Budget, historical for higher education: Dr Atta

Karachi, June 11(The Nation): Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC) on Saturday termed the federal budget 2007-08 as historical, as the government allocated over all Rs 33.7b for higher education.

He said the money allocated for the higher education is unprecedented in 60-year history of Pakistan. He added that there has been more than 2000 percent increase in higher education budget in the country since the inception of Higher Education Commission in the country.

He said foreign experts are highlighting the country's progress in higher education sector, terming it as silent revolution. He said that about Rs 18 billion had been allocated for higher level and Rs 15.7 billion was earmarked for lower level that would help running the development projects of the public universities.

"When the HEC was established the higher education budget was about Rs 800 million, now the current budget of higher education in the country is Rs 18 billion which shows more than 2000 percent increase in the said budget. The foreign experts are considering the progress in the higher education as silent revolution in the country," he maintained.

Giving the reference of The Economist's April 7 issue, Dr Atta said that the progress in higher education sector under the regime of President Pervez Musharraf had been praised at international level, while it was considering as the role model for development in any country.

"There is a dire need for sustaining the progress pace in higher education sector in the country to establish more new universities and strengthen existing public universities. Our public universities need more resources and funds as well because there are still considerable feebleness in their existing system," he observed.



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