Workshop on Communication skills at HEC

ISLAMABAD, June 25(The Nation)- Higher Education Commission organised a six-day workshop on communication skills for university teachers to enable them to help their students,especially those of management sciences, bridge the gap between them and the flood of IT and industrial products.

HEC Consultant and creator of 'Think and Link' in Communication skills Prof Dr Amina Nasir and participants from more than ten universities attended the workshop.

The workshop successful achieved the following objectives: (1) To dig out their latent faculties and potentials and make them create links. (2) To instill new theory, new methodology and the latest inter-disciplinary approach to ussine communication integrating ELT with IT and Management sciences.

(3) It was a unique experience of sharing each other's knowledge, observations and thoughts of the trainees from diverses disciplines. (4) To avail themselves of the opportunity to utilise daily life like, authentic and genuine materials, so called 'Realia' giving information and data relating to various areas of business management ie marketing, interprenuership, production, finance, customer services, human resource development and crises time management. (5) To design thought-provoking activities/tasks in pairs and groups so that the learners are made to think and link while listening-speaking-reading-writing for business communication.

Director General Learning Innovation HEC Noor Amina was the chief guest in the inauguration and closing ceremony of the workshop appreciated the new theory of the Resource Person, Prof Dr Amina Nasir. She awarded certificates to all participants. She further commented that such a workshop is the beginning of a series of workshop.

She shared her administrative and teaching experiences with the audience. Prof Dr Amina Nasir's new theory of 'think and link' in communication skills for the discipline of management sciences was graded as highly productive, constructive and innovative. Newly designed teaching materials of the workshop trainer was very beneficial to impart new approach in teaching Communication Skills.



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