Al-Khair University: No degree recognision by HEC

Al-Khair University: No degree acceptable after April 30: HEC
Islamabad, May 18: The participants of the 18th meeting of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) on Saturday expressed reservations about continued 'substandard operation' of Al-Khair University.

A press release said to safeguard interests of students and ensure provision of quality education in Pakistan, the HEC had directed that Al-Khair University must stop all new admissions and that the commission would not recognise any degree issued to students by the university after April 30, 2009.

Al-Khair University, with a charter issued by government of the AJK, was not legally authorised to open any campus, grant affiliation or have franchises in any area of Pakistan unless it had got approval from government of the province concerned in addition to having academic jurisdiction in that particular area, it said.

It said the HEC had been forced to take the decision not to recognise the degrees issued to students admitted to Al-Khair University after April 30, in light of the fact that the university had not established a proper main campus in AJK that was the minimum requirement as per Cabinet Criteria and guidelines for establishment of a new university.

It said the university was offering degree programmes in professional disciplines such as law, pharmacy, electrical engineering, homeopathy etc and was not meeting the minimum criteria for accreditation.

Over the years, the AJK president had also directed the university to meet the standards set for quality education, build the infrastructure required and hire necessary faculty members, it said.

It said these critical issues had not been addressed by the university leading to the decision of the commission not to accept future enrolments into any academic programmes of Al-Khair University.

To ensure that the students currently enrolled in this university did not suffer, the commission had constituted a committee to address the issue.

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"i m student of ba in al khair university ....some body can tell me that after the result ....can i take admission in law college....i think there is problem of degree recognization..... "
Name: malik imran
City, Country: islamabad,pakistan

"I passed B.Ed, from Alkhair university Quetta branch (session-2003-2004).I just have a question that, what is status of my Degree.? Is it recognise or not.? I am waiting for your swept reply. with thanks. "
Name: Noor Mohammad
City, Country: Quetta,pakistan

"iam a M.SC psychology from al khair university iam a first position holder but mostly institutions are not accepted my degree iam a so worried so i request a govt of pak plz accept and do valid my degree thanks "
Name: noreen
City, Country: sargodha,pakistan

"i have mba degree 4rm al khair university it recognize in pk or all over world."
Name: talmees
City, Country: lahore,pakistan

"I passed B.Tech (Power), from Alkhair university (Ahmad Hassan Polytechnic institute Lahore branch)(session-2002-2003).I just have a question that, what is criteria for issuing a degree.? When will you issue degree to me? Is it recognise or not.? I am waiting for your swept reply. with thanks. "
Name: nadeem nasir
City, Country: lahore,pakistan

"I am studing at AJK in MBA 2nd Semester currently so i want to know that all the humors those had come to me through different sources about AJK r true or false. So i may set my mind about my future plans."
Name: Sharoon Shahzad
City, Country: RWP,pakistan

"I am studing at NUML in BSCS 3rd Semester currently so i want to know that all the humors those had come to me through different sources about NUML r true or false. So i may set my mind about my future plans."

"Why the Unversity is hitted by HEC? A lot of problems is created for the fresh students, If the Unversity claim or action about hec notice, please tel the student to resolve a great trouble. I shall wait, for your positive response. ok Thanks "
Name: Naseer
City, Country: Islamabad

"hi friends my name is asim i m also student of al khair university i gave master exame in jan 2009 but result is not yet announced plese take care and safe ur future from alkhair thanks if want to contect with me"
Name: muhammad asim
City, Country:peshawar,pakistan

"i do my b.a frm al-khair uni AJK and final exam result will be in 2009,,so will my degree will be accepted or not?i m very sad and day/night thinking abt my future,,so plz reply me soon,,i will be waiting.... "
Name: sallahudin afridi
City, Country: peshawar,pakistan

"Dear All, I have done my bechlor from al-kharir in fall -99 but didnt applied for degree. I applied on Jan-2009 and it came to my knowledge that its a 6 months process. I considered this delay my mistake so beared the time patiently. But Currently its being 9- months since i have applied for the degree but no response.When ever i talked to the degree office they extend the time by 10 to 15 days. Can any body help in getting out of this situation. "
Name: Salman
City, Country: Islamabad,pakistan

"hi dear fellows al-khair university is junk university...all accounts of university has been freezed due to fake there is one option left just take action against university so that they suffer and refund our they are unable to give degrees JUST **** THE UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION "
Name: malik ASAD
City, Country: Islamabad,pakistan

