FUUAST pardons 400 students caught during exams

Karachi, June 12(The News): Around 12 senior faculty members of the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology (FUUAST), including its in charge Vice Chancellor, were alleged to have received a total sum of Rs373,000 on account of providing immunity to certain influential students from the charge of using unfair means during examinations.

However, the in charge VC of the university, Syed Kamaluddin categorically refuted the allegations levelled by certain quarters of the university, who are active for bringing transparency to the university's affairs. The VC counter-charged that those who had disseminated the charges were actually frustrated because they were not granted undue promotions and other privileges by the university administration. Kamaludin claimed that the amount received was actually the vigilance fee received by the teachers and it was pathetic that someone used it to say it otherwise.

The allegation made by some quarter's further accused that the university has extended immunity to more than 400 students, who were charged of using unfair means during examinations.

Contrary to the situation, teachers and invigilators have been paid more than Rs400,000 against their services (nabbing students while using unfair means during examinations). Earlier, it was told by the university administration that it has constituted a vigilance committee of 11 teachers to curb the use of unfair means during the examinations. The committee filed reports against more than 600 students for using unfair means. These reports were forwarded to the Unfair Means Committee for a final decision. The committee included In-charge Dean Science Faculty, Dr Rashid Kamal Ansari, In-charge Dean Faculty of Arts Professor Rana Hilal and Professor Asghar Ali. The committee shortlisted 350 cases out of more than 600 and ordered for the cancellation of their examination papers. However, later on, the university in-charge vice-chancellor, in league of one of the committee members, Prof. Ashgar Ali, extended immunity to all such students.

Following are the members of the Vigilance Committee who received huge amount of money from the university: Prof. Rashid Kamal Ansari, Prof. Ismail Adam, Prof. Dr Muhammad Ali Wrsyani, Prof. Syed Murshid Raza Ansari, Prof. Muhammad Saleem Jahangir, Prof. Dr Irshad Ahmed, Prof. Riaz ud Din Siddiqui, Prof. Hafiz Hussein, Prof. Muhammad Siddiq, Prof. Kashif bin Zahir, and Prof. Saif Al Rehman. The sources alleged that Kamaluddin as the Dean Faculty of Science and the member of the committee had also received the share.



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