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Students thrash teacher for not allowing cheating in exams
Karachi, June 01: A group of students assaulted a senior faculty member at the DJ Science College here on Thursday after he refused to let them use unfair means during their intermediate paper.

According to eyewitnesses, the students, after handing in their answer sheets, waited for the teacher, Shehzad Muslim, outside the classroom.

"As soon as Muslim left the classroom, the students started beating him. Ironically, the policemen that were deployed at the college to prevent such incidents did not intervene. Also, no arrests were made," they said.

The Sindh Professors and Lecturers' Association (SPLA) condemned the incident and demanded of the BIEK, the Director Colleges (Sindh) and the provincial government to take the necessary action against the students.

The SPLA also demanded action against the policemen who had allowed this incident to take place. "Unfortunately, police did not move even an inch and failed to perform their duty," a SPLA spokesperson said.

The spokesperson also said that the SPLA had requested the home department on a number of occasions to provide security for students and teachers at examination centres.

Meanwhile, Chairman BIEK Anwar Ahmed Zai said that board officials had been asked to visit the college to gather information regarding the incident.

Shortly after the incident, the SPLA announced that it would boycott the next paper, which is scheduled for June 4.

Meanwhile, police claimed that they had not received any prior notification regarding the paper. "The police present outside the college was performing their duty as per routine and they are not aware about this incident," claimed a police officer from the area.

President Insaf Student Federation (ISF) Karachi Arsalan T Ghumman strongly condemned the incident and remarked that, since the students were alleged to have political affiliations, the incident had spread negativity and would discourage other students from taking part in political activities.

He criticised the government for its silence over such incidents, which, he said, "encourage criminal elements to continue their violent activities in educational institutes". Ghumman said that boycotting the examination process was a bad idea as it would disrupt the students' education. He also demanded that outsiders should be strictly banned from entering examination centers and that foolproof security be provided to the students and teaching staff.

He also urged students to be non-violent and disciplined, and requested the authorities concerned to take strict, indiscriminate action against those responsible so that such incidents did not occur in the future.

Meanwhile, the administration of the Dawood College of Engineering and Technology (DCET) announced postponement of the ongoing examination process at the college.

The decision was taken after the teaching community declared a boycott of the exams. The papers of the annual examinations at the DCET were suspended after an assault on a faculty member by a student was reported. To avoid further problems, the administration decided to postpone the ongoing exams till the protesting teachers called off the boycott.

According to a faculty member, during the paper which was scheduled on Wednesday, an information secretary of the Jeay Sindh Students Federation, Saif Ullah, who is also a student of second year chemical engineering, had thrown a glass at a lecturer, Sadia Karim, who had expelled him from the examination room on account of his using unfair means.

The faculty members said the glass hit Karim's foot and she sustained a cut. After the incident, the teaching community conducted a meeting and decided not to conduct the exams on Thursday. They added that the permanent faculty members of the college were in favour of conducting the exams while the contractual teachers demanded the announcement of a boycott.

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