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FBISE FSc papers selling like hot cakes
Islamabad, May 14, 2008: The very first paper of Chemistry of HSSC Part I examination under the auspices of Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) was open to all and sundry in the market before it started here Tuesday.

It is learnt that the Chemistry paper was leaked out two days before and the federal board taking notice of the incident changed the paper well before a day but all the efforts proved futile as the changed paper was also partly leaked out by the certain mafias active to undermine all the efforts of the board to keep the secrecy.

It is learnt that the parts of the Chemistry paper were available in the market and the students and even their parents were in the run to obtain the set of questions in the paper, which started at 2 p.m. and its parts were on the sale at about 8a.m on Tuesday.

According to the sources and information gathered certain mafias were involved in the leakage of the federal board papers, as they adopted a novel way that the whole paper was not leaked out rather portions of the paper were given to those who made payment in this regard. The desirous students contacted the mafia people at certain mobile phone numbers and they were directed to give payment to the person they named at a point which they continued to change to maintain their secrecy. The certain persons received payment and the cell number of the student. Afterwards, the student received message containing questions, which were set in the paper. This practice continued during the Matric examinations without any check and now the same mafia is active in the FSc Part-I examination.

When the federal board officials were contacted in this regard they at first refused to comment. However, a senior official, on condition of anonymity, put the whole blame on the bank mangers where papers were kept before they were delivered to the relevant superintendents of centres. He said that certain centre superintendent in connivance with the bank manager leaked the paper well before it started.

He maintained that no board official was involved in this crime as they were all well paid and could not put their jobs at stake. He accepted that the board had received information regarding the leakage of the paper and took prompt action and changed the paper kept in the bank lockers.

Many professors and lecturers of the federal colleges were surprised that different students of their classes contacted them in the morning asking to explain the same questions on telephone. Their surprise increased manifold when they saw that the same questions were set in the Chemistry paper. The same situation remained during the Matric exams particularly regarding the 9th Class.

"I was called by five students of my class in the morning today (Tuesday) asking me to explain the questions," a senior lecturer of a model college of Islamabad told this scribe. He said, "later, when I perused the Chemistry paper I found the same questions were set in Section B and C of the paper."

Many of the teachers when approached expressed their astonishment as what was going on in the federal board. They commented that it was just to play with the future of the brilliant and hard working students.

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"thats not fair at all ..we kept on studying lyk idiots nd still then we werent able to cmolete the papar as it ws too lengthy...and datz su very SAADDD!!!! serious action should be taken!"
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"Hi every one would you like to tell me that when the FB HSSC results announce thanks and Regards Z Prince"
Name: Prince z
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City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"can anyone tell me about the exams of fsc part 1 of next year.which questions r important?plz tell me."
Name: haris
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City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"I think that this was a total blunder and that even after the paper was out they should not had made the paper so hard bcz so many students failed and also it was very hard and that they should protect the papers and it also effected the degrees of hard working student and the questions were quite irrelevant."
Name: Sahar Arshad
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KEMU VC violates seniority order
Lahore: King Edward Medical University, Lahore, Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Zafarullah Khan has appointed Dr Mahmood Shaukat, professor of paediatric surgery, as registrar and Dr Shabbir Bhatti, professor of pharmacology, as controller of examinations till further orders against the order of seniority.

Earlier, Principal Medical Officer (PMO) Dr Manzoor Alam and Additional Principal Medical Officer (APMO) Community Medicine Department Dr Akhtar Lang were holding additional charge of registrar and controller of examinations respectively.

The VC had earlier invited applications from the teaching faculty to fill the posts lying vacant as a result of transfers or termination of services under reversal of the orders of contractual reemployments in the university. On the VC's call for applications, senior members of the teaching faculty applied for the posts of registrar and controller of examinations. However, in a surprising move, the VC took the decision and handed over additional charge of registrar to Prof Mahmood Shaukat and additional charge of post of controller examination to Prof Shabbir Bhatti till further orders.

Besides, Dr Asif Hashmi, an associate professor of neurosciences, is also given the additional charge of additional controller of examinations.

The KEMU officials said that the order of seniority was violated in the appointments of registrar and controller of examinations as top three on the seniority list were Prof Dr Muhammad Akram, dean of Basic Medical Sciences, Prof Dr Attiya Khalid, professor of Anatomy, and Prof Dr Azhar Hameed, professor of ENT, in the university.

Prof Dr Attiya Khalid, the second most senior professor in the university, was also one of the applicants for the post of registrar but she was not called even for interview in violation of the merit and seniority, while Prof Mahmood Shaukat and Prof Shabbir Bhatti, who were far below on the seniority list within the university were appointed. The officials said that Prof Mahmood Shaukat, Prof Shabbir Bhatti and Dr Asif Hashmi would continue to perform their own duties with additional charges of the new posts and if they had been appointed on regular basis they would have to relinquish their posts of professor of paediatric surgery and professor of pharmacology respectively.

Besides, it is also learnt that the VC also unilaterally postponed the KEMU Convocation, 2008, for an indefinite period without assigning any reason. Earlier, the Academic Council had unanimously approved to hold the KEMU's first convocation in almost 12 years on June 7, 2008. Prof Dr Javed Akram was made the organizing secretary of KEMU Convocation, 2008.

The KEMU officials also said that VC had unilaterally reversed the decision of Academic Council to hold KEMU Convocation on June 7, 2008 without discussing the matter in the Academic Council.

"The KEMU's proposed convocation has been cancelled due to political uncertainty in the country," they said, adding that there was no point in postponing a purely academic activity, which was held to honour students with certificates and medals in recognition of their academic achievements during their studies. It is unfortunate that convocation of the country's premier institution has not been held for 10 to 12 years, whereas even private institutions are regularly holding their convocations to honour their students, they said. Ideally, the convocation should be held within two weeks of the declaration of results, they added.

Prof Dr Javed Akram also confirmed that the KEMU's first convocation in 12 years, which was to be held for two sessions of 2006-07 and 2007-08, had been postponed for an indefinite period. When contacted, KEMU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Zafarullah Khan could not be available for comments despite repeated attempts at his mobile phone. The News



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