Education affairs, services receive Rs 24bn

ISLAMABAD, June 11(Daily Times): The federal government has earmarked Rs 24 billion for education affairs and services for the fiscal year 2007-08, which is 28.59 percent more than the allocation of Rs 18.8 billion in 2006-07. The majority of the total allocation of Rs 24.147 billion will go to the Higher Education Commission (HEC), as Rs 17.28 billion has been allocated for tertiary education. An amount of Rs 1.9 billion has been allocated to pre-primary and primary education, which is a nominal increase over the outgoing year's revised allocation.

The new budget has Rs 2.8 billion reserved for secondary education and services. A sum of Rs 33 million has been allocated under the head of 'Education Services Non-definable by Level' and Rs 23 million has been earmarked for subsidies to education. The other two major portions of the education budget have been allocated under the heads of administration and education affairs with an allocation of Rs 1.5 billion and Rs 470 million respectively. During 2006-07, the government had earmarked Rs 12.6 billion for higher education, but the HEC had a total expenditure of Rs 15.7 billion under the revised budget.



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