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2011 CSS exam to be held under new policy
Faisalabad, May 27: The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) will organise Central Superior Services (CSS) examinations for the year 2011 under a new policy in which a five-year-age relaxation would be granted in the upper age limit. Under the new policy, the minimum education qualification of candidates would be 16 years of education, FPSC Research Director Muhammad Sarwar told outgoing graduates of the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (UAF) on Tuesday.

He said his office conducts CSS examinations once a year, and advertisements for general requirements usually appear on the first Sunday of every month. Sarwar urged the students to work hard and appear in the examinations as well as in interview with confidence and excellent communication skills. He said that in addition to the quota reserved for females, women are getting more jobs on open merit due to their ability, talent and skills. He said that of 9,137 candidates who registered for CSS exams in 2009, only 5,145 had sat the examinations.

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"Hello , I want to suggest that our syllabus must be changed as a whole. If its not possible then there must be a little bit new topics every year. We see that our seniors have been reading the same syllabus. Hope you will think on it. A student from college."
Name: Nouman Ali
Email: nouman_ali_ij@yahoo.com
City, Country: Kasur, Pakistan

"Hi & A.A. I am a Pakistani studying Business in United States. Can anyone make it clear about the minimum requirement of studies (16 years of education). I am asking can anyone take the exam after getting an Associates degree? I am finishing up my studies here, and want to take exams for CSS. Please help me out. Another question, what is the criteria for the Pakistani students studying in overseas? I will wait for reply. Thank you, Maryam"
Name: Maryam
Email: tristar_annuzy@hotmail.com
City, Country: Bellevue, Washington-USA

"AOA i want to know that private greduate students can attempt CSS exames? please give me this information. Thanks"
Name: Mamoona Sagheer
Email: mahee_ahmed@hotmail.com
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"I really didnt like this policy. Because when a person will be going to complete his 16 year of education uptill then his age limit will be crossed. I dont who makes these policies. I dont know what will happen with Pakistan."
Name: Hassan
City, Country: Pakistan

"i would like to know about subjects of css acorrdrng new policy and age limit.request anyone to answer me.thanks. "
Name: dr.bhojomal
Email: bassnani@yahoo.com
City, Country: mirpurkhas,sindh,pakistan

"well this policy is going 2 create a lot of problems 4 those who have wasted their academic years....graduation criterion is best...please think over it or give some more years atleast..."
Name: ainee
Email: kuhur_786@hotmail.com
City, Country: lahore,Pakistan

"I m student of business in AK.I would like to know about the new date of comission exam and what is procedure for entering in exam.i wait for reply."
Name: faizan Ahmed
Email: clearmind_fazi2002@yahoo.com
City, Country: Muzaffarabad,Azad Kashmir

"when new poliecy of css will be announced "
Name: imran
Email: inran598@hotmail.com
City, Country: gojra

"plz giv me detail informatn abt new policy 2011 of css.and alo provid syllabs informatin win wl da new policy apply "
Name: uroosa
Email: sky_earth1995@yahoo.com
City, Country: nowshera pakistan

"Could you tell me rthe course duration of CSS ?"
Name: Asif
Email: reborn_x@live.com
City, Country: karachi

"give mor chances and facilities to WWF STUDENTS"
Name: sawab ur rahman
City, Country: peshawar pakistan

"plz,tell me what are the tricks of best preparation in css and how far does previous pattern could useful to study for the exam before any change taken place in syllabus."
Name: mohed allan
Email: mohedallan@yahoo.com
City, Country: pakistan gilgit

"what does it mean(16 years of education)does it mean M.A. after five year age ralaxation what would be the new age limit.I will wait for reply. Thank you,Ali."
Name: ali
Email: ali.syed5@hotmail.com
City, Country: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

"plz giv me detail informatn abt new policy 2011 of css.and alo provid syllabs informatin win wl da new policy apply"
Name: qazi muneeb
Email: qazimuneeb@yahoo.com
City, Country: Haripur Pakistan

"well brother,sister i just want to known about new css age limit, because i am 30 ys now,and did my two master, after new policy will the upper age limit will go to 33 ys. thanks"
Name: rizwan ullah
Email: rizwankhan345@googlemail.co.uk
City, Country: milton keynes uk

