First ever air-conditioned library in Landhi

KARACHI, June 2(Daily Times): Landhi Town is the only town out of the 18 towns in the city that has started to improve its libraries. The town administration, on the directives of Town Nazim Asif Hasnain, has installed five air conditions, besides other facilities, at the Central Library located in Korangi No. 3.

This was stated by town library deputy officer, Arifa Tariq, while elaborating on the details of other facilities like furnishings and increasing the existing stock of books.

She said that the library was established in 1971 and is also the fifth major library in the city where more then 500 people go to quench their thirst for knowledge every day. The library has more then 15,000 books on almost every major topic and readers from various segments of life, especially students, come to read books and 20 different newspapers.

"There are two major colleges and one government school. Students from these institutions, as well as residents from different parts of the city, visit the library," she said.

Tariq said that the library has gotten around 1,000 new books during the last 18 months and that it was neglected during the previous administration's four-year tenure. "Presently, readers are demanding a stock of curriculum books from the matric to master levels as the government changed the syllabus two years ago and the books are not easily available in the market. A list of the books has been sent to the town nazim so that funds can be allocated to purchase them."

She added that the present town administration has been paying an extraordinary amount of attention to improving the services of the library, like installing air conditioners and other facilities. "The town has also introduced a coaching centre, with the collaboration of various NGOs, which provides English language courses for free."

"This library is the heart of Landhi Town. The town should extend the facilities by providing computerized records for finding books," said Yasir Ahmed, a mass communications student and resident of area 36-B, Landhi.



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