HEC high-speed network: Missionary school

HEC to set up high-speed network
Islamabad, March 13, 2008: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) is now establishing a high-speed dedicated National Research and Research Education Network (NREN) for universities/institutes and other academic sectors of Pakistan, a statement said on Wednesday. This will provide students, faculty members and researchers a fully integrated and dedicated communication infrastructure using advanced information and communication technologies. NREN will help achieve true collaborative research, knowledge, resources sharing and distance learning. PERN2 is the next generation education and research network of Pakistan. This project is aimed to provide gigabit connectivity to all the universities/ institutes of higher learning with a multi-gigabit core network across the country.

Operation requirements for nationwide connectivity have been finalized with the provision of establishing Gigabit Metro Network in all metropolitan cities of Pakistan and long-haul Multi Gigabit connectivity of these Metro networks and other PoPs. PERN2 will fulfil the requirements of advance technologies and applications with proper security and management.

The Higher Education Commission and the US National Science Foundation (NSF) are jointly funding a high performance research and education network connection to support Pakistan-US science and technology collaboration. The project will connect the existing Pakistan and Research Education Network (PERN) and developing PERN2 to the global research and education network infrastructure.

This connection will be implemented by a joint purchase of capacity on an undersea cable system connecting PERN/PERN2 in Karachi to an international network connection point in Singapore.

The network connections will greatly assist the scientific collaborations being defined between the US and Pakistan by allowing more direct, high-speed access and communication among Science and Technology investigators and the worldwide resources. The Nation

Missionary school ends boarding facility
Muree: Security concerns have forced Jesus and Mary School administration to end its boarding facility affecting a large number of students from all over the country.

Jesus & Marry School is functioning at Pindi Point Murree since British era, in late 1930s, and providing quality education and boarding facility to a large number of girl students.

But now the school administration has decided to end boarding facility creating restlessness among the parents and students.

Jesus & Mary is a Christian missionary school and a large number of eminent girl students had received education in this school and later got national and international fame.

PPP late chairperson Benazir Bhutto also received her early education in this school.

Raja Daftar Abbasi President PML-N Murree, Nazir Abbasi Advocate and many other notables showed their concerns over this decision of the school administration and said that a large number of people used to get their girls admitted in the institution with peace of mind. Even overseas Pakistanis were utilising the school's boarding facility.

When the administration of Jesus & Marry School was contacted by this correspondent it blamed the prevailing security condition in the country for this decision. Dawn



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