PBC slams action against lecturers joining protests

LAHORE, June 29(Daily Times): The Punjab Bar Council (PBC) on Thursday denounced the government for issuing suspension show cause notices to several professors and lecturers for taking part in the lawyers' movement. Representatives of the PBC said that the government was confused and was taking various steps to sabotage the lawyers' movement, which they could not. They said teachers who trained the Pakistani youth should not be victimised, as it was their fundamental right to protest against the unconstitutional steps of the government.

PBC vice chairman Tariq Javed Warraich and members Muhammad Kazim Khan, Rashid Rizvi, Rana Abdul Shakoor, Yasin Sohail and Lahore Bar Association president Muhammad Shah alleged that the fire at the parliament in Islamabad was started to burn the records of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC). They demanded the PAC keep its records safe so that the committee could punish corrupt government officials. They also demanded civil jobs be given to civilians and not military personnel.



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