has around 28 per cent access while Korea has 80 per cent access to higher education.

In Pakistan only one student among six students gets the chance to avail higher education due to the absence of education facilities in higher education sector. And it is worth mentioning here the budget in the higher education sector has been witnessing the continuous decline over the past few years, which shows the commitment of the government towards the education sector. The news

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"I think its easy for Dr Sohail Naqvi o send two C130 Aircrafts after 6 months rather than to adjust these medical students in Pakistani Universities. If merit in Pakistani Universities was high then now after completing one or two years of education, those students are at level of Pakistani University s students.Govt. can start evening classes in one or two medical colleges and that would be enough for them.I ask from Dr Naqvi,why they had gone to Kyrgyzstan? Just because Pakistan was unable to give them admission and do you think Uzbekistan and Tajikistan have more resources than Pakistan? How many dead bodies or Ali Razas will you collect after 6 months? And one thing more, why these students are studying there? Because they want to do jobs in UK, USA? No.They will return back and will serve their own nation. If they can leave their country, parents,relative and can go in -40C temperature for their country then country couldn't do anything for them now in this present situation? Kindly leave your policies of wait and see. Kindly think about your international repute. Now Pakistan is in this pitiable condition that he couldn't adjust his own sons and will beg before Uzbekistan and Tajikistan for their protection. Shame Shame"
Name: Ammar Younas
City, Country: Hafizabad

"There is this usual foul cry that the government doesn't care for Pakistanis and overseas Pakistanis are always crying that there are no facilities accorded to them by Pakistan government. Well our people's government has ensured the safety of over 200 students by making round flights to Bishkek and getting our citizens back home safely. Unfortunately, one Pakistani was killed in the rioting there and his body returned home as well. It may also be noted that last year, a Pakistani family was arrested in Saudi Arabia on charges of drug trafficking. After the real culprits were apprehended, the government successfully got the family back home - something which was unprecedented in the history of Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, they firstly behead you and then commiserate if it was a mistake. We must appreciate the good things that the government does. It was also heartening to see Shah Mahmood Qureshi receiving the Pakistanis and also shouldering the coffin of the deceased student."
Name: Mushtaq Ansari
City, Country: Lahore

"i would like to thanks to foreign ministry of pakistan for the evvacuationof our brothers from kyrgyzstan.but looking at the future of those students i`ll request to govt. of paksitan to adjust them in the universities of paksitan as it is too easy rather then collecting the bodies of students at conditions there are not suitable for those students to go and study there.a max of 5 seats in each medical college is required to accomodate these students in pakistan.which is very practical and very easy.the situations are not that these students cann`t adjust in the they are citizens of pakistan.they already studied in pakistan through their entire educational short 5 seats on each college and 1 in each year will be far easy then receiving the bodies of students"
Name: umer
City, Country: Gujrat,pakistan

"geeee.pakistani students cann`t get admission in theis own mean you people are?"
Name: steve
City, Country: france

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Students who completed studies in Krygystan to get degrees: Kaira
Islamabad: Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira said on Tuesday that arrangements would be made for award of degrees to those students who have completed their studies in Krygyzstan.

Taking part in Radio Pakistan's programme 'Nae Ufaq', he said the matter would be taken up with the Kyrgyz Government.

He said the Higher Education Commission would also be asked to determine equalization of degrees and transfer of credit hours of under-study students so that they could continue their education in Pakistani institutions.

The Information Minister said the situation in Kyrgyzstan was of concern to Pakistan especially because it also affected Pakistani nationals there. He said the government and other concerned agencies acted immediately and in unison to bring back stranded Pakistanis.

Replying to a question about gas pipeline from Iran, the Minister said unlike India which withdrew from the project under international pressure, Pakistan pursued it in its national interests.

He said Pakistan's relations with Muslim countries or neighbours are not conditional with any power but at the same time Pakistan cannot live in isolation and is interacting with other countries as well.