"only due to these policy makers our country today stand lagging behind the world because they make policy against the groung reality. They know that poor student complete their 16 years study then they cross the age. we should try to change this policy."
Name: Nasir
Email: niazi87@yahoo.com
City, Country: Mianwali

"aoa, i wnt to know more abt css.could u please help me abt this exame."
Name: nabeela
Email: nabi_nabz@yahoo.com
City, Country: rawalpindi,pakistan

"hi i wanna suggest that,plz if you conduct the examination in Gilgit Baltistan then it will be a great effort from ur side for distant students. thanks"
Name: yasir hussain
Email: yasir_wigdan@yahoo.com
City, Country: gilgit

Name: irfan
Email: irfansaleh10@yahoo.com
City, Country: pakistan

"salam to every body, in pakistan the tuition fees of css is very expensive. in this decade needy student cannot afford the fees. i suggest to govt.to open an academy for the oreparation of css competative exams."
Name: basharathussain
Email: armanraz90@yahoo.com
City, Country: skardu,pakistan

"I am very satisfied with new policy of CSS exams. 16 years education will surely generate a good result as masters qualified person has more border vision. Highly oblieged to Federal Ministry for this decision."
Email: marry_moona2000@yahoo.com
City, Country:Lahore Pakistan


"hi, i have come across alot of such news on different websites,but epople said its not going to implement in 2011 but in 2014.its my humble request to please inform my through e-mail is it going to be happen in 2011 .will be very thankful to you. regards, Saadia"
Name: saadia
Email: twilight_lover81@hotmail.com
City, Country:sialkot,Pakistan

"HI Every body. I want to gave Yahoo Exaim because i have more knoledge of css. plz giv me detail informatn abt new policy 2011 of css.and alo provid syllabs informatin win wl da new policy apply"
Name: Mehar
Email: mehar.nazeer@gmail.com
City, Country:New Delhi, INDIA

"slam evry body!i wana appear in 2012 css xmz can any body guide me? my dob is 6th march,1986. thnx hina khan"
Name: hina khan
Email: heena_nisar@yahoo.com
City, Country:islamabad

"Please tell me the age limits for candidates who cn appear in CSS exams of 2012,"
Name: sadaf
Email: sadaf_fatima15@hotmail.com
City, Country:karachi

"salam to everybody: I am intend to take part in css.pls help if u can. thanx"
Email: finderboy_85@yahoo.com
City, Country:lahore

"I am join to CSS. And i am intersted in this professional filed.Please mail me to all sllaboud of css. And why paper in css."
Name: saddiq
Email: sadd.shahid@yahoo.com
City, Country:Lahore,Pakistan

"plz inform me about new policy.will 2011 examination held unde new policy?"
Name: imran
Email: imran2424@live.com
City, Country: karachi pakistan

"I got a lot of information. thanx"
Name: Habibullah
Email: habib_allah25@yahoo.com
City, Country: Karachi,Pakistan

"im confused about this 16 years of education..... as i have done my BBA (hons) so this makes my 16 yrs of education.... am i eligible for css exams?"
Name: kanwal teresa
Email: kanwal_lotus@yahoo.com
City, Country: rwp pakistan

"aoa,i jus wanna say that graduation nd nt masters should be the eligibilty criteria for after masters a specific approach is developed in thinking thus limitising ones faculties to a certain subject whereas after graduation a person can handle multi dimensional topics easily because he/she is already coming after taking p.s,islamiat, and english as compulsory exam subjects(which are also compulsory 4 css),those who wanna come in services direct after graduation plz allow them and pay a serious heed to this problem...."
Name: Aimen Nadeem
Email: emasheikh@yahoo.com
City, Country:faisalabad.Pakistan

"Assalam u alakum will you please let me know the schedule for the forthcoming CSS Exams and how to apply for that. I am also interested to know the procedure how to apply and from where i can have the latest informations thanks"
Name: Rana Naeem Akhtar
Email: Naeem_faculty@hotmail.com
City, Country:Karachi, Pakistan

"Assalamu Alikum, May you Please tell me about the well reputed institutions where the CSS interested students are equiped with specific creterian education."
Name: Naeem Akhtar Rana
Email: naeem_rana21@gmail.com
City, Country: pakistan, Gilgit

