Imperial College London celebrates Dr Abdus Salam

WASHINGTON, June 27(Daily Times): The Imperial College in London is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the arrival at the college of one of its most distinguished students - Dr Abdus Salam, the first Nobel Prize winner from Pakistan.

The celebration of Dr Salam's life and scientific achievements will take place on July 7 with a series of public lectures by distinguished scientists and others who knew and worked with Dr Salam or interacted with him in some way. Dubbed 'Salam+50' day, it will be introduced by the Rector of the Imperial College, Sir Richard Sykes. Nobel Laureate Prof Gerard Hooft will deliver the Physics Department's "Centenary Salam" lecture. Other speakers include Dr Salam's biographer Dr Gordon Fraser, former head of the Office of External Activities at the Abdus Salam International Centre of Theoretical Physics at Trieste, Italy Prof Faheem Hussain, Prof Tom Kibble of Imperial College and the Pakistani High Commissioner, Maleeha Lodhi. Members of the Salam family, including his daughter Dr Anza Rahman, his sons and his grandson , will share their reminiscences with the audience.



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