Qamar Zaman Kaira said the PPP government is the only one in the history of the country that did not take dictation from abroad. He, however, said Pakistan is cooperating with the world on issues like war on terror for the sake of its own interest and that of regional and global peace. App

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Student recalls last days in Kyrgyzstan
Peshawar: A student returning from volatile Kyrgyzstan said on Tuesday the law of the jungle prevailed in Osh city as mobsters were behaving like monsters.

Asif Sohrab, a student of the Osh Medical University in Kyrgyzstan, was among the 134 Pakistani students who returned home via a C-130 plane from Kyrgyzstan. Moving scenes were witnessed when the student reached his home in the populated Gulberg area in Peshawar Cantonment.

"Life has become almost impossible in Kyrgyzstan. The mobsters are killing each and every one coming in their way," recalled Asif Sohrab, whose convoy of two buses was brought to the airport in the security of tanks.

Like other students, Asif was all praise for the Pakistani officials in Kyrgyzstan as well as Foreign Ministry and media for providing immediate help to the stranded students. The student recalled that a senior student approached all the Pakistani students to collect their cellular phone numbers and addresses and later arranged for their travelling to the airport amid strict security.

As many as 269 Pakistanis, studying at medical and engineering universities in different cities of Kyrgyzstan, were stranded when the law and order situation took an ugly turn in the wake of riots.

The students belonged to Peshawar, Charsadda, Mardan, Dir and other parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as well as several towns of Punjab, Karachi and Balochistan. Khizer Hayat, brother of another student from Manga Dargai, Imtiaz, said they were in contact with their brother who was stranded in his apartment and was going without food and water.

A large number of students had enrolled themselves in universities of Kyrgyzstan after they were refused admission in local medical and engineering institutions. They opted to obtain a degree from Kyrgyzstan instead of getting admission through self-finance system.

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List of 132 students on first flight
Islamabd: As many as 132 students and two children arrived here on Tuesday from Kyrgyzstan through the first special flight at the Chaklala Air Base, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Deputy Director (Operation) Maj Adil Muhammad said.

