No inquiry report on NCA staff teaching at private institutes

Lahore, May 05, 2008: The administration of the National College of Arts had yet to decide the fate of professors working simultaneously with other educational institutes as faculty members, in violation of the college's professional rules and ethics.

NCA sources said on Saturday that names of various faculty members, including that of NCA Principal Nazish Attaullah, had been published in the prospectuses of some educational institutions for the academic session of 2006-2007. They said that a committee had been formed to investigate the matter, but the inquiry report had not been submitted, even a year after the inquiry started.

It was reported in 2007 that the names of NCA faculty members Nazish Atta Ullah, Nadeem Bashir, Quddus Mirza, Jamil Baluch, Imran Qureshi, Afshar Malick, Anwer Saeed, Nousheen Saeed, Shabnam Khan and Nadeem Bashir had been published in the prospectuses of Beaconhouse National University and Gift University of Gujranwala in their faculty members' lists.

The NCA's Executive Committee ordered an inquiry into the matter. As the inquiry committee did not stipulate a timeframe regarding the publication of their report, no action had been taken against the lecturers.

Practice quite normal: NCA Principal Nazish Attaullah said that it was quite common for faculty members of any institute to deliver lectures at other institutions.

"I am not sure if some private universities have mentioned the teachers' names in their faculty members' lists. The college administration has always tried to boost the standard and prestige of the institution," she said, adding that some people were trying to exploit a small issue in order to damage the reputation of the college.

She said that the NCA staff members had been delivering lectures at the Punjab University, Karachi University, Taxila University and other educational institutions. "It is a common practice worldwide, so the teachers are not violating any rules," she added.

Monday's call: NCA's Executive Committee Head Javed Qureshi declined to provide a deadline to take action against the teachers over the issue. However, he said that he had called the NCA principal on Monday to arrange a discussion on the issue with the committee.

Javed also denied holding any official inquiry into the matter and said that he had just called the principal to discuss the issue of the NCA's permanent employees working with private educational institutions. "I have not received any complaint regarding the issue, but will ask the principal if the staffers were working for other institutes, and why some private universities have printed their names on their prospectuses," Qureshi said. He said that teachers violating the NCA's rules could be punished under the (college) rules and regulations.

Inquiry to be stopped: A publicity-shy NCA faculty member alleged that the college administration had been favouring the 'violators' and pressing the executive committee to stop the inquiry, as some senior officials, including the principal, had been named in the inquiry. He said that despite the publication of NCA staff members' names in the faculty lists of private institutions, no action had been taken. "This is enough to expose the intentions of the college administration and the committee," he said. "It takes a few days or may be some weeks to conduct such inquiries and prepare a report, but not a year. I do not know why the committee members are now reluctant to talk on the issue." Daily Times



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