Teacher paid for invigilation after two years

LAHORE, June 6(Daily Times): The Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, paid remuneration to a schoolteacher who had acted as invigilator in MA/MSc examinations held in June, 2005, on the orders of Punjab Ombudsman Abdur Rasheed Khan on Tuesday. Complainant Muhammad Naeem, a teacher at Government High School, 557/EB, Machiwal Tehsil, Vehari, filed a complaint in the regional office in Multan, stating that he had acted as an invigilator in the MA/MSc examinations of the Bahauddin Zakariya University in June, 2005, at the Bhurewala exam centre, but had not been paid for his service. He said that he contacted the university authorities and was told that a cheque had been posted to him and if he did not receive the cheque, he should inform the university so that a new cheque could be issued.

After six months, he was informed by the university that the cheque had been cashed by another teacher. He requested the ombudsman that the university be directed to pay his remuneration. In its departmental response, the university treasurer conceded that due to typographical mistake, the cheque was sent to Sahiwal, instead of Machiwal, and was cashed by another teacher there. He added that the teacher who had cashed the cheque had been asked to refund the sum and that the complainant would be paid after the sum had been refunded to the university.

The ombudsman observed that the mistake was committed by a university employee, but the complainant had been suffering and waiting for payment for more than two years. The Ombudsman said that the remuneration should be paid to the complainant by the university instead of the teacher who had cashed the cheque within a fortnight. On Tuesday, the university informed the ombudsman that it had paid the teacher his due remuneration.



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