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7pc KEMU female students smoke | LUMS high heel race

7pc KEMU female students smoke
Lahore, May 30, 2008: A survey carried out by research center of the King Edward Medical University (KEMU) has revealed that around 7 per cent female medical students of KEMU are smokers while 37 per cent male medical students use tobacco. In another survey complied by the same department to assess smoking status of the relatives of the patients admitted to the Mayo Hospital Lahore, has revealed alarming increase in the numbers of smokers that was reported 74 per cent out of total 249.

A group of medical students of King Edward Medical University lead by Dr Hassan Aziz under the supervision of chief of surgery and senior cancer surgeon at Mayo Hospital Lahore, Dr Muhammad Arshad Cheema conducted these surveys on the eve of 'No Smoking Day' that is going to be observed on Saturday (tomorrow).
The group members were Muhammad Umer Butt, Amir Nawaz, Zubair Ashraf, Syed Turab Raza, Khurram Sher, Mina Mariam, Turab Raza, Ahsan Fahad, Afaq Yousaf, Aisha Saqib and Mazhar Meo.

The results were composed and analysed by Dr Naeem Majeed and Dr Sohaib.

Data from a recent survey of 966 individuals, conducted by the KEMU surgery department of showed that 57 per cent of males and 11 per cent of females in this institute smoke or use tobacco.

Of the 156 doctors surveyed, 28 per cent were smokers, whereas 37 per cent of 503 male medical students were using tobacco and 7 per cent female medical students were smokers.

A total of 249 individuals (relatives of the admitted patients) were incorporated in the study including 210 males and 39 females while out of these total numbers 74 per cent were turned out to be smokers.

Proformae were submitted to the patients' relatives. The method of selection was convenient sampling. The statistics collected in this regard was analysed under the supervision of Dr. Arshad Cheema and other senior doctors.

According to the contents of the Survey report, smoking is more common in the males (84 per cent) than in females 24 per cent.

Most of the people smoke to relieve anxiety associated with day-to-day life.

The main initiating factor turned out to be peer pressure which was 79 per cent. Out of the total smokers, 62 per cent have attempted quitting at least once but majority of them failed because they were addicted to it (26 per cent). Smokers believe ban on smoking at public places (29 per cent) and on sale to under 18 (27 per cent) can help their cause.

Mayo Hospital is a 2,400-bed hospital. According to a recent survey, 60 per cent of the admitted patients are smokers while study shows that 75 per cent are waiting their way onto these beds hence increasing the expenses in health sector.

Instead of spending on cure, why not prevent? All the doctors at KEMU strongly believe that smoking can be prevented and prevention is better than cure.

The details of the research will be presented on 31st of May at the KEMU Auditorium, in accordance with the No Tobacco Day. The Nation

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"The Original Researcher was NOT Dr Hassaz Aziz and neither Dr Naeem Majeed. The head researcher for this study wrt "Incidence of Smoking in Medical students" was Dr Mehreen Zamir and her team. There is documentary proof of this available with Professor Arshad Cheema. Please do not site this article without making this correction."
Name: Mehreen Zamir
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"There was a misinterpretation of the results and intermingling of groups in the news. Dr. Hassan Azizs group was the one that worked on the smoking incidence amongst the relatives of the patients. Dr. Naeem assisted Dr. Hassan in the compilation of results & charts. Dr. Mahreens group was the one who worked on students of KEMU. I wonder why the news was presented in a wrong way, with just one group being highlighted. And Mahreen Baji, with due respect: I was not expecting such a biased response from someone I value so highly as you. I know that the news was not well presented, and you are also being biased and not presenting the fact! That there were four research groups. And one of them was led by Hassan bhai, one by you and two by other two seniors. Why dont you give their names too?"
Name: Ali 1
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"Mahreen Zamirs response is so stinging. I know her personally but before the incident took place i though she was a sensable girl. First of all she is NOT a doctor. Tell me your PMDC registeration number to prove if I am wrong. You are just a medical student and mind it. Hasan Aziz has nothing to do with your data. He didnt had that as you were the analyser. How cum he gave it to newspaper guy. Actually the data was given by prof. Dr. Arashad cheema himself to the newspaper. She is only ******* of anyother person in the research. Infact. She is talking about the student section. She was not at all the only person who was responsible for the data analysis. There were two batches who were doin the research, Ayesha Batools and Mahreens. She need a popularity thats it. Who made her the cheif researcher of that part? Cheema saab . The research was of cheema saab Mahreen and me etc. ar just a clerical staff nothing else. I respected her alot but her attitude made me think of what her aims are. "
Name: Kemcolian
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"I have been part of the research and i think i am in a better position to comment. People are using this for their personal agendas and showing cheap & rude mentality. This was in no way a one person show. There were 4 group leaders, Aiman Zafar, Mehreen Zamir, Ayesha Batool and Hassan Aziz. Each had abt 10 more ppl with them in their teams. Mehreen Zamir was the appointed lead researcher and you may all question Dr. Sohaib or any other person from North Surgery involved. As i understand it, there was a miscommunication btw Hassan and Mehreen. That is clarified btw them but i think dirt mongers are still at large. As far as i know, Mehreens was CORRECT in her remarks. All the researchers at North Surgery backed her up when i last checked. As for her repute, its safe to say that she is one the nicest people in college who has respect from her class fellows and teachers. Now please dont comment if you werent a researcher. The matter has been resolved and u ppl are just piling dirt on yourself."
Name: Ayesha
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"@Ayesha Shes her fast friend that is why she is saying so. Jis kay sath 5 saal akthay betho wo ap kay leya nicest he ho ga."
Name: Sara Malik
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"There is something called the "truth" too. Obviously everyone here knows who you are too "sara/zara" or shall i say ------. U have no power anymore. Fear Allah and what He will do to those who "SLANDER" others..."
Name: Ayesha
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"People from KEMU are pathetic :P fighting like this. shameful"
Name: anonymous
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"I carried out the entire research all alone. Shame on you all!!"
Name: Dr Karela
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"Couldnt figure out whatever these cerebrally bankrupt doctors been churning out just to defend their respective position on the issue worthy not of wasting our energies and precious words. come on folks it doesnt by whom it was conducted but the important thing is what impact it could have to eradicate the menace of smoking and roughstuff like this from our educational institutions."
Name: Shayan
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

