Allama Iqbal university courses results

AIOU declared graduate, functional courses results
Islamabad, March 15: Controller of Exams Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) Hafeez-ullah has announced the results of final exams of different graduate programmes for the semester Spring 2009.

The results announced were concluded on functional courses (BA general), BBA, BCom, BSc (eye vision), BA (Mass Communication), BLIS, BA Dars-e-Nizami, BCS, BCS Foundation, French Online, BIT, Diploma in Computer Graphic, ATTC and Elementary Arabic for the semester Spring 2009.

According to the controller of exams, result intimation cards are being sent by post to the students at their given addresses.

Students, who do not receive the result intimation card up to March 15 (today), are advised to contact their nearest regional office or superintendent (result) examinations in the main campus of the University in Islamabad personally or on his phone no. 051-9057319 & 7308 to get the duplicate result card. Students can also download their result from the website of the University. The news

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Medical education in educational instutions
Islamabad: The state of public health in Pakistan is appalling, with doctors often failing to diagnose the illness, let alone successfully treating it.

One of the key reasons for this - one that is often cited by experts in the field - is that our medical students and young doctors are not as familiar as they should be with the ailments that afflict the public.

Perhaps this is so because the curriculum taught in our medical schools is outdated and out of touch with the health needs of most Pakistanis. The regional director of the World Health Organisation raised similar points during a recent workshop in Lahore.

He said that the country's 30-year-old medical curriculum needed to be updated keeping in view the public's health needs.

He also pointed out that the high rate of infant and maternal mortality in Pakistan indicated that much needed to be done to equip doctors with the skills to promote public health. Part of the remedy, it was observed at the workshop, lay in promoting community-based medical education.

The indifferent approach of most medical schools in the country can be gauged by the fact that they teach only the basics of medical science. Technological advancements, research and development in medical science are hardly touched upon.

Moreover, the examination system needs to be updated, while at the practical level medical students must be instructed in dealing with patients with empathy and sensitivity, so that as doctors they keep their socio-economic situation in mind while prescribing treatment.

It must also be instilled in them that serving in remote areas of the country is crucial not only to the welfare of millions of people but also to their understanding of health problems in the country. For all this to happen, an overhaul of the medical curriculum, with a focus on public health, is essential. Dawn

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School children visit
Rawalpindi: If the level of excitement can be measured in any way then the graph during the picnic outing of the children of 'Rah-e-Amal' school would have read 'very high!' There was a hustle and bustle as the children along with their teachers piled into the buses especially hired for the occasion - a full house as even those who skip school sometimes turned out to avail the opportunity of a day in the outdoors.

Their place of destination was the Ayub National Park, a wonderfully green oasis in the outer limits of the Rawalpindi cantonment, which boasts of a number of attractions that children enjoy, especially the much improved section, 'Jungle Kingdom.' These days, because of spring, the park is looking clean and green with splashes of colour from the variety of flowers that can be found here. It was a welcome change from the confines of small houses located in unhealthy, concrete surroundings.

A special concession on the entry fee was given courtesy the management and the children proceed inside in an orderly manner although you could see they were impatient to run around or be the first on slides and swings. It was only after they were all assembled and given a reminder pep talk about how to behave in a public area that they ran off each to do their own thing or in groups as boys and especially girls are wont to do.

The younger lot went for the jumping jacks; others went to see the animals - including a lonely tiger - and some admired the birds in the aviary. Among the mechanised rides the train - a fairly new addition to the attractions - was popular, as were the whirling cups and the swinging boat or should it be 'boat sing?' You could see that some of the younger ones were somewhat nervous but they began to shout 'All is well' at the top of their voices! This phrase was coined in a movie from across the border and indicates that no matter from how underprivileged a background they come from, television sets are a must in most children's homes because they are the only source of much needed respite from the cares of the day to day struggle to survive.

Lunch included individual pizzas, juice and crisps and it was noteworthy that all refuse was thrown in the bins that are provided for the purpose - you could never imagine that well over one hundred children of different ages had just visited the park, the area was so clean.

Another fun day over the children got into their transport, said 'thank you' to the management and went off home with a wave and a cheer for time well spent.

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School children fun day
Rawalpindi: Empowering Children First (ECF), a non-profit organisation working for the advancement of education for the most poverty stricken children in the rural areas of Pakistan, arranged a Creative Arts Programme at a village school in the suburbs of Rawalpindi.

Founded on the belief that all children have a right to quality education and decent standard of living, ECF strongly advocates that education is crucial to breaking the vicious cycle of poverty that millions of children in Pakistan are trapped in.

Launching a leading edge new initiative, namely 'Campaign to Educate Pakistan to Eradicate Poverty', ECF is targeting classrooms, which would otherwise not have the opportunity to provide stimulating learning environments, essential for the provision of quality education, due to being ill equipped and hugely lacking in recourses.

By providing these resources, ECF is maximising the learning potential of students through active learning strategies in classrooms and encouraging creative experimentation, which in turn fosters both analytical and critical thinking.

To positively impact children with the gift of education, ECF distributed a vast array of school stationary supplies amongst the students and a large stock of art, science and mathematics equipment to the classrooms.

As part of this bold new initiative, 20 enthusiastic volunteers eagerly participated in creating fun art activities for these children, stimulating their young minds and

opening up a whole new world to the students, who were absolutely thrilled to hold a paintbrush and be able to paint for the first time in their lives.

Speaking on the occasion, President ECF Mohammed Rabnawaz highlighted the importance of creating a stimulating study environment for children, engaging in creative activities, nurturing creative experimentation and improving their self-esteem. The news

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Matric exams cancellation
Khuzdar: Students held a protest demonstration against cancellation of matriculation examination at the main gate of Model High School here Saturday. They staged a sit in in front of examination hall and demanded taking examination.

According to details, provincial education minister announced cancellation o f matriculation examination after leakage of three papers. Students taking matriculation examination today held a protest demonstration at the main gate of Model High School and also staed a sit in in front of examination hall here today.

Students said that education minister by cancelling examination was following anti Baloch education policy and closing doors of education on Baloch youth.

Besides wastage fo their time, it would also have deep impact on their education. BSO and BNP leaders said that if schedule for matriculation examination was not announced immediately, extremely tougher step would be taken to save education. PPI

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Bajaur schools reopening
Khar: The political administration Sunday announced the opening of all the educational and vocational institutions in Bajaur Agency, directing the staff members and students to attend their respective institutions from today.

The notification was issued by the Agency Executive Officer (Education) Gul Rehman. Bajaur Agency Political Agent Zakir Hussain Afridi had earlier issued directives to the department to reopen educational institutions.

The government departments including educational institutions after launching military operation against the militants in August 2008, and the subsequent volatile situation in Bajaur tribal region.

Thousands of families left their hearths and homes and migrated to safer places in the settled districts of NWFP.

Some also migrated to Punjab and Sindh provinces, but the Sindh government later banned the entry of internally displaced tribesmen to the province. The news

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