Multimedia school opens, offers 30 scholarships

KARACHI, June 19(Daily Times): The School of Audio Engineering (SAE) International, one of the largest institutions in multimedia education in the world, has announced its operation in Pakistan for the first time, scholarship programs to 30 students every year in the diploma courses of film making, 3D animation, multimedia, graphics designing and audio engineering.

The SAE International's senior executive, Romy Hawatt, in a press briefing held Monday at a local hotel, was accompanied by the Indus Pak Advisors director, Muhammad Ghazali Akhter, who is the official agent in Pakistan for the SAE International.

Hawatt elaborated the reputation of the SAE in the field of multimedia education, particularly in audio mixing, equisetic and animation designing. The SAE was set up in October, 1976, according to him, by engineer/producer Tom Misner who developed the first practical and theoretical curriculum. At this point in time there are no other colleges anywhere in the world offering practical audio education.

"Nowadays, in the world of electronic media, the importance of animation designing, audio engineering and audio-video mixing is unavoidable. The use of multimedia image with 3D animation is a rapidly growing concept, not only in the field of film making, but also in the sectors of military, education, medical, engineering and in almost all other sectors," said Hawatt.

Pakistan does not have enough technical knowledge so far, according to Hawatt, due to a lack of modern equipments.

"Pakistan has great potential in the field of media, but needs more technical education with modern equipments. As most of the local media organizations are unable to afford all this, we the SAE International wish to offer those to the coming new generations in Pakistani media through systematic training. Our offered scholarship program is one part of this program," Hawatt added.

A total of 30 students will be offered 50 percent scholarships in any of the above-mentioned courses. The course duration will be one year and the students will stay in Dubai Knowledge City. "The 50 percent scholarship programs will cover half of the academic expenditure, almost US$ 6300," said Hawatt, "Even the one who is a high school drop-out, can also apply for the course after clearing a short course of 3 months. It is because, we have experienced that one can be bad in traditional education but may prove as a genius behind the computer, playing with the audio-visual matters."

Akhter, expressed his interest in supporting students, even those who will not be a part of the scholarship program. "One who is interested can easily get a chance to join the SAE International at any of its campus, spread over 49 cities in 22 countries. They could join on a self-finance basis," he said. On the diploma course's expenses, he said that the techniques and the equipments that the SAE used in teaching were the latest and were obviously expensive. "It may look expensive, but the quality of education from the SAE International is unquestionably dynamic. One can almost secure its future career in the field of mass media," said Akhtar.



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