Private schools reopen: Cadet colleges without NOC

Private schools reopen after twin blasts
Lahore: Almost all the private schools, which remained close after recent twin bomb blasts in the City, reopened on Monday.

A large number of private schools of the City had announced holidays after the blasts, which killed some students also. The parents were reluctant to send their children to schools in the wake of poor law and order situation. Most of the private schools reopened on Monday while a routine attendance was reported except in some schools situated near The Mall. Additional security arrangements were also seen outside some of the elite private schools.

However, the Sacred Heart Cathedral High School, situated on Temple Road near the destroyed FIA building, would reportedly reopen on March 25. It was learnt that the school was reopened for one hour on Monday to return school bags and other stationery items to parents of the students who had left them in the school on the tragic day.

Action likely against cadet colleges without NOC
Lahore: The Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) would meet today (Tuesday) to take a decision on a resolution to cancel affiliation of private schools/colleges using the word "cadet" without obtaining an NOC from the GHQ.

TheInter Board Committee of Chairmen meeting scheduled to be held today in Sukkur would also deliberate on other proposals, including a proposal to allow private students to appear in matriculation and intermediate science group examinations, a proposal to attest asnads (certificates) of Shahadat-ul-Saanviat-ul-Aama, Shahadat-ul-Khasa Kashaf-ul-Darjaat or equivalent after passing certain subjects.

In 2005, the Armed Forces Board for Higher Education, GHQ, proposed that all boards of intermediate and secondary education in the country be requested to make it mandatory for institutes to provide a no-objection certificate from GHQ to use the word "cadet" college in the name of their institute. The IBCC took up the matter several times and again on March 29, 2007 when it decided that all such institutes would be given a grace period of one year, expiring on March 31, 2008.

Sources said the IBCC had received several complaints that some private schools and colleges were using the word "cadet" without permission from the GHQ. They said it had now been proposed that all boards cancel affiliation of such schools/colleges if they do not obtain an NOC from the GHQ until March 31.

The meeting would also deliberate on whether to allow private students to appear in matriculation and intermediate science group examinations.

At present, only class-10 private students are allowed to appear in practical-related practical groups while class-nine students and intermediate level private students are not allowed to avail this opportunity. Sources said the proposal was likely to be rejected as no other province had allowed private candidates such a facility.

The meeting would also deliberate on the issue of attestation of certificates issued by recognised seminaries of the country.

The IBCC issues equivalence certificates to those who hold certificates such as Shahadat-ul-Saanviat-ul-Aama, Shahadat-ul-Khasa, Kashaf-ul-Darjaat etc and pass compulsory subjects of matriculation and intermediate scheme of studies.

It has been proposed that the attestation of these certificates might be disallowed until students pass certain subjects as attestation might lead to the conclusion that these certificates were equivalent to matriculation or intermediate.

When contacted, IBCC Secretary Muhammad Ramzan Achakzai said the decision to cancel affiliation of private schools/colleges using the word "cadet" without an NOC from the GHQ was likely as the grace period was soon to end. The News



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