Name: sehrish hasan
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

"I had no idea that my comments would start such a conflict. I would really like to apologize. You guys are right, the issue is about high incidence of smoking on our campus and how we can tackle that...and NOT over some stupid row btw the researches. I regret what I said...Hassan Aziz is a very well respected colleague of mine and I bear no grudge against him or any other. Sorry guys. I really didnt mean it in that way, I was just trying to clarify. It doesnt make any difference who headed the research or who wants credit for was a collective effort of over 30-40 ppl and that was what counted. Well, if there is anything to be learnt from this...its that be careful of what u write on a public forum. KEMU is a great place...its my institution and my home...i owe it a lot...please dont say anything against it. As for me, if anyone has some issue with me personally, your most welcome to take it up directly with me rather than air it indirectly on forums... Peace"
Name: Mehreen Zamir
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"KEMU! riiight I have a cousin who studys there and shes worried abt the CEREBRALLY BANKRUPT lot there as well. Sheesh! guys, i think the topic was related to smoking.. :S not your administrative defects that led to such a traumatic episode that all you "dactars" are bickering over. such a RIOT! get a life ppl! hahahaha ive got to show this to my cuz! "
Name: Hassan
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

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Pakistan's first high heel race at LUMS
Lahore: Students cheered to the athletic stamina and the balancing skills of their fellow girls at Pakistan's first high heel race held at the central courtyard of the Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS) on Thursday.

The event was sponsored by an international shoe company. Twenty girls took part in the event to for the grand prize of Rs 10,000.

Five races of four participants each took place in the first round, and winners of each race went on to the next round. The top two runners of the second round faced each other in the final round for the prize and the praise. Sundas Gul won the competition, while Shafak Sajid was the runner-up and got Rs 5,000. Students Noor Fahim and Maria Anwar were given cash prize of Rs 1,000 each for wearing the highest heels (four inches).

Many students burst into laugher when they saw their fellow students struggling to keep balance during the race. The partner of every contestant stood at the finish line to catch the runner and save her from falling. Many spectators keenly watched the race and shouted slogans in support of their fellows. Some contestants were booed when they could not run aptly.

Organiser of the race Usman Khalid said that student had great fun during the event.

Some students placed bets on the favourites of the race. This turned out to be a good scheme as it boosted the students' spirit to support the girls they had placed bets on.

Mehar, a student, said that she had great fun at the competition. She said that sportsmanship inculcated many positive things in a student, and sport festivals were an essential part of academics. Daily Times

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KEMU MBBS First Professional result
Lahore: The King Edward Medical University has declared the result of MBBS First Professional Part-II Supplementary Examination, 2007. According to the result notification issued on Thursday, 91 candidates appeared in the exam and 74 of them were declared successful with 87.05 pass percentage.

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PU MS General Surgery new date sheet
Lahore: The Punjab University has issued the rescheduled date sheet of practical exam of MS in General Surgery Part-II (New Course) Annual Examination 2008. The practical/viva voce exam, starting from June 2, will now commence from June 6 and will conclude on June 7. The examinations of general surgery and pathology of general surgery will be held on June 6 and 7 respectively. The News

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