College principals ask Rangers for security

Karachi, June 1(The News): Different college administration, where examination centres were set up have submitted a written letter to the Director-General, Rangers, and Town Police Officers, of their respective areas seeking extra deployment of law-enforcement agencies, the sources said.

The colleges which sent the letters in this behalf were declared most sensitive where already extra force was deployed, but that too was insufficient as the student groups/organisations had also sent telephonic threats of dire consequences to college Principals, if they interfered into their "affairs".

Receiving these calls, the college principals contacted the D-G, Rangers, and the TPOs and that too after prior approval from the 'Superior Authority' had sent application to them.

Sensing the severity, the D-G, Rangers, accepted the request and sent Pakistan Rangers to these colleges for security reasons.

However, the Chief Secretary, Sindh, Shakeel Durrani, along with the Secretary, Education, Subhago Khan Jatoi, and other officials of the education department, in a surprise visit to the declared sensitive examination centre, the Islamia Arts College on Thursday found everything 'smooth and normal' during the examination, Education, Secretary Jatoi said.

All the same, during the visit to the college, Principal Anees-us-Saqlain said that a student group was threatening him for not allowing them to cheat in the exams.



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