Sir Syed University of Engineering Convocation-2009

1,089 students get degrees at varsity convocation
Karachi, Mar 24: Over 1,089 graduates and postgraduates in various disciplines of engineering including Computer, Electronics, Bio-Medical and Civil Engineering and Computer Science received Bachelor and Masters degrees at the Convocation-2009 - the 12th in the series of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology held here Saturday.

Out of total recipients of degrees 1,009 were graduate and 80 post-graduate engineers.

On the list of medals all three top positions in Computer and Bio-Medical Engineering were clinched by girls while boys bagged medals for three top positions in the Electronic and Civil Engineering and Computer Science. The vice-chancellor's shield for meritorious performance was grabbed by Muhammad Waqas Qureshi.

Addressing the Convocation Chancellor Z.A. Nimzami said that the goals set by Aligarh Muslims University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA) - the sponsors of the university - are being achieved.

Founded in 1994, as the first engineering university in the private sector, it is already considered as centre of excellence', he added. The University, he said, follows the vision of great reformer and educationist, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan whose epoch-making contributions have been the prime moving force for us.

He pointed out that inspired by his ideas and tireless efforts to promote the cause of education and awakening, and above all his convictions to succeed, AMUOBA started with this university project with its own limited means and continued without asking for any financial help from the government. The Nation

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'Shortage of teachers to affect college results'
Karachi: The principals of several government colleges who were issued show-cause notices by the board of intermediate education over the poor performance of students in the last year exams apprehend that the students may not perform any better this year either because the education department has not resolved the issue of teachers' shortage so far.

The Board of Intermediate Education Karachi had sought explanation from 89 government and private colleges for the poor results of their students in pre-engineering, pre-medical and general science exams last year, warning that the board might suspend or cancel the affiliation of the colleges if they failed to give a satisfactory response.

The principals of most government colleges in their replies blamed a shortage of teachers for the unsatisfactory results.

The issue was thoroughly discussed by BIEK chairman Prof Anwar Ahmed Zai and Sindh director-general (colleges) Prof Rafique Ahmed Siddiqui and the latter reportedly agreed to help resolve the issue in the current academic year.

However, background interviews with the principals of a number of government colleges in the city revealed that such assurances were nothing new for them.

The principals claimed that officials of the provincial directorate-general and the provincial education department had repeatedly assured them that the issue would be resolved very soon and postings of teachers in colleges would be made strictly in accordance with the approved SNE (schedule of new expenditures).

However, they said nothing had been done so far despite the fact that the next intermediate examination was only a month away.

Besides, the principals complained they were not given funds for the salaries of teachers to be hired on a temporary basis.

Such an arrangement was made to overcome the shortage of teachers when intermediate colleges in the city were under the umbrella of the city government, they said, adding that both the former and the incumbent city nazims used to release some amount of money from their discretionary funds for this purpose.

Additional Secretary of the Sindh Professors and Lecturers Association Prof Iftikhar Mohammad Azmi said: "Isn't it a joke that on the one hand there's a shortage of around 2,000 teachers in colleges across Sindh and on the other the provincial directorate-general (colleges) office has met the teachers' requirement of the city's four newly-opened colleges by detailing teachers from other colleges although there is a ban on such an arrangement?"

He said there was already a dearth of teachers, especially for Urdu and English subjects, in colleges.

In some cases there's only one teacher available for taking Physics or Chemistry classes of six or seven sections, he added. Dawn

A submission to SPSC. Combined Competitive Examination (CCE) from 6th of April
Karachi: The decision of Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) to take the Combined Competitive Examination (CCE) from 6th of April is a source of great trouble for the students of the Sindh province. This is because the CSS exams are also to take place on 25th of next month. It is quite difficult for the students of Sindh to prepare for both of these stressful exams at the same time while they are conducted in the same month (April). The CCE is held by SPSC after every five years while the CCE for Punjab is held by Punjab Public Service Commission annually.

The students of Sindh are in a quandary due to a clash of schedule between CSS and CCE (Sindh) in the same month. The students of Sindh have already suffered a lot in the form of delays of many exams like Mukhtiarkar and others. I appeal to the CM Sindh and all concerned higher authorities to take the following steps on an urgent basis to restore hope among Sindhi students:

1) The Combined Competitive Exams date must be pushed further into May instead of holding it on April 6 so that there is no clash with CSS dates.

