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FUUAST announces result of PharmD exams
Karachi: Controller Examination Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology (FUUAST) Prof Waqarul Haq on Friday announced the result of PharmD (5th year) morning and evening programmes annual examination-2006 held on December 2010.

In the morning program, out of 60 enrolled students, 58 passed and in the evening programme 45 out of 48 students were declared successful.

Meanwhile, Controller of Examination FUUAST, Prof. Haq has announced the new date for the postponed exams.

Examination for Biology-III and Physics–III of BSC (Honours) 2nd year annual examination 2011, initially scheduled to be held on 11th March, would now be held on 29th March at 10:00am to 1:00pm.

Haq has announced that failures in the M.Com (Semester-III and IV) and BS Commerce (Semester-IV) morning programme can obtain and submit their forms for special examination up to 24th March at Allied Bank's Baba-e-Urdu Road branch. The news

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Teachers vow to continue struggle
Karachi: The college teachers whose token hunger strike entered the second day on Friday resolved that their peaceful struggle would continue till the acceptance of their demands concerning the time-scale promotions and recruitment of teachers to overcome their shortage in all the public sector colleges across Sindh.

A spokesperson for the Sindh Professors and Lecturers Association (SPLA) said that college teachers of Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana, Mirpurkhas, Khairpur and Nawabshah also observed token hunger strike in front of the press clubs of their respective cities for the acceptance of their demands and in protest against the excesses committed by police against protesting teachers on Wednesday.

The college teachers who went on token hunger strike in Karachi on Friday included Prof Ghulam Rasul Lakho, Prof Tauseef, Prof Hashim and Prof Junaid.

Besides, protest meetings organised by the SPLA in all the college units of the city demanded that the education department concentrate its energies on overcoming the shortage of teachers and resolving the issues being faced by teachers instead of harassing them by issuing them show-cause notices.

Criticising the provincial education department for issuing a show-cause notice to the principal of the DJ Govt Science College merely because of presence of a teachers' hunger striking camp on the college campus, the meetings through a resolution urged the department to refrain from victimising teachers and withdraw the notice without any delay.

Through another resolution, the meetings demanded that the government take strict action against the police officials responsible for the baton-charge and use of water cannon against the protesting teachers on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Professors and Lecturers Associations' Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and Sindh chapters presidents Prof Nasrullah Khan, Prof (Dr) Zahid, Prof Iqbal Mangalzai and Prof Ather Hussain Mirza, in a joint statement issued on Friday, announced that a meeting of their respective bodies would soon be convened in Islamabad to decide a plan for their country-wide protest against the Wednesday's police action on teachers and in support of demands of Sindh government colleges teachers.

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Teachers angered by minister's 'insulting' remarks
Larkaran: College teachers and members of the Sindh Professors and Lecturers Association continued their protest across the province on Friday against use of violence by police for disrupting a procession of teachers in Karachi and criticised the insulting language the provincial education minister used against teachers. In Larkana, the college teachers led by SPLA leaders Prof Syed Asghar Shah and Prof Shamasuddin Sariyo held a demonstration outside the press club and observed a token hunger strike in protest against the Karachi incident.

They said the use of batons and teargas against professors was uncalled for and said that the education minister's use of insulting language aggravated the situation instead of resolving it. They said the SPLA believed in peaceful struggle and were forced by the unnecessary in accepting their demands to wage protests.

They rejected the education minister's statement and said it was their constitutional right to protest which they were using without letting it influence the academic activities.

They urged the government to incorporate 2,610 posts of professors, associate and assistant professors and lecturers in the budget and launch health insurance policy for them.

A SPLA leader Prof Ali Dino Shar demanded removal of the minister because of his 'dictatorial attitude' which was against the norms of a democratic government.

SPLA members from Sukkur had taken out a procession in Naudero on March 5 and demonstrated outside the president's camp office but their demands were not met, he said.

When they protested in Karachi 10 days later they were subjected to violence. "We conveyed our demands to MNA Faryal Talpur but she showed no interest," said Malahar Sindhi, general secretary of the association's Larkana chapter.

The teachers on hunger strike demanded the transfer of 417 professors should be reversed. All lecturers and professors promoted from grade 17 to 20 should be posted at vacant posts and 2,500 vacancies should be filled through the Sindh Public Service Commission, they said.

They demanded promotion of 1,584 lecturers to grade 18, of 971 lecturers to grade 19 and 45 to grade 20. The hunger strike would continue till March 23 and on March 24 they would protest at the Chief Minister's House, they said.

In Hyderabad, four SPLA members continued their hunger strike outside the press club on Friday and a large number of lecturers gathered at their camp.

They demanded a summary submitted by the secretary of education to the chief minister in December last year for grant of timescale to college teachers should be approved and a notification should be immediately issued.

The summary requested the chief minister "to accord his approval for grant of timescale to college teachers/teaching staff of collegiate at par with the government of Balochistan".

In Nawabshah, professors and lecturers observed a token hunger strike outside the press club. They raised slogans in favour of their demands and reiterated their resolve to continue the protest till the acceptance of their demands.

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GCU PhD in mathematics
Lahore: Eight more scholars of the GCU's Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences have become PhD degree-holders in mathematics. The total number has gone up to 56, says a press release.

The result was declared here on Friday after the board of examiners of the school consisting of foreign and local mathematical scientists evaluated their theses.

The PhD degree-holders are Junaid Khan, Imran, Atiqur Rahman, Naveed Latif, Afshan Sadiq, Nazeran Idrees, Rehana Ashraf and Saima Perveen.

The experts who evaluated their theses were Gerhard Pfister, Juergen Herzog, Peter Tomescu, Martin Baca, Barbu Berceanu, Oleg Mushkarov, Josip Pecaric, Geroge Eremiev Karadzhov, and Oleg Reinov. The Pakistani experts were Muhammad Anwar, Rao Muhammad Anwar Chaudhry, Usman Ali, A.D. Raza Choudary and Faqir Muhammad Bhatti.

The scholars carried out their research in diverse branches of mathematics such as computer algebra, graph theory and combinations, algebra topology, convex analysis. Dawn

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PU meeting
Lahore: A meeting of Punjab University Advanced Studies and Research Board (AS&RB) held on Friday solved cases of the PhD scholars presented for review in the board by different departments, institutes, colleges and schools of the varsity. According to a press statement in the meeting, 10 PhD synopsis, 7 reports on PhD theses and 11 panels of examiners for PhD theses review were approved. The extension was also given in two cases while seven miscellaneous cases were discussed as well. The news

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