International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest 2011

42,000 Pakistanis in math contest
Lahore, March 18: Around 42,000 students of more than 500 schools and colleges from all over Pakistan participated in the world's largest International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest (IKMC) on Thursday. The students were from grade III to grade XII.

The "International Association Mathematiques sans Frontiers" organised the contest which is held the world over every year on March 17. This year about 5.5 million students from 56 countries are reported to have appeared in the contest.

Pakistan Kangaroo Commission President Dr A.D. Raza Choudary said in a statement that the main aim of the event was to encourage the young students to give their best performance in mathematics and compete with other students at the international level. It also helps identify creative talent among students.

The association, which has its headquarters in Paris, has won several international awards including the prestigious Paul Eros Prize.

Dr Choudary said ever since Pakistan started participating in the contest six years ago with a modest number of 8,000 students, the Kangaroo commission had observed a very positive response from the Pakistani students as was evident from the five-time increase in their number to about 42,000 this year.

He said there was great enthusiasm among the students to compete at the international level and the fear of mathematics had been replaced by keen interest in the subject. "Now they look forward to challenges in Pakistan. This is an extremely healthy sign for the progress of education in the country as this sort of enthusiasm of the students in mathematics was not seen five years ago," he added. Dawn

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"this test is very good and in it the brains of children are being refreshed"
Name: Salman
City, Country: Hyderabad,Pakistan

"i love kangaroo...this year 2011 i also paticipated in international kangaroo contest...i hope i will get good result... "
Name: ayesha zainab
City, Country: kot addu, pakistan

"this year was my first time the test imy view was a little difficult.but it went goodddddd."
Name: Zunair
City, Country: karachi,pakistan

Name: hasan rasheed
City, Country: karachi,pakistan

"kangroo math test is very good as it tells how a student is aware about the application of mathematics."
Name: Ashfaq Rahmat
City, Country: karachi pakistan

"i also participated.i dont know what will happen.can any one tell when is the result of IKMC."
Name: Ayesha
City, Country:Lahore

"AISHA g results may k mahinay m arhay hen.. dont worry about that....u wil get that ok"
Name: Ashfaq Rahmat
City, Country: karachi pakistan

"I am appearing in the Kangroo contest since last two years and have a good experience. I would like to suggest to all students to be apart of it. Its great and enhance our IQ skills. Good Luck All who are waiting for result."
Name: Ali Hasan Qidwai
Email: aliqidwai@hotmail.con
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"i want that this facility must be given to rular areas people"
Name: mehranjaved
City, Country: islamabad pakistan

"plz tell when did the result come?"
Name: Namra Akhtar
City, Country: Rawalpndi,Pakistan

"when it will be result"
Name: addan
City, Country:lahore,pakistan

"kangroo math contestis very good i hope iwill get good result"
Name: abdul rauf
City, Country: hyderabad

"this test centre must be availablble unless in every division of pak"
Name: mehran javed
City, Country: islamabad,pakistan

Name: musadiq ali soomro
City, Country:hyderabad

"Good, intresting but difficult and lengthy"
Name: Haseeb
City, Country:D.G Khan, Pakistan

"I have participated in this contest at my college level and secured 40th position in Pakistan. I really such sort of competitions as these compels the students to storm their brain in limited time. Manage their abilities to get Secure a super position. The students, specially of college level, must register themselves to get a bit idea of ENTRY TEST. Stay Blessed"
Name: Sajid Ali GM
City, Country:Gujrat Pakistan

"send me results of 2011"
Name: mehranjaved
City, Country:islamabad

"i need the result of kangroo test in fazai islamabad pakistan plz help me"
Name: humaira
City, Country:islamabad :pakistan

"My sis also participated in ths contest but still waitng for the results...Well,her tst was good."
Name: Halima Khurshid
City, Country:Jalal Pur Jattan,Pakistan

"I participated in this test but waiting for result. My test was good."
Name: ali zakaa
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"I really liked it though it was quite difficult .I scored the 32nd position in pakistan last year.b"
Name: maria
City, Country:lahore,paistan

"now it is turn for the private sector future less teachers to come up for their rights"
Name: anwaar
City, Country:rawalpindi

"i like kangroo mathematical contest.i also participated in 2011."
Name: saad
City, Country:islamabad,pakistan

"kangroo competition is the best way to improve and to believe on what you do"
Name: wafa
City, Country:lahore

"i love I.K.M.C.......and i hope i will get good result."
Name: Abiha Abbas
City, Country: islamabad,pakistan

"I particapted in I.K.M.C this year (2011) and I am waiting for the results."
Name: Mariam Shah
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"hey i wanna know dat when will the result cum..........plz can any one tell me?"
Name: hafsa
City, Country: karachi

