'My classroom shook violently'

Lahore, March 12, 2008: The massive bomb blasts that rocked the city early on Tuesday morning left many in a state of shock. Panic-stricken parents rushed to their children's schools, situated near the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) building and at Model Town.

The residents evacuated their houses, fearing that the buildings would collapse due to the bombs' powerful shockwaves.

At the Ganga Ram Hospital Emergency Ward: Many students of Sacred Heart Cathedral High School and Saint Anthony's High School, situated opposite the FIA building, were injured when the shattered windowpanes struck them in their classrooms. More than 25 students were brought to the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital's Emergency Ward nearby, where they received immediate medical aid.

Zohaib, a student of class 5, was injured when the shattered windowpanes fell on his head. Weeping incessantly, the boy said that he was in class when the blast shattered the windowpanes and injured several students. He said, "Our teacher immediately brought us here, to the hospital. I want to go home to my parents."

Muhammad Mubashir (5), a student of nursery, was rushed to the hospital when a piece of glass cut his wrist. He said that he was playing in the ground with his classmates when he heard the blast and saw smoke coming out of a building. He said his teacher rushed the students indoors, but on his way to the shed, a piece of glass fell on his wrist and it started bleeding. In shock, the child kept crying for his parents.

Atif (18) was seen running from one ward to the other. He said his mother had told him that she had received a call from the school that his brother, a student of class 6, had been injured and was in the Ganga Ram Hospital. He said, "I still cannot find my brother in this crowd."

Saima, mother of 12-year-old Daniyal, was leaving the hospital with her son after he had received medical aid. "I don't know if I will be able to send my children to school again," she said. Daily Times



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