New curriculum unlikely to be implemented this year

Islamabad, March 05, 2008: The much-talked about new curriculum, that has to be implemented from this academic year in August 2008 as claimed by the former government, not seems to be implemented as the curriculum of 34 subjects out of 60 subjects has yet to be prepared.

The former government had gained much credit on this matter and had made tall claims that the new curriculum has been notified according to the international standards and would be implemented from this academic year, which now seems to be in doldrums.

There is also a possibility that the new government may change its mind and would not continue the policy of the previous government as it usually happens in our country. So the time, energy and resources that have been spent on the preparation of this new curriculum would go in vain.

Former Federal Minister for Education Javed Ashraf Qazi had claimed on many occasions that the new curriculum up to the higher secondary level would be notified in the next couple of weeks. The curriculum wing has already finalised the curriculum while recommendations from the provinces in this regard have also been received.

According to the implementation schedule notified by the Federal Ministry of Education for the new curriculum, the provincial Textbook Boards with the assistance of private sector publishers were required to prepare quality textbooks in various subjects for Grades I, VI, IX and XI by the start of the new academic session in August 2007 where possible, as the new national curriculum of 17 subjects had been sent to provinces for the development of new Textbooks.

However, the provincial education departments had been authorised to adjust this time-frame for implementation of the policy in their respective province and may introduce the new curriculum with effect from August 2008 if it was not possible to get the textbooks ready that year.

It was also declared that new national curriculum was free of any biases, hate, sectarianism and repetitions.

Medical technology and computer science groups had been introduced in the new curriculum and the curriculum had been made compatible with any advance country.And the government had decided to update the National curriculum after every five years to ensure that all new developments were incorporated.

Spokesperson of the ministry Dr S Fayyaz Ahmad, who is also Joint Educational Advisor (Planning & Policy Wing), said the new curriculum would be implemented in a phased manner.

Out of 60 books the curriculum of 26 books have been approved and the work on the curriculum of remaining subjects is in progress.

Few books of new curriculum would be introduced in the next academic year randomly in class 1, 6th, 8th, and 9th. The private school and colleges, which contribute 35 percent in the field of education, would also adopt the same curriculum if they affiliate themselves with our examination boards, he continued. The Nation



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