No system to enforce summer vacations at private schools

ISLAMABAD, June 14(The Nation) - Private schools are not observing summer vacations in spite of extremely hot weather as the government has no system to enforce its decision in this regard except the recently set up Regulatory Authority which has not been fully functional.

About six children fall unconscious at AIMS Education System F-6/4 on Tuesday and principal while seeing the situation announced summer vacations. Classes are held from 7:30am to 7:20pm in which students also rote Quran by heart there in the evening.

Parents complained that they charge heavy fees from the students but facilities are not up to the mark. There is no air condition in the classes except principal's office. Fee of junior section is 3500 where as they also don't give public holidays to the students.

Though vacations have been given to students but not for those who are learning Quran. The Principal of the school, Almas, while contacted said we want to announce vacations but the parents of the children don't want them to be freed.

"System of these children from others is different because they are also taught Quran. They study 12 hours a day so they cannot be compared with other children. Still we will give vacations of 12 to 20 days from Saturday," said the principal of AIMS Educational System.

Commodore Shamshad, Chairman Federal Board and Regulatory Authority, said we don't have complete data of private schools, as all the private schools have not got registration with the authority yet. Earlier, there was no system to control the private educational institutions so it was up to them to announce summer holidays whenever they want.

He said it's in the whole country, private schools even don't listen to the EDO's and kept open schools during the scorching summer. "Now an authority has been established to observe one system in the city. Regulatory Authority will enforce its policies and schedule from the next educational year, which will start from 15 August," said he.



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