KU MBBS result, degree exams registration

Karachi University announces MBBS results
Karachi, May 24, 2008: The University of Karachi on Friday announced the results of MBBS (third professional) annual examination 2008.

According to the results, Sonia, daughter of Atma Ram Rajpal, (Seat No.83462) and Zahiyah Khan, daughter of Dost Mohammad, (Seat No.83476) of the Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences Trust secured first and second positions, respectively. The third position was clinched by Anita Haroon, daughter of Haroon Rasheed, (Seat No.83137) of the Jinnah Medical and Dental College. PPI

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KU Degree exams registration forms submission date
Karachi: The University of Karachi has announced that the last date for submission of registration forms for BA, B.Com, BOL and B.Sc. Improvement of division examination, 2008 is May 24 (today). The fee for the change of a subject can also be deposited on the same date. While the enrolment forms and fee for BA, B.Sc. and B.Com can be admitted till May 31, 2008. Meanwhile, the university also announced the results for the MBBS Third Professional, Annual Examination, 2008 on May 23. Out of 300 registered students, 254 passed the examination. The passing percentage is 84.66.

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Scholarships granted to female students
Karachi: Members from Soroptomist's International Professional Women's Club (Karachi Central) gathered Friday at the Chanesar Goth Government School near Mahmoodabad to give scholarships to female students studying in first year and inter. Thirty-eight students, 10 from Chanesar's Sindhi-Medium School, and 28 from the Urdu-Medium School were granted scholarships.

The club had first visited the Chanesar School in March to grant merit scholarships to the seven most outstanding students, but after viewing the conditions of the school, which does not even have a proper water supply, and the dire financial problems faced by students, members had reconsidered their decision and advised students who were facing these difficulties to apply for scholarships. Thirty-eight students submitted requests for scholarships and all of them were accepted in the small event held Friday at the School.

Students and teachers cheered as one girl after another was called up, awarded the scholarship and given a new uniform. Mrs Shenaz Zafar, who teaches Urdu and History at the school, spoke of her attachment to the students, and highlighted the issues they have to face on a daily basis. "Most of the girls who come to this school live nearby.

They walk to School everyday and many of them tutor other children or work in tailoring in order to pay their School fee. The surrounding area is crime-ridden, and the girls are not encouraged by their families to educate themselves. If it wasn't for their self interest and dedication, many of them would have left school a lot earlier," she said.

The scholarships awarded Friday were intended to encourage female students to not cut short their education, and to continue their academic journey in the hopes of obtaining a career in the future and becoming financially independent.

'Soroptomist' which means sisterhood or best sister, is an international non-governmental organisation for professional women. It is run privately on the donations of its members. The News

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