Punjab government education budget 2010

Rs 23.3bn allocated for education
Lahore, June 15: The Punjab government has allocated Rs 23.3 billion for all sectors of educations, including the school and higher education departments, special education, literacy and various others.

Around Rs 14 billion were allocated for the School Education Department, Rs 6.35 billion for the Higher Education Department, around Rs 500 million have been allocated for special education and around Rs 800 million for literacy development.

School Education Department: In the new budget, the provincial government will spend Rs 1.015 billion for eight ongoing schemes and Rs 13.035 billion on 46 new schemes in schools across Punjab. The government has also focused on six major projects namely the up-gradation of schools, training of teachers, provision of computer labs in elementary schools, provision of missing facilities in schools, provision of science lab' equipment in 1,000 high-enrolled and higher secondary schools and capacity building of school councils.

New schemes: In new schemes, the government has allocated Rs 1 billion for regular schemes, in which the government will spend Rs 15 million to restore and renovate the Government Central Model School. Around Rs 1 million have been allocated to revamp and strengthen school labs across the province. Similarly, around Rs 4 billion will be spent for 36 schemes in connection with missing facilities. Around Rs 135 million will be spent for the provision of missing facilities at 54 schools of Lahore, Rs 105 millions will be spent for the provision of missing facilities in 42 schools of Rawalpindi.

Around Rs 4 billion will be spent on the up-gradation on schools ranging from primary to middle level, while around Rs 2 billion will be spent for the up-gradation of 200 middle and high schools.

The government has also allocated Rs 800 million for an accelerated programme for schools, while Rs 600 million have been allocated for reconstruction of existing schools.

The government has introduced seven new schemes in the higher education sector. In the first schemes, the government has allocated Rs 180 million for the establishment of post-graduate blocks to start master classes, while Rs 15 million have been allocated for the allocation of consultancy charges. Similarly, Rs 25 million have been allocated for the establishment of a library and resource centre at Murree, while Rs 250 million have been allocated for college sector reforms. Around Rs 20 million have been allocated for the up-gradation of science labs at colleges, Rs 305 million have been allocated for establishing computer labs and Rs 555 million for the block allocation for fast moving and new schemes.

Ongoing schemes: In the category of ongoing schemes, the government will spend Rs 15 million for the reconstruction of the Summer Training Centre Ghora Gali School at Muree, Rs 143 million will be spent for 4,286 IT labs in high/higher secondary schools in Punjab, Rs 79 million for promotion of primary education for girls in rural areas, Rs 107 million on Internal Merit Scholarships, around Rs 323 million for up-gradation and establishment of labs, Rs 14 million for provision of a building for the Punjab Examination Commission.

Higher education: The Punjab government has allocated around Rs 6.35 billion for higher education and will spend the amount on 181 schemes.

Ongoing schemes: Around Rs 5 billion will be spent on 174 ongoing schemes. Around Rs 120 million will be spent on Internal Merit Scholarships for professional colleges in Punjab, Rs 245 million have been allocated for provision of facilities at colleges, Rs 1 billion for Punjab Education Sector Reform Programmes, Rs 1.35 billion for the establishment of new girls' and boy's colleges in different districts of Punjab. The government allocated Rs 1 billion for provision of missing facilities, while Rs 226 million have been allocated for the up-gradation of colleges.

Literacy development programme: The government has allocated around Rs 800 million for literacy development programmes, with Rs 450 million being allocated for six ongoing schemes and Rs 350 million being allocated for one new scheme. Daily times

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Rs 3b allocated for Danish schools
Lahore: The Punjab government has allocated Rs3 billion for Danish School System in the Annual Development Plan 2010-2011.

The amount allocated for Danish schools does not reflect in Education Sector for which an amount of Rs 23.3 billion has been earmarked. An official, seeking anonymity, said the Danish School System was very much related to the education sector, adding that if the amount allocated in this regard was reflected with educationís ADP, the total allocation would have crossed Rs 26billion.

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Rs 1.96b fixed for IT sector
Lahore: The Punjab government has allocated Rs 1960 million for the information technology (IT) sector while only Rs 453 million has been given to the sector in the past two years against original allocations of over Rs 2800 million.

The IT budget was slashed by Rs 200 million in the fiscal year 2009-2010, the sector eventually got only Rs 219 million against a total of 30 schemes. The sector had launched 14 new schemes in the fiscal year 2010-2011 along with 18 ongoing schemes, none of which have been completed due to the meagre amount provided.

More than a dozen projects were abandoned by the sector without completion in the year 2009-2010. For the year 2010-2011, the sector has been allocated Rs 1960 million against 11 ongoing schemes and 3 new schemes. The IT sector is divided into sub-departments of Punjab Information technology Board (PITB), Home Department and Board of Revenue.

All three of the new schemes for the fiscal year 2010-2011 are actually old schemes of the IT sector, which the PITB partially or completely abandoned in the past year and has restarted them dubbing them as new ones.

These projects include training initiatives for IT awareness and expertise, which was a part of the 2009-2010 budget but was abandoned.

The "Software Technology Parks and Incubator Centres Feasibility Study and Planning" has a similar story and has been allotted money in the past two fiscal years as well. Last but not the least, the much touted e-governance scheme of Punjab Gateway Project too is another one of the schemes suspended and amended over the past years and now regenerated this year round as a new scheme. The news

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IJT hooligans thrash PU security guards
Lahore: Islami Jamiat Talba (IJT) activists continued their hooliganism on Monday by beating up security guards of the Punjab University (PU).

The varsity's Student Advisor Iftikhar Ahmed Chaudhry condemned the manhandling of PU Security Officer Subedar Shaukat Ali and nine other security guards by the IJT hooligans when the students of BCom-II were protesting against the PU administration.

He made this condemnation while negotiating with a seven-member student delegation of BCom-II students, who had some reservations on the question paper of Advanced Accounting in their recently held examinations.

The meeting took place at the PU vice chancellor's office committee room at the PU New Campus. PU Controller Examinations Dr Zahid Karim Khan, acting Hailey College of Commerce Principal Ijaz Ahmad, Assistant Professor Muhammad Moazzam Mughal, PU Chief Security Officer (CSO) Colonel (r) Khalid Hassan, ROs-I and II, Professor Shahid Mahmood Gul and Malik Muhammad Zaheer were also present in the meeting. During the talks with the student delegation, the BCom students were assured that their demands would be considered in the next meeting of the PU Board of Studies for Commerce on June 17.

The PU CSO informed the meeting that around 12:00 noon, IJT activists including Tayyab and Zain of the Statistics Department, Ahsan of Law College, Adnan Khalid of the Geology Department, former Islamic Centre student Rashid Manzoor, expelled student Atif Gujjar and other expelled students including 200 students of the Punjab College of Commerce, Superior College and Science College forcibly opened the gate number two of the varsity and thrashed the security guards who were performing their duties.

As a result Security Officer Subedar Shaukat Ali and nine other security guards Shahbaz, Wajid Hussain, Ramzan Asghar, Amanullah, Muhammad Asif, Talib Hussain, Sarwar and Zain were seriously injured. Afterwards, the IJT hooligans reached the Administration Block and broke the glass windows, doors and flower vases of the VC office.

After receiving the medical report of the injured guards from the Jinnah Hospital, an application was filed for the registration of a first information report (FIR) against the IJT activists at the New Muslim Town Police Station. Daily times

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