Federal urdu university students clash

Five students injured in FUUAST clash
Karachi, March 04: At least five students were injured on Wednesday when activists of a student organisation clashed with each other at the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology Maulvi Abdul Haq Campus.

Risala police station DSP Zahid Siddiqui said both the groups used sticks and iron rods during the clash, which resulted in the suspension of educational process for two hours. However, law enforcement agencies reached the spot and resorted to baton-charge and tear gas to disperse of the students.

However, the situation remained tense in the entire locality and the university campus following the incident. Daily times

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"Hi..... plz stop clashes.... its disturbing ours tudies... stop ths hell..."
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City, Country: karachi. pakistan

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FUUAST announces forms submission schedule
Karachi: Controller of Examinations Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology (FUUAST) has announced that the registration forms for B.A., B.Com and M.A. (Private) could be submitted with late fee up to March 15.

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LUMHS forensic lab
Hyderabad: The Forensic Science Laboratory set up by the Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences at a cost of Rs14.7 million and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment is gathering dust thanks to traditional bureaucratic apathy.

The laboratory needs authorisation by Sindh government's health and law departments to start functioning.

The LUMHS vice-chancellor has sent several letters to the department concerned, seeking authorisation for the lab but has not so far received any response.

There is only one forensic laboratory, the chemical examiner's lab in Karachi, which handles all medico legal cases (MLCs) and resultantly it takes the lab more than two to three months to submit reports to courts.

The FSL can take only a week to complete examination of evidence and report within a week. The Hyderabad circuit bench of the Sindh High Court was informed in July last year that 1,679 cases were waiting for chemical examiner's reports to proceed. According to Dr Afzal Memon of FSL, the laboratory has state-of-the-art facilities of an autopsy suite, analytical laboratory, finger printing, DNA sequencer and polygraph.

"But neither autopsy can be performed nor DNA tests or other medico-legal cases in absence of authorisation from law and home department," Dr. Memon said, adding that "we can give chemical examination results in just a week".

The laboratory can help ease burden on the only chemical examiner's laboratory in Karachi, which is already overburdened with workload.

The FSL will also make delivery of reports before courts speedy and efficient.

Viscera preservation is highly important in forensics because it preserves pieces of evidence. It requires chemical examination when cause of death is not apparent and so the viscera's safe transportation in 48 hours is all the more important.

"Normally the viscera are taken by concerned police and then we have to wait for its report whenever it is issued," said a medico-legal officer at the Hyderabad Civil Hospital. "We don't have X-ray facility in the mortuary to locate bullets in a body. It badly affects out work because a wound's nature matters the most in cases and is a piece of evidence," he said.

According to sources, Karachis chemical laboratory has allowed a government laboratory in Sukkur to receive medico-legal cases.

An MLO is required to maintain his or her own record for use in cases' trial and they barely keep record. "In Hyderabad I'll be happy if one to two year old record is found," said an MLO.

He said that in absence of electric accessories they take hours to cut up a body which can otherwise be done in 15 minutes through cutting devices and with more accurate results.

The MLOs can not use the FSL because of lack of authorisation. The courts can question veracity of the lab's certificate during trial of a case.

"I feel that the huge amount of funds spent on the FSL is being wasted because of disuse of its facilities. Several DPOs have approached me the lab's use but we can't do anything unless the government authorises us," said LUMHS's vice-chancellor Prof. Dr. Noshad Shaikh.

He said that there were few such laboratories in the country. He had sent six letters to the departments concerned to authorise the lab but received no response, he complained. Dawn

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PAF graduation ceremony
Karachi: The graduation ceremony of Senior Command and Staff Course, which included officers from the Pakistan Army and Sri Lankan Air Force, was held at the PAF Air War College here on Wednesday.

Deputy Director General Civil Aviation Authority, Air Vice Marshal Riaz-ul-Haq was the chief guest on the occasion.

Speaking at the ceremony, the chief guest said that the PAF was in a transformative phase and in coming years, technology-intensive platforms and weapons would be inducted which will bring PAF at par with the leading air forces of the world.

"To allow smooth influx of technology and its optimal utilization, it is imperative that the PAF personnel are trained on modern lines," he said.

The Top Graduate trophy for best overall performance in the course was awarded to Wing Commander Mahmood Khalid.

Earlier, Chief Instructor (Staff Wing) Air Commodore Mumtaz Ahmed Shahi highlighted the objectives of the course, and presented the performance report. The news

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