"I think it is responsibility of Al-Khair University to take necessary measures for acceptance of its degree at all levels. Otherwise, it degree is questionable and no one accept it. "
Name: Shahid Durez
City, Country: Rawalpindi,pakistan

"may i know the recent situation of al-khair university , HEC is recognising the digree if we took admission now in september 2009 kindly do reply. "
Name: Rehan
City, Country: Wah Cantt,pakistan

"Good news for Non HEC degree holders All fellows who have degrees of non HEC recognized universities before 2001-2003 and need an HEC recognized chartered universities degrees by studying or availing credit hours transfer facility must contact. Prompt process and services available, Verification and genuine guaranteed."
Name: salman
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

"i do my masters from Al-khair university Faisalabad center and i got only DMC and i have not degee. i am working as SSE(CS) in government sector some body say u must be verified ur degree from hec otherwise ur order shell be conceled.if so what can i do ."
Name: shakar ali
City, Country: Jaranwala, pakistan

"may i know the recent situation of al-khair university , HEC is recognising the digree if we took admission now in nov 2009 kindly do reply. "
City, Country: karachi, pakistan

"I appeared in examination in 2005-7 session and awarded degree on May 5,2009. Could you please advise Is it acceptable or not? "
Name: Mohammad Zahid
City, Country: Lahore Pakistan

"I have passed my MBA in the examination held in sep 2003 and issued DMC but awarded me the degree in 2009. Kindly confirm me either my degree is accepted or not? Im worried about this. "
Name: Naeem
City, Country: Lahore Pakistan

"I passed B.Ed, from Alkhair university D.I.Khan branch (session-Aug,2004).I just have a question that, what is status of my Degree.? Is it recognise or not.? I am waiting for your swept reply. with thanks."
Name: Khalil ur Rahman
City, Country: D.I.Khan,Pakistan

"i have passsed mba from alkhair university in question is hec in 2000 atttest my degree .now what is the status of my degree.i am serving in multinational company. kindly clear the status by hec and alkhair university. thanks "
Name: muhammad zubair masood
City, Country: wah cantt,pakistan

"i have done my MBA 2001-2003 session and didnt applied for Degree, can anyone help me out how i can get the degree as i have listed so many new about Al-Khair, moreover how we can contact HEC regarding this issue. Thank you"
Name: Naveed Ahmed
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"Dear i got admission in 2008 in BA,i am going to gradute in 2010 in 2010 will my degree be acceptale or not,waiting for ur quick replay,thanks"
Name: Sami
City, Country: peshawar,pakistan

"Hm well ,,,,my name is aftab ali i did my 4m alkhair university in 2008 but still i did not get degree only i have marke sheet. Most of university does not accept it now i am surprised that what would be of my tell me that when the degree will be issue and is the president of kashmir will be sign it.?as soon as possible"
Name: Aftab ali
City, Country: islamabad,pakistan

"Dear students of Al Khair University The degree of students who were enrolled/admitted before 30th April 2009 will be accepted and validated by H.E.C., even the degrees of students appearing in 2010 Exams will also be accepted by HEC. Al Khair University has been given an additional time of 2 years (from July 2008 till June 2010) by the HEC on the special recommendations of President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari to complete its own setup in Kashmir. And as per HEC requirements, more than 80 Kanals of land has been acquired by Al Khair University at Bimber AJK and construction work is about to start. HEC also issued a letter on 6th August 2009 that the efforts taken by the University towards fullfilment of cabinet criteria are encouraging. We along with all students request the authorities to help the sponsors of all private sector Universities in their problems as they are contributing alot for society along with Govt Universities. Regards."
Name: Nk Marwat
City, Country: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

"Hi,all students. all those students who are enrolled in al khair before 30 april 2009 ..that degree is recognized by HEC.dont b tens any student.who r enter bfore 30 april 2009 .degree is valid"
Name: Gohar raja
City, Country: Mirpur azad kashmir

Name: ALI
City, Country:RAWALPINDI

"i appeared in al-khair university in session aug 2008.and will awarded the degree of in 2010.will it be recognized the HEC?"
Name: yasir shahzad
City, Country:051

