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Ex-chairman KU Urdu dept passes away
Karachi, May 16, 2008: University of Karachi (KU) Department of Urdu Former Chairman Syed Abul Khair Kashfi passed away yesterday (Thursday). His funeral was held at the Central KU Masjid Ibrahim after Asr prayers.

Born in 1931 in Kanpur, India, Kashfi was a noted Urdu author, researcher, critic, linguist and scholar. He earned his M.A. and PhD in Urdu from KU in 1952 and 1971, respectively. The title of his PhD thesis was "The Historical and Political background of Urdu Poetry from 1707 to 1857." In between his studies, in 1968, he also earned a master's degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from Columbia University, New York's Teachers' College.

Kashfi was associated with KU from 1958 to 1994 as Professor and Chairman of the Department of Urdu. He was also a visiting professor at the Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Japan. After retirement, Kashfi devoted his time to writing, guiding research, public speaking and media appearances.

He was one such scholar of Urdu literature and criticism that none could challenge him in his time and even the national poet and eminent Urdu scholar Jamil-ud-Din Aali has lauded his contribution, saying that he was not only a learned man but he actually had the spirit of the knowledge.

Aali said that Dr Kashfi, the late Ibn-e-Insha and he had been pals and spent much of their time together during the 1950s. Kashfi was a genius and had covered all aspects of Urdu, Persian and Arabic literature. He also engaged with poetry but his domain of expertise was prose and criticism, Aali said.

Poet Arif Shafique said that Kashfi was a close friend of his father Shafique Barelvi and had written the preface to his mother's Natia bouquet. Shafique said that Urdu criticism is being eliminated and analysts claim to be the real critics these days. Kashfi was linked to the circle of Majrooh, Ehtisham Hussein and Mumtaz Hussein. However, he was the last intellectual to have a profound knowledge of Urdu criticism. He was an educationist and spread what he knew. According to Shafique, Kashfi was the only person to help many eminent Urdu intellectuals in their PhDs and now Dr Aslam Farrukhi is the only one to carry on this work.

Prominent Sindhi poet and critic of Moro, Prof. Azeem Sindhi said that he believed Kashfi did a remarkable job for the promotion of Urdu and no one could ever claim to be his equal in this respect. He said that he was a great scholar and deserved the utmost appreciation for his services.

His published works include "Hayat-e-Muhammadi Quran-e-Majeed Ke Aaine Mayn" (The Life of Muhammad in the Mirror of the Qur'an) which was awarded the National Seerat Award by the Government of Pakistan in 1991, "Urdu Shairi ka Siyasi aur Tarikhi Pasmanzar" (the political and historical background of Urdu poetry), "Hamare Ahed Ka Adab Aur Adeeb," "Jadeed Urdu Adab Ke Do Tanqeedi Jaezay" (Two Critical Studies of Modern Urdu Literature), "Hamare Adabi Aur Lisani Masail" (Our Literary and Linguistic Problems), "Majlis-e- Matbuaat-o-Tahqiqaat-e-Urdu," "Yeh Log Bhi Ghazab Thay" (personality sketches), "Ghalib Ki Cheh Ghazlen (Six Ghazals of Ghalib) and "Naat aur Tanqeed-i-Naat." Condolences will be received at Omer Homes, 11-C, Ittehad Commercial Lane 7, DHA Phase 6. Daily Times

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SU issues notices to accused students: Murder on campus
Hyderabad: The University of Sindh has issued show cause notices to all students nominated in the murder case of Abdul Nabi Brohi, a BSc third-year student of sociology, and directed them to submit their statements in writing within seven days.

The decision to this effect was taken at a meeting of the university's Discipline Committee held here on Thursday.

The committee has also directed the students to appear before the committee in its next meeting on May 22 to record their statements failing of which decisions will be taken in their absence.

Meanwhile, the acting vice-chancellor of the University of Sindh, Dr Raffia Ahmed Shaikh, has visited the boy's hostel and inspected the place of the incident.

She inquired about details of the incident from the staff and officials of the hostel.

Sindh University Registrar Mohammad Saleh Rajar and other officials accompanied the acting vice-chancellor.

A high level meeting was also convened which was presided over by the acting vice-chancellor. Deans of all faculties, registrar, hostel provost, controller of examinations, professor incharge of transport and other officials attended the meeting.

The meeting briefed the deans about the situation and measures taken for the future on the campus.

The meeting also discussed security measures on the campus from May 19, when the semester examinations will be resumed.

The activists of Sindh People's Students Federation, Quaid-i-Awam University of Engineering, Science and Technology unit staged a demonstration outside the press club against the killing of a student at Sindh University Jamshoro here on Thursday, our Nawabshah correspondent reports.

They claimed that the student killed in the clash was their party worker.

The protesters were carrying placards and were raising slogans for the arrest of killers. They held the university administration responsible for the clash.

The leaders of Jamiat Tulaba-i-Islam (JTI), Larkana chapter, demanded that the government should arrest the killers of Abdul Nabi Brohi, a student of University of Sindh, our Larkana correspondent reports.

They called for taking effective measures to stop such incidents from happening in the future and urged the government to solve the problems of the students of Sindh University, MUET and SAU.

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NED again asked to stop campus construction
Karachi: The Karachi Building Control Authority (KBCA) has advised the NED university to stop construction work on its old city campus.

According to sources, the KBCA issued the advice on May 14 to the university administration to inform it that obtaining a formal approval of building plan from the KBCA for any construction at the site was mandatory even after the issuance of clearance/NOC from the department of culture.

Citing the relevant sections of the Karachi Building and Town Planning Regulations-2002, the Authority asked the university administration to submit the building plans before going ahead with the construction work.

The sources pointed out that the NED university administration had started restoration/construction work on its old city campus - a site protected under the Sindh Cultural Heritage Protection Act - more than a year back without obtaining mandatory approvals from the KBCA, as well as the advisory committee of the department of cultural.

While the construction was under way, the KBCA tried to intervene but the university administration sought Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad's help in the matter.

The department of culture had to issue the permission for the construction work, though without the necessary approval from the authorised advisory committee.

Since the university has not yet sought the mandatory approval from the KBCA, a senior official of the Authority during his routine survey a few days back took notice of the ongoing illegal construction.

According to the sources, the university administration has expressed its strong reservations over the KBCA officers' visits, arguing that they should not try to intervene once the department of culture had allowed the construction activity at the site. However, they said, the KBCA insists that the university will have to abide by its rules and regulations before going ahead with its construction work. Dawn

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