LUMHS students warn of protest

HYDERABAD, June 26(The News): Leaders of different student organisations on Monday condemned the attitude of the Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS) and demanded release of their fellows. Sindh NSF leader Khadim Hussein Unar, Dr Fayaz Rajpar of the SPSF, Ali Gohar Chandio of the SPSF-SB and others told a news conference at the press club that a university official Khadim Lakhair was behind the conspiracy against students.

They said the LUMHS administration illegally and immorally allowed policemen to arrest Dr Lal Shahbaz, Dr Shahab, Dr Zafar and Dr Adeel Memon from the campus. They said the vice-chancellor should immediately remove Khadim Lakhair and order release of arrested doctors, otherwise strong protest would be held throughout the province.



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