Poor career counselling at colleges

Rawalpindi, March 08, 2008: All the four government colleges for boys in Rawalpindi city have student affairs departments except one but the services of these departments are very poor.

These colleges not only cater to the educational needs of students from the city but also bear the burden of students from other areas.

The main function of student affairs department is to keep the record of students and take action as per law if any of the students fail or misbehave in class.

A student affairs department of a college has no phone facility and in charge of the department keeps moving to principal's office to attend calls. Nauman Butt, a student of Gordon College, said that there was no proper career counselling to the students.

Asim Butt, a student of Government College Asghar Mall said there was no one to guide even at the time of admission.

Government College Hashmat Ali Principal Noor Ahmed Noor said that though there was no students' affairs department in the college, he personally tried to guide the students at the time of admission.

He said that it was not necessary that a student who had obtained good marks in matric could do well in pre-medical or pre-engineering. "There are other combinations and if students were informed it would help them in career building," he added.

Noor said teachers should guide their students honestly in career counselling.

Asghar Ali Bhatti, in charge student affairs department at Asghar Mall College admitted that there was no proper counselling system at government colleges like private colleges and universities.

He said in the government colleges students usually belonged to middle class and their parents were least bothered about their performance due to their other commitments.

Prof Syed Muhammad Hussain Taqi of Gordon College said they ensured students attendance and if anybody continuously bunks off his class they sent notices at his residence to inform their parents.

Schools not learning-friendly
Rawalpindi: Congested and noisy surroundings of several government schools are hindering learning process and the Education Department was unable to cope with this problem.

There are about 50 government schools for boys and 42 for girls in the city. Some schools are packed between industrial units and commercial centres while others face heavy traffic and noise pollution.

Teachers, students and parents said on Friday that they were unhappy with this situation. Aysha Noor, a student of Government Higher Secondary School No II for Girls, Murree Road, said not even a single room was saved from traffic noise at her school. Constant noise, she said, distracted the attention from lectures.

"Teachers face difficulty in concentrating on subject due to noisy atmosphere," said student of Government Higher Secondary School No I for Boys, Murree Road. He said learning process became difficult because noise.

Mother of a student said industrial units had been set up around Federal Government Girls High School Daryabad, Gawalmandi. She said the government should not have allowed the industry to set up around schools as it had an adverse impact on students.

"Teachers are committed to their professions and students want to learn but surroundings of at the government schools are problematic," said Sehrish, a Class 8 student at Government High School for Girls, Bagh Sardaran.

Principle of a government high school, requesting anonymity, said poor environment of government schools forced parents to send their children to private educational institutions. She said there had to be proper plan to create a learning-friendly environment at schools.

Executive District Officer (Education) Chaudhary Muhammad Yousaf said the provincial government had no plan to overcome this problem. "It is natural that a student cannot concentrate on study in noise," he said, adding building new schools was not being considered. Daily Times



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