PC maker Dell to cut 7,000 jobs

At least 7,000 jobs are set to be lost at computer firm Dell after it said it would cut its global workforce by 10%.

The PC maker has struggled with falling sales and rising costs, prompting founder Michael Dell to take direct charge of the firm earlier this year.

Mr Dell said the job losses would be "difficult" but stressed they were critical if the firm was to deliver better value to customers.

The US firm employs more than 78,700 staff worldwide.

Customer support
Dell has found life difficult in the face of falling PC costs and tough competition from the likes of a resurgent Hewlett Packard.

In response, it has overhauled its management team and focused on improving technical support for customers and moving into fast-growing markets like China and Brazil.

It recently started selling PCs through Wal-Mart stores in the US.

Despite this, Dell said it needed to substantially reduce its workforce over the next year to remain competitive.

As well as the US, Dell has significant operations in both Europe and Asia.

It employs about 1,500 staff in Bracknell in the UK, where its European headquarters are based, and about 4,500 employees in Ireland.



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