PMDC MS/MD programme for medical students

PMA vows to resist MS/MD evening programme
Karachi, March 31: The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) will seek court intervention if the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) in its forthcoming meeting next month approves the proposal of opening an evening programme for medical students at the Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS).

This was stated by PMA secretary-general Dr Mirza Ali Azhar at a press conference at the Karachi Press Club on Monday. Other office-bearers of the association were also present.

Demanding the restructuring of PMDC under the 2006 order of the Supreme Court, the PMA leaders also called upon the authorities to remove the LUMHS vice chancellor who, according to them, had no idea about medical education and training.

Dr Azhar said the PMA was extremely concerned over the way the PMDC was handling the affairs of medical education, training and profession.

"The PMDC has failed to monitor and standardise medical colleges in the country. In fact, it is working to benefit owners of private medical colleges and supporting the governments of Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for their experiments in medical education," he said.

He alleged that the governments of these provinces had opened medical colleges with political motives and without considering PMDC rules and regulations which was leading to fast deterioration of medical education and training in the country.

"Medical universities in the public and private sector have no idea about medical education and training. Most of these universities are part-time institutes with part-time vice chancellors and part-time faculty members," he remarked.

Voicing PMA's reservations over the decision to launch MS/MD programme and various diploma courses to produce specialists, Dr Azhar said it would produce 'qualified quacks'.

"When part-time faculty members are not producing good MBBS doctors, how can they produce specialists, who need extensive training programmes," he asked, saying that these 'half-cooked' specialists would further deteriorate the already inefficient healthcare system.

He condemned the LUMHS vice chancellor for seeking PMDC permission for evening classes, and said that given the state of affairs at the PMDC, it was likely that the proposal would get through.

"It seems that the PMDC will grant permission to the vice chancellor because of the money involved in the setting up of a Shabina medical college. With this initiative, medical institutes in the country will lose their credibility all over the world," he said.

The PMA was also concerned over the proposal of the registration of 652 students by the PMDC, claiming that the students had been given admissions wrongly and against merit.

"It is hoped that the Supreme Court will take notice because PMDC officials are wrongly using the SC decision," he said.

The association also demanded immediate monitoring of all MD/MS programmes at medical universities, establishment of an independent medical education board to evaluate these programmes, system of merit in recruitment, transparency in PMDC affairs and declaration to make all medical institutions to work full-time with full-time faculty with a proper system to develop career.

Dr Idrees Adhi and Dr Qaiser Sajjad also spoke. Dawn

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Future of 600 BSEK students in jeopardy
Karachi: The Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK) has rejected all allegations levelled by various private schools' associations against the Board with regard to withholding the results of 600 candidates.

Chairman BSEK Anzar Hussain Zaidi said that the committee, constituted to review the appeals against unfair means cases, has found at least 600 candidates guilty during the last annual examinations.

The committee was authorised to take independent decision against the unfair means cases and no external or internal influence was exerted on the committee, he said, adding, all decisions were taken according to the rules and regulations, as the board gave due chance of hearing to these candidates.

"The board's committee was totally independent and the board of governors was also satisfied with the progress of this committee whose recommendations were approved by the chairman BSEK," he said.

Zaidi said that the candidates in question had appeared at unauthorised examination centres and found using unfair means during the Part-I exams of Secondary School Certificate, Science Group.

The committee had recommended that several students could not appear in the forthcoming annual exams as the board withheld their results and they could appear as fresh candidates in 2012, he said and added that few candidates received up to two years ban.

Besides, the committee also took notice of some centre superintendents who showed dereliction in their duties and it recommended taking action against such officials.

Anzar Zaidi further said that the board had taken onboard all the stakeholders including private school associations in various matters but it did not mean that they start dictating the BSEK.

However, it was learnt that the concerned department could not compile the category-wise data as to how many candidates appeared at unauthorised centres and how many students used unfair means during the exams.

Meanwhile, Chairman Private Schools Management Association (PSMA) Sharaf-uz-Zaman has threatened that if the BSEK would not release the withheld results of the candidates then their association would seek remedy from the court.

He said that PSMA along with the affected students and their parents would also stage a sit-in in front of Board Office.

Member BSEK Yahya Khan, however, said that BSEK did not bring this decision into his knowledge before the announcement, adding, "Such decisions are not in favour of young students".

Chairman All Private Schools Management Association Syed Khalid Shah said that the Board should immediately announce the results as the delay in announcing the results had been creating panic among the candidates. He, however, added that the candidates found using unfair means with solid evidence should be punished but such decision should also be notified at earliest.

Haider Ali of PEAK Private Schools Management Association termed the decision "harsh" and said the Board should show some leniency in this regard. The Board should have given lesser punishment to the candidates, while action should have been taken against the centre superintendents and other officials, who showed dereliction in their duties, he added.

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Prof Zai takes charge as BSEK chairman
Karachi: Prof Anwar Ahmed Zai has taken charge of Chairman, Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK) on Wednesday. An official of the Board said that he had been given the additional charge of the chief of the BSEK. Prof. Zai is already heading the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK). The news

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