PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission) jobs in schools

Online access to PPSC jobs in schools
Lahore, March 27: The Punjab School Education Department on Friday announced that the candidates applying for vacancies advertised by the Punjab Public Service Commission will be able to submit their applications online through computer labs of selected government high schools.

According to a circular issued the DGPR, a girls high school and a boys high school in each tehsil would be declared Public Information Centres. The candidates would contact the headmaster/principal of the school who would maintain a record of their particulars. A sum of Rs 10 per page would be charged for the application form while Rs 10 per hour would also be charged for the internet service. Out of the amount, Rs 5 would be deposited in education promotion fund of the school and Rs 5 would be given to the in-charge of the computer lab. The facility would be available from 1pm to 3pm five days a week except Fridays and Sundays. The applicants would also be allowed the use of computers for filling in the application forms. Male candidates would avail the facility in boys schools while females in girls schools. The news

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"I did masters in Commerce(M.Com). I am a lecturer in Abdul Salam College and TIPS College of Commerce, FSD. I want to get lecturership"
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"i did master in urdu and also done B.ED in first division. I have 6 years experience in social sector.Currently working in United NAtion Development Programme(UNDP)as a social organizer.Kindly i m wanted to join and working with education department as a sencier worker.plzzzz consider my comments and gave me one chance."
Name: Syeda Aniqa Hasnain
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"I have done M.com and i am intrest to apply in accountancy field. I have applied in ppse 4 times but 2 times i appeared in the written test examination and now waiting for result but 2 times i could not received call letter by ppsc. it is asked by ppsc administration why i could not received. it is requested to all visitors plz inform me when ever there is any job add in ppsc or any other govt institution. **************"
Name: naeem ahmed
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"i am M.Sc Applied Psychology .i want to get info about this that how i can enhance my studies further.and how can i qualify for ppsc.kindly guide me. secondly can i be able to send u information /news.if i can then what type of news and how i can do this? just i ask for my knowledge."
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