More bomb hoaxes at schools

More bomb hoaxes at schools: Rumour mill grinds on
Lahore, March 24, 2008: Security for educational institutes on Sunday increased after the rumours of bomb blasts at the National College of Arts (NCA) and the Punjab University Institute of Art and Design (PUIAD).

A number of institutes restricted people's entrance by erecting pickets with sandbags.

A number of bomb hoaxes had already created panic at APWA College, International School of Choueifat, Lahore Grammar Schools, Beaconhouse School (DHA campus) and DPS (Township).

NCA: Haider, a student, said that security for the NCA had been tightened after a bomb hoax. He said that after hearing it, students had left their classrooms.

NCA Principal Nazish Attaullah said that she was unaware of the incident because she just arrived the country today.

PUIAD: The administration on Sunday closed its main gates in the wake of a bomb hoax.

A student said that an unidentified person had called and said that the institute was involved in un-Islamic activities, so it would be bombed.

The PUIAD director said that the police had directed them to close off the main gates by erecting pickets with sandbags.

Beaconhouse National University (BNU): BNU Media Advisor Arfa Sarfaraz said that they had tightened security and unidentified people were strictly banned from entering the campus.

FAST: FAST Director Dr Arshad Hussain said after the blast at the Federal Investigation Agency building, they had issued directions to tighten security. Students had been asked to carry their identity cards for verification.

Lahore College For Women University (LCWU): LCWU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Bushra Mateen said that they had taken strict measures in this regard. She said that the security guards had been directed to keep a vigilant eye on visitors.

Kinnaird College (KC): A KC official said, "Students and teachers have been directed to cooperate with us regarding security."

Forman Christian College University (FCCU): FCCU Registrar Prof Hamid Saeed said that the FCCU had tightened its security. He said that security guards had been directed to frisk every visitor.

Government College University (GCU): GCU Communication Advisor Muhammad Iqbal Anjum said that like other institutes, the GCU had taken steps to improve security on campus. Daily Times

All work and no play for students: No school trips because of security threats
Lahore: Although educational and recreational trips are of great importance for learning and personal development of students, various educational institutes in the city are avoiding taking their students on trips this season, following a series of suicide blasts in the city.

It was learnt that most of the schools and colleges had not arranged their traditional study or recreational trips in the spring holidays. The administrations of such institutes said that they would not put their students' lives in danger by taking them out. Moreover, a number of institutes had not even announced spring holidays in order to make up for the time 'wasted' owing to the blasts.

BNU: (Beaconhouse National University) BNU Communication Advisor Arfa Sarfra said that no tours had been organised in the spring holidays because of security reasons.

"No one can take a risk by sending students anywhere in the current circumstances. The whole country seems to be under attack, and no place can be declared safe," she added.

FAST: FAST National University Director Dr Arshad Hussain said, "There are no spring holidays in our institute, because there is a burden of study due to the semester system. There is no question of tours."

He said that students' tours were disturbed, and the university's international conference on information technology had also been cancelled due to security risks.

KC: An administrative official of the Kinnaird College (KC) said that the college had been closed till March 25 for spring holidays, but there would be no study tour this year. She said that a number of societies used to organise their tours in collaboration with the administration, but none of them was willing to take out tours this year.

LCWU: Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) Communication Advisor Anjum Zia said that taking out tours in spring had been a tradition of the university, but the LCWU administration had asked the students not to arrange tours this year due to the threat to the students' security.

GCU: Government College University (GCU) Communication Advisor Muhammad Iqbal Anjum said that taking out tours was a healthy exercise. "A number of societies in the GCU are arranging trips, despite the recent bomb blasts," he said.

PU: Punjab University (PU) Registrar Dr Naeem Ahmed Khan said that the PU had always arranged more tours than any other institution of the city. "We are in favour of taking out tours so that the students could learn about the country's geography," he said. "Although we are organising tours, we are avoiding sending our students to sensitive and far-flung areas."

LACAS: Lahore College of Arts and Sciences (LACAS) faculty member Uzma Tahir said that the administration had not announced spring holidays at any of the branches. "A lot of time has been wasted during the recent months and now we are trying to mange our credit hours," she said.

She added that LACAS had been organising tours, but the current circumstances had compelled them to cancel the tours as well as their annual sports day.

LGS: A Lahore Grammar School (LGS) official said that parents were not willing to send their children on tours. "The school administration also thinks that we should avoid arranging tours," she added. She said that the students were frightened after the blast at the Federal Investigation Agency building, in which a number of students got injured. Daily Times



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