KU GPA system for 2008 and 2009 batches only

KU bid to put confusion over GPA system to rest
Karachi, March 12: Karachi University Vice-Chancellor Prof Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui has categorically stated that the GPA (grade point average) system will not apply to the students of 2007 batch.

Talking on Wednesday, he made it clear that GPA system of examination and marking was meant for the students of 2008 and 2009 batches. "There should be no ambiguity in this regard," he added.

When his attention was drawn to the protests by 2007 batch students over the introduction of the GPA system in the middle of their courses, he said they might be concerned about their marks-sheets of third semester which had been prepared under the newly introduced system. He said the students should not make it an issue because it was in their own interest.

When told that the students had also been protesting for many days over the raising of the minimum passing marks from 40 to 50 per cent, and that too with retrospective effect, he said that the university with the introduction of GPA system had fixed 50 per cent marks for passing a subject.

"Since the introduction of a four-year BS programme is a new experiment, the KU administration has set up a permanent committee to help resolve the problems which may emerge in the ensuing semesters," he said. Dawn

BS paper rescheduled
Karachi: The University of Karachi has announced that the examination of BS Physiotherapy (bio-statistics) second year 2009 scheduled earlier for March 11 would now be held on March 26.

Meanwhile, University of Karachi announced on Wednesday that a workshop on "The global financial crisis: impact on world economy and the developing countries" would be held at its Area Study Centre for Europe on Thursday.

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Graffiti at KU sparks protest
Karachi: All academic activities came to a halt at Karachi University on Wednesday when groups of students made their way into classes and forced fellow students and teachers to leave.

The students were protesting against the university administration for failing to take action against those responsible for inscribing university walls with sectarian remarks on Sunday night.

The protesting students, belonging to the Imamia Students Organisation (ISO), later staged a sit-in in front of the administration block for several hours. The agitation finally came to an end following a meeting between the aggrieved party and the vice chancellor of the university, who announced the setting up of a three-member committee to investigate the case.

It is worth noting that the academic environment at KU has remained tense since Monday morning, when the slogans were first discovered at several locations on the campus, including the administration block, where a watchman is posted round the clock.

According to sources, the incident occurred late on Sunday night. The watchman at the administration block was reportedly involved in a scuffle with one of the accused, but the offender managed to escape.

Though the authorities whitewashed the walls to cover up the hate graffiti early on Monday morning, the painting had been done so poorly that all of the inscriptions were still readable. The remarks were finally removed a day later, and some students used the space to write pro-unity slogans.

Khalid Iraqi, advisor to the VC on security affairs, said that the shift in-charge has been suspended and the watchman posted at the administration block has been served with a show-cause notice. The watchman admitted to seeing some boys writing on the walls, but he didn't inform any of his superiors.

"The immediate necessary actions have been taken and further investigation would now be done by a three-member committee. The Rangers have also been asked to do patrolling," he said.

About the strength of the KU's watch and wards department, he said that there were about 130 employees. Of them, 60 to 65 are present in one shift.

"They are watchmen. They have no weapons and no sticks. They have no wireless [communication sets] to communicate directly with the Rangers, though they can use the department phone numbers for the purpose," he said, adding that the Rangers were on call and performed duties at specific points in the morning and afternoon. Dawn

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"The hattred wall chalking in the vicinity of KU is a worth cosidering challenge for the KU administration as well as rangers who are deploid in KU. The culprits must be traced, arrested and punished immediately in order to norm the critical situation. These so called extrimists(wolfs)are actually working for the Zionist Lobby in order to divide and weaken the Muslims.At every stage being Muslims and Students we must defeat them by inhancing mutual relations. May Allah Bless Pakistan! "
Name: m.hasan
Email: mhsheraliat@yahoo.com
City, Country: Nagar, Gilgit

"Those people who promote hatred among muslims are not the friends of Islam. These culprits must be pointed out and punished. It is also a great responsibility of everyone of us to give respect to each other. May Allah make this nation a united nation. "The people united will never be defeated".
Name: syed Jaffry
Email: jaffry110@yahoo.com
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

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