UK visa applicants cautioned, visa regulations tighten

UK visa applicants cautioned
Islamabad, May 07, 2008: The British High Commission on Tuesday cautioned people seeking UK visas against unscrupulous elements trying to defraud them.

It said there was evidence that networks of bogus agents and consultants had been operating to fleece UK visa applicants.

These elements often claim to be able to influence or speed up a decision on a visa application, for a fee. Some of them also claim to be working in the visa section.

According to a press release, British High Commissioner Robert Brinkley said: "We are urging all our visa applicants to be on their guard against these sorts of scams. Our visa service is one of the quickest of any Western mission in Islamabad, and no-one except the entry clearance officer has any influence over the decision to grant or refuse a visa application."We would ask any applicant who is approached by someone claiming to be able to secure a visa decision in return for payment to inform the high commission immediately," he said.

The high commission takes the integrity of the visa system extremely seriously.

The high commission recently announced that any applicant found trying to cheat the system with forged documents or by providing false information in their applications would be refused and barred from applying for a UK visa for up to 10 years.

"We will take swift action against anyone trying to cheat the UK visa system," Mr Brinkley said.

"Mostly, that means agents providing false documents, or applicants trying to use them in their application. But we will also act where we find instances of internal fraud.

"Following a recent investigation into allegations of corruption within the visa section, some staff members have resigned and several others faced disciplinary action." Dawn

British authorities tighten visa regulations for skilled foreign workers
London: Britain's Home Office on Tuesday tightened visa regulations for skilled workers, forcing employers to prove they had no option before hiring a foreigner.

Under the new rules, potential workers will also be judged on their age and their ability to speak English, and the amount of money they earn. Potential migrants earning more than 24,000 pounds a year (US$48,000) would have a simpler time than those earning less. "Our new points system means that British job seekers get the first crack of the whip and that only the skilled migrants we actually need will be able to come." said Liam Byrne, the immigration minister.

More to come: The new regulations are part of the government's attempts to limit levels of immigration and will affect thousands of computer programmers, lab technicians, midwives and other skilled labourers that come to work in Britain annually. Another set of rules that covers students and temporary workers will be announced later in the year. It is part of a larger immigration measure meant to make Britain more selective in choosing whom it allows into the country. It is based on a similar Australian programme and was put into place in February.

Had the new regulations been in operation last year, the Home Office said 20,000 people would have not been allowed into the country. That figure represents about 10 percent of the workers who came to Britain from outside Europe. The new rules will not affect the movement of people from within the European Union, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland. Ap

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"i am fond of going to uk,i am refused once,i want to apply for studentvisa,unfortunately sep20 incident is favourable because uk posses attracting environment for all commonwealth nationals,ifeel myself familier to ukapply because uk has the understanding as well as homelike response to asians."
Name: m.yamir
City, Country: peshawar, Pakistan

"this is Yasmeen Khushi from Lahore.i have received the decision (I ALLOW THE APPEAL) from the imagiration judge on 30 Dec 2008 but i havent received any further letter which comes after the decision from the ambassy to help me in my visa proccess.kindly tell me how long will i receive the letter.however my college course starts on 16 march 2009. thank u so much ."
Name: Yasmeen
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"i want to apply to uk for my further studies, and in the new point based system i m still unclear abt how do i show my financial transcation. does my sponsor transaction need to be shown or the bank statement should be in my name. "
Name: ankita
City, Country: nepal



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