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PMDC broods over Indian MBBS degree recognition
Lahore, May 05, 2008: The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council has been contemplating recognition of MBBS degree of India, but it will give practical shape to the plan subject to a reciprocal step by the Indian Medical Council.

According to an official, the PMDC has received a request from a medical association of Aligarh regarding recognition of the MBBS degree of India and it is deliberating on the proposition.

He said the council had decided that the case should be processed through the Indian government and the Indian Medical Council.

Besides, the PMDC should also proactively take an initiative to enter into a scheme of 'reciprocity' with other South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (Saarc) countries' regulatory bodies.

PMDC Secretary Dr Nadeem Akbar said that the council had been primarily exploring the possibilities of such arrangements at the Saarc level. He said a meeting of the medical councils of Saarc countries would be held in October in Nepal to discuss the modalities in this regard.

"It will be better if the recognition of the MBBS degrees is not limited to India," he said. Welcoming the initiative, a senior doctor said a number of Pakistanis worked in the UN agencies and embassies in Saarc countries, especially India, and their spouses (who are medical professionals) could not practice medicine because of non-recognition of degrees. Same was the case with the spouses (medical professionals) of those working here, he added.

"If the proposal of recognition of MBBS degrees is implemented on a reciprocal basis, it will benefit the people of Saarc countries mutually," he said.

Pakistan Medical Association Secretary Dr Haq Nawaz said the step could provide an opportunity to patients, especially those suffering from cardiac problems, to benefit from the expertise of Indian doctors. Dawn

DJ College ordered to vacate sports ground
Karachi: The Government of Sindh issued orders to the Government DJ Science College to immediately vacate the sports ground and hand it over for the formation of an Education Complex, officials said.

The ground adjacent to the Government Commerce College is under the Rangers control for the last several years. It was during the rule of General Zia-ul-Haq that most of the locations of education departments were handed over to the Rangers. A little portion of the ground was, however, left vacant for the sports activity of the students of the DJ College. The Rangers have established a regional office on some part of the ground.

The Technical Board near the National Institute of Public Adminisrtation (NIPA) is also being occupied by the Rangers where they have set up residential quarters, forcing the technical board staff to work in only two to three rooms at a time. In the same manner the bungalow of the chairman of the Hyderabad Board of Education is also being used by the Rangers.

Sources said however, that the Sindh Government had issued directives to the Works Department Education to contact the Principal of DJ College in order get the sports ground evacuated immediately, and start work on an educational complex.

The previous caretaker government also issued similar orders to the principal of the college to get control for constructing the education complex but was stopped due to the pressure of the students and teachers of the college.

The prestigious DJ (Dayaram Jethmull) Government Science College established in 1887 was the only college left where the playground was not encroached upon, while other city colleges' playgrounds were either taken over by the rangers or was trespassed upon by the settlers coming from different parts of the country.

It must be mentioned here that the DJ College has already been declared a cultural heritage by the Government of Sindh.

The Education Complex will house the office of Secretary Education, who already has two offices in his possession, one at Tughlaq House, Sindh Secretariat and the other at the Sindh Textbook Board Office, Director College, Director Private Schools and other education projects offices will be built in this complex.

Legally, a summary has to be moved for its annexation, though it's a property of DJ Science College but is controlled by the Rangers.

Expressing grave concern for illegally occupying the DJ College playground, the management of the College and Principal, Hakimullah Beg Chugtai, said that some external elements without mandatory approval required started excavation work during caretaker government and was again eyeing on this prestigious ground which was highly condemnable.

The principal alleged that the land grabbers illegally occupy playground of DJ Science College and wanted to use it for commercial purposes depriving the students of recreational activities.

In the name of constructing Educational Complex on the ground, the entire playground of about more than 1000 yards was sold out for different commercial purposes, the insider said.

The basement of the ground was sold for parking lot, while the top of the building was allocated for private office purposes. The News

NED opens petroleum labs
Karachi: Three laboratories of the department of petroleum at the NED University of Engineering and Technology have started functioning, said the department's chairman Dr Abid Murtaza Khan Sunday. S.S. International is a private firm that has contributed Rs 18 million for the construction of the laboratory building and its chief executive Waqar Yousuf inaugurated the facilities. "Three labs are now fully functional at the building," informed Khan. He said that the enrollment of all the batches at the department is about 135. NED University Vice-Chancellor Engr. Abul Kalam said that the department has been established keeping in view the requirements of the country and the industry. App



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