"plzzzzz tell me that when the rzlts of IKMC is going 2 b announcedd?"
Name: Halima
City, Country: Jalalpur jattan,Pakistan

"I REALLY LOVED IT,it wasnt difficult but i scored 25th position in Pakistan last year:-)"

"tis year was my 2 time of giving the paper of I.K.M.C .I was very excited in giving ikmc paper.inshallah i ll recieve good reward of ikmc"
Name: Saad afridi
City, Country:Peshawar,Pakistan

"kangroo competation is just amazing I particapated in 2011 and it was like a lil tough but reat for our life tym , a memorable event! :D hope a good result :D"
Name: Princess Rachna
City, Country:hyderabad, pakistan

"i love this cotest and participated every year...this year i hv also participated and hope for a gud result.!"
Name: MOON
City, Country:jhang,pakistan

"plz announce result as soon as possible thanks."
Name: javaid akhtar
City, Country:wah cantt,pakistan

Name: MANO

"Test was really intresting and amazing."
Name: Laiba Nafees
City, Country: Lahore , Pakistan

"ialsoo participate in kangroo mathmatical contest but result doesnt come......"
Name: sana
City, Country: karachi pakistan

"i participated in kangaroo competition in 2011 and it was superb and a good experience fo me ."
Name: kainat
City, Country: karachi , pakistan

"i participated in kangaroo competition in 2011 and it was superb and a good experience fo me . i am lucky girl in the world.........i feel very good "
Name: kainat
City, Country: karachi , pakistan

"i cant find the past paper 2011 of international kangaroo mathematics contest please help me in this. from fazaia inter college jinnah camp rawalpindi"
Name: maha
City, Country: rawalpindi from pakistan

"I WANT TO COPY OUT kangroo contest answer"

"hi people i study in Beaconhouse Defence Campus Lahore. Previously i was in The City School and there i gave my IKMC test. Plz do me a favour ......i want Kangaroo mathematics 2011 answers just to check my position.....plz"
Name: Ifrah Zareen
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"kangaroo is a very good competition in which i have participated i hope i get a good result"
Name: rehab farhan
City, Country: lahore pakistan

"i participated in ikmc in (2011)i got 39th position in pakistan It was an easy test"
Name: hussam
City, Country: multan,pakistan

"i can,t find the past paper of 2011"
Name: hassaan
City, Country: pakistan,multan

"i will participate this year in kangaroo and thats my 1st time... HASSAM you got 39th position and my friend Ali Nawaz got the first postion all over Pakistan !"
Name: Momin
City, Country:lahore,pakistan

"i like kangaroo test inshalla i will be the winner of siddeeq public school"
Name: saraatif
City, Country: pakistan

"I hope and I done this work I read in x1 G10/4 I.M.C.B thank you"
Name: hussain faqir
City, Country: islamabad

"its my 1st time in this test. iam so excited."
Name: hamza
City, Country: lahore,pakistan

""It is a very good contest......I Enjoy It A lot."
Name: Rj KasHi
City, Country: islamabad Pakistan

"it was quite difficult but i enjoyed it very well.i got 1st position in kpk...."
City, Country: peshawer,pakistan

Name: Mian Irfan
City, Country: Gujranwala

"i want to give an ikmc"
Name: Wamizur rehman
City, Country: pakistan

"This is a best quiz. I need model paers with solutions please"
Name: Shabir2
City, Country: Lahore, pakistan

"kanga roo competition ke questions k bare mein kisi ko idea h to plZ mjhe inform krdn. Thanx "
Name: Arsalan
City, Country: Karachi, pakistan

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Students rally against release
Lahore: Various student organisations staged demonstrations and held rallies to protest against the release of Raymond Davis here on Thursday.

The Insaf Students Federation (ISF), a student wing of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Islamia Jamiat Talaba (IJT) of Jamaat-e-Islami and other student organisations, including Al Muhammadia Students (AMS) Pakistan, organised events in which the youth, especially students, participated and protested against the government for releasing the US citizen.

The ISF held demos at Muslim Town near the FC College, the Punjab University and near the University of Lahore in which hundreds of students participated.

Addressing the protestors, ISF President Hassan Niazi and Secretary General Farrukh Habib said that Davis was not only the culprit of two families rather he had committed crime against the entire Pakistani nation.

They said that by not registering a case under the Anti-Terrorism Act against him, the rulers had exposed their loyalty to the US. They also announced to take out rallies and demos against Davis' release on Friday.

The IJT activists also held demos and took out rallies against the abrupt release of Davis at different educational institutions, including Punjab University (PU) and near the US Consulate, Lahore. The protesters blocked the road for some time and burnt the effigy of Davis.