"I had passed MBA(Finance) from their G.wala campus. i passed MBA in 2003 but till time i could not receive my degree, i had visited a lot there but they are tollarating me. i have missed my admission in Sweden last year only becaue of them, plz help me and make them compel for issing me degree thanks"
Name: muhammed Ehsan ul haq janjua
City, Country:Gujrat

"i am 4th year student of al khair ,but i want that Al Khair university are regognised or not"
Name: Anwar shah
City, Country:peshawar pakistan

"may i know the recent situation of al-khair university , HEC is recognising the digree if we took admission now. plz replay me."
Name: ubaid Ullah jan
City, Country:Peshawar Pakistan

"I have done my MBA(Finance)from Al-Khair University but only DMC was received and still i have been waiting for my Degree since 2008, even all fees and charges had already been submitted, Please pray for me."
Name: Muhammad Ali
City, Country:Karachi

"i have done my B.Ed from Al-Khair university campus Saidu sharif swat in session 2009 and i got my enrollment in the same campus in, i want ensure myself whether my transcript or degree will be verified from HEC or not. i shall wait for your precious reply. regards"
Name: Asghar khan
City, Country:mingora swat

"i have passed my b.a from al khair university 2007 (RwP) and know i m studing law . is there any problem with me in future with al khair"s B.A plz tell me"
Name: athar jamil
City, Country:rawalpindi

"i have gotten admission in B.A on march-2009 so i just want to know can i get admission for master level after completing the my study any1 who reply me i will be so much thankfull soon"
Name: subhan
City, Country:pakistan,peshawar

"Al Khair University and its campus and affiliated colleges are 100percent fraud. This university is totally fraud get more information from me *************** ************"
Name: Sabahat
City, Country:Peshawar, Pakistan

"hi i have done my BA from al khair university in 2008 but i have make application for the issuance of degree but the poor managment of al khair university fail to issue me my degree.the HEC and menistry of education should take strict action aganst al khair universty for causing this confusion. thanks
Name: muhammad salman
City, Country:shangla,pakistan

"i have done BIT frm alkhair unversity 2000 neither i ve degree nor Magration.
Name: rauf
City, Country:karachi

"Dear, i have done from Al-khair university held in october 2009.please sir informe about my degree is recongnized of HEC?
Name: M. EJAZ
City, Country:Islamabab

"hi fellows...i m doing my B.a from Al-khair uni,,,i m very much tensed about my future whether this uni is recognised from HEC or not...i heard some rumours about the uni is blacklisted from the H.E.C....DO HELP ME REALISING MY TENSION PLZ
Name: yasir raja
City, Country:jhelum,Pakistan

"helo my name is hassan i would like to take admission in alkharir uni
Name: hassan
City, Country:lahore, pakistan

"plz tell me al khair university degree is acceptable or not .because i want admisstion in this university.
Name: hassan
City, Country: peshawar

"o yara hem nay b al-khair uni say hi mba kiya ha ,ab hamri gedree b nai mana jaiy ga
Name: usman
City, Country: lahore,pakistan

"i got BA from Al-khair unvrsty, and the examin held in Decmeber 2008 and got degree 08 April 2009. some people told me, that ur degree is no vaild, plz tell me the real status of my degree,
Name: Sajid
City, Country: pakistan

"kisi swal ka jwab mughay nazar nahi aaya kah alkhair ki degree kabal-i-kabool hay ya nahi .jin logon nay 10 saal pehlay M,ED kia un ki degree ka kia status hay kind regard
Name: zafar iqbal
City, Country:okara

"our swat need facalities and govt only try and try for vottes only. and can not give us univercities or hospitals. and great thing we need to transport line also. pleas we need swat same to first. noor alim sinpowaal uae.
Name: noor alim swati
City, Country:swat pakistan

"I passed MBA Faince ,from Al-Khair university Lahore branch(2000-2001). I have just question,what is the status of my dgree.I amm waiting your reply,with thanks.
City, Country:Lahore

"mere piare bhaioo ur behnoo , pareeshan hone ki zaroorat nahi. 30 april se pehle jiss ko degree milli hai ya us admission hua hai us ko hec recognized ker de ga . main ne apni mba ki degree hec se recognized kerwai hai ur right now i am in norway ur yahan bhi recognized ho gai hai. Ur gher baith ker degree ka intazar na kro ur na un ki batoo main aoo wo tal dete hai ja ker paise do tub degree mile gi warna bhool jao.
Name: khurram
City, Country:oslo



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