Hafsa students seek action against PIMS students

ISLAMABAD, June 4(Daily Times): Thousands of burqa-clad students of Jamia Hafsa on Sunday staged a demonstration in front of Lal Masjid demanding that the government punish Christian students of the College of Nursing, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, for alleged desecration of the holy Quran.

Addressing the protesters, Hamna Abdullah, the head of the students action committee of Jamia Hafsa, said that the government was not following the teachings of Islam and was promoting "obscenity" in the name of "enlightened moderation". She accused the government of breaking its promise of reconstructing seven mosques in the capital that were demolished because they were built illegally on state land. Ansa Bint-e-Abdullah said that they were ready to give their lives for the enforcement of Sharia in Pakistan. She said that instead of following the teachings of Islam, the government was following the instructions of the US.



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