2) The combined Competitive Examination should be conducted annually in Sindh so that SPSC is not regarded any less than Punjab Public Service Commission.

3) The political intervention must not be allowed to tamper with merit in SPSC. -INAYATULLAH RUSTAMANI, Dadu, via e-mail, March 17. The Nation

Sindh University administration holds jirga to resolve dispute
Karachi: Despite the ban on holding jirgas, the Sindh University administration held a jirga in the university premises on Sunday to resolve a dispute between students and the security guards of the varsity. The heads of the jirga came to the decision that the students should approach the guards and resolve the dispute, while also imposing a fine of Rs 50,000 on them. The jirga was presided over by the head of Nohani tribe, Sardar Muhammad Khan Nohani, while Sindh University Registrar Muhammad Salleh Rajar, Hostel Provost Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro, Project Director Ahmed Ali Abbasi and other officials were part of the jirga.

Three guards of the VC House were involved in the clash and from them, Anwar Ali Nohani and Abdul Hussain Nohani, attended the jirga while the third, Muhammad Ali Bhalai, boycotted it. The jirga heads' decision was to impose a fine of Rs 50,000 on the students and compelled them to visit the guards to resolve the dispute. The Deputy Registrar of the university, Mushtaq Qureshi, denied his involvement in the jirga that was held in the varsity and said in a telephonic conversation that when the jirga was being conducted he was in Karachi. A number of varsity students expressed their anger over the jirga and demanded the government to take action against the university administration for defaming the university. Daily Times

LUMHS alumni moot Doctors pick on each other over attitude to patients
Hyderabad: A bitter exchange of arguments by doctors on their attitude towards poor patients overshadowed an otherwise colourful gathering of Liaquatian alumni on the lush green lawns of Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences in Jamshoro on Sunday.

The idea to bring together alumni of the former medical college was to share experiences and proposals for the welfare of patients and doctors but some guests used the opportunity to vent feelings against each other.

Dr Manzoor Memon, who is now additional commissioner in Income Tax Department, reminded his colleagues of the oath they had taken when they had graduated.

"It's a profession and not a business. It pains me to see that with a few noble exceptions all other doctors are doing business in the name of profession," he said.

He was critical of the fact that students were not taught medical ethics and stressed that the gathering should use the occasion to hold self-accountability.

"Pharmaceutical companies offer foreign trips to doctors, present them air conditioners and cars and sponsor their visits to conferences in Bhurban which are hardly genuine," he said.

His criticism met an immediate rebuttal by Dr. Shahzad Leghari, eminent urologist who was instrumental in organising the gathering.

"We are serving the society and we are proud to be doctors because we belong to a noble profession," he said.

The harshest criticism came from Dr. Hadi Bux Jatoi, former director general of health services, who threw a challenge that he would tear into pieces his degree if any candidate of Master of Surgery, awarded degree of MS by LUMHS, gave answers to four questions.

His comments left many fuming and Dr Agha Taj, in particular, retorted to Dr. Jatoi. The two are also electoral rivals in a private club.

Dr. Jatoi who twice served as medical superintendent of the civil hospital was known for his abrasive attitude towards the professors who did not attend their respective wards and let the poor patients suffer.

He said that when he requested a professor to give discount to a poor patient he was given only Rs500 discount. "I urge you to please take care of poor people," he said.

President of Pakistan Ophthalmology Society Dr. Nazeer Asharf Leghari urged the doctors to forget the past and move ahead.

Doctors' should try their level best to do something positive for the institution where they had studied, he urged.

Former VC of LUMHS Prof. Jan Mohammad Memon recalled services of late Ms Benazir Bhutto for this institution and briefed the audience on how this medical college attained the status of a medical university.

Dr Shahzad appealed to the participants to donate handsomely to alumni and said the fledgling organisation planned to hold an international conference in December this year and invite all the Liaquatians who were serving abroad in various institutions.

They would share their experiences and expertise in their respective fields to the benefit of doctor working in the LUMHS and civil hospital, he said. Dawn

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