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IJT demands delay in MA/MSc exam
Peshawar, May 24, 2008: Islami Jamiat Tulba (IJT) University Campus demanded delay in M.A/ MSc examination due to loadshdding that the students could prepare themselves for the umpcoming exam. In a hurriedly-called meeting held here on Friday, acting IJT Peshawar University nazim Shakeel Ahmad Mohmand said that the students precious time had been wasted due to excessive loadshedding. He demanded of the Vice Chancellor to take serious note of the issue and secure the future of the stduents. Later, he, while hailing the university adminstration that installed power generators in the hostel and resolved students; problems, hoped that the VC and his team would continue resolving students' troubles. F.P. Report

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IJT activists demand revival of PMDC rules
Peshawar: Activists of Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT) of Khyber Medical College Friday staged a protest demonstration, demanding the government to revive Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) Rules for medical institutions in the province.

Led by their college president Hafiz Jamiullah, the protesting students gathered outside the Peshawar Press Club and chanted slogans against Khyber Medical University (KMU) and the new HEC rules implemented at the medical colleges. They were also holding placards inscribed with slogans highlighting their demands.

The demonstrators were of the view that before the establishment of KMU, medical and dental colleges in the province were run under Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). Now that the university has been established under the Model University Ordinance, under which new criteria for promotion of teachers has been introduced, the senior faculty members of the KMC are joining other institutions for offering better packages.

They said as many as 20 senior faculty members had so far left the institution and others were about to leave. It is a matter of serious concern for both the teachers and students of the province's major and popular medical institution. They demanded of the government to revive the PMDC rules, instead of the newly implemented HEC ones, and save the college from being de-recognised. The News

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Students public private partnership organisation
Peshawar: The students of Agronomy of NWFP Agricultural University Peshawar Pakistan are going to launch an organisation by the name STUDENTS PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP for the advancement of practical agriculture in the region . Its aim is to provide help and support to the farmers for maximising their yield. To develp real practical experience in the Agronomy and other Agric Graduates. To make the country selfsuffficient in the agricultural commodities.

Mohammad Zahid Khan :

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Education for all
Literacy is the heart and lifeblood of development. Without it, Pakistan will remain an impoverished and weak Third World country. If education does not prevail, the problems of Pakistan will reach a stage that it will become very vulnerable.

Statistically, Pakistan has made reasonable march since independence in many fields including education. Less than one million students were enrolled in schools at the time of independence. Today, 12 million school-age children are enrolled. But another more than 12 million children are doing child labour, putting their lives in danger and missing quality education. As a matter of fact, full enrolment in primary education is still not a reality, but a dream.

The recent census tallies in China and India show that Pakistan is substantially behind the two large Asian nations. China's literacy rate is near 90% and India has reached 65%. Pakistanis are said to be around 50 % (if these figures are true) and this means we need to do better. Moreover, it's a matter of shame too, because we have far less population than megaliths like China and India. The new set up has a huge task of making the real push for education.

As I said, 100 % literacy is not a reality but a dream but the nations succeed who dream. We have to take measures for education for all.

ABDUL BASIT KHAWAJA, Islamabad, via e-mail - The Nation

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