The names and particulars of students are as under: Sardar Wali from Chaman, Haji Samad from Chaman, Ihsan-ul-Haq from Peshawar, Faizan Ullah from Gujranwala, Muhammad Adnan Khokhar (Rawalpindi), Muhammad Waqas Chan (Attock), Muhammad Ajmal (Rawalpindi), Rafique Ahmed (Sawabi), Asadullah Khan (Peshawar), Ajam Khan (Sawabi), Kashif Rasheed (Jhang), Sajid Ullah (Peshawar), Aqil Ahmed (Peshawar), Almas Benjamin (Sialkot), Waseem-ud-Din (Mardan), Muhammad Faheem Khan (Mardan), Kamran Afzal (Mardan), Muhammad Farooq (Mardan), Muhammad Saif Ullah (Multan), Fazal Hameed (Swat), Muhammad Asim (Multan), Inayat Ali (Mardan), Alamgir Khan (Peshawar), Zaheer Aslam (Sialkot), Zareen Zenra (Islamabad), Mawash Zulfiqar (Islamabad), Anara Shadykanova (Lahore), Sehrish Raza (Islamabad), Alina Aftab (Lahore), Nazia (Gujranwala), Hina Yasmeen (Lahore), Shumazia (Gujranwala), Amina Tabish (Faisalabad), Seemab Sharif (Lahore), Amina Ghaffar (Nawabshah), Lubna Ghaffar (Nawabshah), Sumia (Karachi), Sehrish Nazir (Lahore), Anjaman Tahira (Sialkot), Saiqa Naseer (Sialkot), Afshan Naseer (Sialkot), Iram Iqbal Sadia (Faisalabad), Sumbal Saba (Multan), Naheed Javed (Islamabad), Asia Bukhari (Sialkot), Ambreen Yousaf (Multan), Ansa Adeeba (Gujranwala), Zeeshan Faheem (Gujranwala), Javaid Akhtar (Bahawalnagar), Muhammad Javed Kabir (Faisalabad), Asif Sohrab (Peshawar), Zeeshan Shehzad (Multan), Hanif Khan (Mardan), Muhammad Furqan (Lahore), Muhammad Atif Ahmed (Gujranwala), Muhammad Amir Ashiq (Sialkot), Sohail Israr (Gujranwala), Haseeb Aslam (Rawalpindi), Ali Hassan Shah (Multan), Fashan Ghaffar (Peshawar), Fazal Amin (Peshawar), Touqir Hussain (Muzzafargarh), Imran Hussain (Multan), Muhammad Usman Naeem (Gujrat), Hassan Munir (Gujranwala), Wajid Yaqoob (Bahawalpur), Khurram Shahzad (Gujranwala), Muhammad Afzal (Sialkot), Waseem Abbas (Multan), Saqib Ishaq (Burewala), Muhammad Asif (Mardan), Abdul Ali (Chaman), Haider Ali Khan (Mardan), Tassawwar Iqbal (Gujrat), Daniyal Aftab (Lahore), Haroon Bhatti (Sialkot), Muhammad Bashir (Sialkot), Abdul Hadi (Chaman), Abdul Kabir (Swat), Mushatab Sadiq (AJ&K), Muhammad Awais (Gujrat), Jahangir Khan (Gujranwala), Ihsanullah (Peshawar), Idrees Shah (Mardan), Muhammad Zohaib Aslam (Gujrat), Shaoib Ashraf (Gujranwala), Abdur Rehman (Gujrat), Sohail Babar (Sialkot), Yasir Mumtaz (Mandi Bahauddin), Asad Ullah Khan (Islamabad), Haji Zyad Akhtar (Lahore), Adil Mehboob (Karachi), Sherbaz Khan (DG Khan), Yasir Ali (Sialkot), Ghulam Abbas (DG Khan), Muhammad Ibrahim (Gujranwala), Shoaib Ahmed (Sialkot), Ahmed Ullah (Chaman), Stephen Yousaf (Sialkot), Usman Sharif (Sialkot), Tanvir Ahmed Shakir (Toba Tek Singh), Imran Shaukat (Karachi), Izhar Qazi (Peshawar), Kifayat Ullah (Karachi), Abid Hussain Afridi (Peshawar), Kalim Ullah Khan (Multan), Usman Zaman (Gujrat), Faisal Shah (Peshawar), Rizwan Ullah (Peshawar), Syed Kamran Haider Sherazi (Karachi), Arfan Khan (Peshawar), Qasier Rahim (Peshawar), Muhammad Nasim (Multan), Umair Waheed (Gujrat), Shah Jahan (Bahawalpur), Ahmed Ammar (Faisalabad), Majid Khan (AJ&K), Nazim Farooq (Gujrat), Sajad Qaiser (Gujrat), Kamran Awais Islam (Sheikhupura), Mir Ahmed Raza (Sialkot), Imran Sadiq (Jhang), Zareef Muhammad (Quetta), Waqas Ahmed (Sialkot), Hazrat Ali (Swat), Toqeer Muhammad (Gujranwala), Ihtisham Kashif (Sialkot), Sami Ullah (Swat), Muhammad Zaheer Babar (AJ&K) and Awal Khan (Swat). The news

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"Due to timely and effective action of the government 268 Pakistani students have been safely evacuated from Kyrgyzstan. First special flight of PAF-C130 carrying 134 Pakistani students and families landed at Chaklala Airbase early Tuesday morning. While the second special flight carrying 133 Pakistanis reached the Chaklala Airbase in the evening. The plane also brought back the body of a Pakistani student Ali Raza who was killed there in Kyrgyzstan's ethnic riots. The first flight was received by Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira while the second flight was received by Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi. National Disaster Management Authority had arranged refreshment and transport at the airbase besides transit accommodation in hotels to facilitate the students hailing from far-flung areas. The evacuated students appreciated the government's efforts for their safe and prompt return and said "The way the government acted to bring back Pakistanis from violence hit Kyrgyzstan is really appreciable."Indeed, the government of Pakistan was the first one who made arrangements for safe return of its nationals from the Kyrgyzstan."
Name: Ali Ahmed
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

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