The Mutahida Talaba Mahaz (MTM) and Pakistan Students Council also took part in the demo held outside the Lahore Press Club near the US Consulate. The protestors staged a sit-in and chanted slogans against the US policies and Pakistani government.

The activists of AMS Pakistan also held a demo against release of Davis outside the press club. AMS activists demanded the government ensure end to drone attacks inside Pakistan and expel all the CIA and Blackwater agents from the country.

Shabab-e-Milli of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) also organised a demo outside the Lahore Press Club and condemned the release of Davis. Meanwhile, the Imamia Students Organization (ISO) announced to observe Friday (today) as black day and to hold demos and rallies against the release of Davis.

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PUASA concerned at abrupt release of Davis
Lahore: A large number of teachers of the Punjab University (PU), taking out a rally on the varsity's New Campus on Thursday, expressed strong concern over the abrupt release of US citizen Raymond Davis who killed two Pakistani youth.

The rally organised by the PU Academic Staff Association (ASA) started from the varsity's Institute of Business Administration (IBA) and culminated at Gate No 2 near the Institute of Education & Research (IER).

The rally was led by PUASA President Dr Mahr Muhammad Saeed Akhtar and General Secretary Iftikhar Tarar who said the abrupt release of Raymond Davis had created doubts about the rulers, as it had been proved that he (Raymond Davis) was a CIA agent. The protesting teachers also said the integrity of the whole nation shattered over dramatic release of Raymond Davis, adding Diyat law was forcibly imposed on families of the victims.

They further said releasing a person whose name was on the ECL in just few moments was not appropriate, adding contrary to this case, Pakistani citizen Dr Aafia Siddiqui was imprisoned in the United States under fake and baseless charges.

PUASA demanded the government end its alliance with US, expel all Americans from Pakistan, stop drone attacks and bring back Dr Aafia Siddiqui to Pakistan.

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Schoolteachers set up hunger strike camp
Lahore: A large number of government schoolteachers held a token hunger strike camp near the Punjab Assembly here on Thursday and announced boycott of duties in connection with the upcoming census.

The teachers also criticised the Punjab government for not addressing issues faced by them.

The camp was set up by Punjab Teachers Union (PTU) and the Joint Action Committee (JAC) at Faisal Chowk near the Punjab Assembly. Dozens of male and female teachers participated in the camp and expressed strong resentment against different policies of the provincial government.

The teachers led by PTU and JAC office-bearers, including Rana Muhammad Arshad, Syed Sajjad Kazmi and Rana Liaquat, also condemned the authorities of Punjab School Education Department, saying that their problems, instead of decreasing, were on the rise.

According to them, assigning them extra duties, including administering polio vaccine drops to children, census duty, distribution of sugar and bringing out-of-school children to schools, was resulting in poor performance of their students in different examinations.

They said if the same practice of assigning them additional duties continued, the schoolteachers would be unable to complete academic syllabus and even to conduct the school exam.

The PTU and JAC leaders said the teachers were always held accountable for poor results of the students, adding that however those who assigned non-academic duties and assignments to them were never questioned.

They said the ever-increasing inflation had made the schoolteachers' lives miserable while the rulers always remained insensitive.

They also criticised the government for its failure to fully implement the Teachers Package and demanded implementation of the in-service promotion of quota under the four tier formula.

They demanded big city allowance for teachers, promotion to primary, elementary and secondary teachers and BS-16 to all the graduate teachers. They also demanded the government ensure Urdu medium of instructions in schools. They also criticised the alleged interference of NGOs and monitoring cell and demanded the government ensure end to all such interference.

The teachers said they would continue their protest till the acceptance of their demands, adding that a protest rally from Nasir Bagh to Punjab Assembly would be taken out on April 20.

PPP leader and opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly Raja Riaz, PML-Q leader Ch Zaheer Ud Din and some other MPAs also visited the camp and expressed solidarity with the teachers.

It is pertinent to mention here that earlier on March 10 the PTU and JAC had also set up a hunger strike camp outside the Punjab Assembly.

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GCU debate championship
Lahore: The 16th Annual GCU Parliamentary Debating Championship kicked off at the Government College University on Thursday.

About 70 teams of orators from all over the country are contesting for coveted Urdu and English debates' trophies at the five-day championship spread over eight rounds.

Only eight of total 70 teams will qualify for the finals of the championship.

Chief Justice (r) Khawaja Muhammad Sharif will be the chief guest for finals on Monday at Bokhari Auditorium while GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Ikram-ul-Haq (Sitara-e-Imtiaz) will also be present there. The news

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