"i am agree with comments of aimen shiekh that she posted here,eligibility criteria should be remain same as in earlier exam,because mind of a graduate one is more fresh than master one due to increase in age of person create increase in responsibilities.it would be more issue for female because they have to be married by the willing of thier parrants.a married one has more responsibility in thier practical life,then how she can manage it?this would be vehement problem,hence think about it,i have mentioned some practical thing thier may b more problems,think"
Name: waqas hyder
Email: sweetrose_vicky@yahoo.com
City, Country: larkana,sindh,pakistan

"hi i am student of iiui in BS (ECO and Fin)i am v.happy when i read the new policy about CSS exam it is good step yo promote education 16 years education is compulsory for bacholar.im v.craz to give the CSS exam i want to shara smthing those students whose passed the exam plz sggest me optional which subjects choose means give the high socre? plz suggest me thanks"
Name: Muhammad Tayyab
Email: Tayyab_iiui05@yahoo.com
City, Country: sahiwal

"hi every one i want to be a css student and gude me that what i can do for that pazzzzzzzzzzzz MUJE BOHAT SHOK HAI"
Name: Muhammad Naseem
Email: onlyeverynight@yahoo.com
City, Country: Quetta Pakistan

"if such policy of enhancing 5 years age relaxation for css over-age candidates is implemented,it will be another feather in chairman cap because it will benefit most suitable and meritorious candidates in css.i will further comment that css exams should be commenced from march of every years and leniency should also be given to rural area candidates as material hardly is hardly available to them.thanks"
Name: ali bux bozdar of larkana
Email: a_bux36@yahoo.com
City, Country:tahsil ratodero distt larkana,pakistan

"HI this is Ashraf we should by cot of this new policy of fpsc becouse the fpsc is doing unfair"
City, Country:QUETTA

"i m very happy with the new css policy.thisis what i want to be .thanks to all my friends who have given suggestion for such policy"
Name: kaleem ullah
Email: lkakiqra@yahoo.com
City, Country:peshawer pakistan

"help me in choosing the books for the preparation of css? i donot know about the books that can help me in css thanks"
Name: Arslan
Email: maskhan115@yahoo.com
City, Country:sialkot, pakistan

"I wnt to know more abt css.could u please help me abt this exam2012 nd new policy nd also "Please tell me the age limits for candidates who cn appear in CSS exams of 2012,"
Name: Faiza
Email: fmushtaq4@yahoo.com
City, Country:Chicha Watni,Pakistan

"salam my name is dr sara saif my sister is b.a. honours m.a. i.r. m.a. political science n dilpoma in special education her age is 39years can she give exam of c.s.s. she is not doing job for last six years.kindly reply can she give the exam,"
Name: dr sara saif
Email: preety_woman_85@hotmail.com
City, Country:karachi

"Hallow and ASSALAM O ALAIKUM iwant to know that a private candidate can take part in css exames.i am doing Master of political Scince from pu as a private candidate.and i want to take part in css exames.what is the upper age limit for this exame.give the imformation about all this and about the syllabus of the css.i request for the scholership in css exames."
Email: mudassarg65@yahoo.com

"plz tell me age limits for candidates who can appear in css exams of 2012."
Name: saba ashiq
Email: sabamir_2010@hotmail.com
City, Country:abbottabad, pakistan

"i would like to rquest to the honourable president and FPSC to equate the maximum age limit to the age limit of neibouring countries i.e., bangladesh and india where age limit is 30 as against 28 in pakistan."
Name: khalid
Email: khalid_khan775@yahoo.com
City, Country:peshawar, pakistan

"I want to participate in css plz tell me process of prepration"
Name: Muhammad awais
Email: M_awaisbaloch@yahoo.com
City, Country:Sukkur

"the news is not quiet disturbing for us we should focus on our goal. God will help us "
Name: Muhammad waqas aslam
Email: waqas_aslam88@hotmail.com
City, Country:pakpattan

"hi, i want to take admission in css. can any buddy help me about this which subject should i choose."
Name: Muhammad Riaz
Email: meer.riaz87@gmail.com
City, Country:karachi, pakistan

Email: mudassarg65@yahoo.com

"salam, me bakhtiyar from swat i would like to know that what is the age limite for css exam."
Name: bakhtiyar ahmad
Email: bakhtiyar33@gmail.com
City, Country: swat pakistan

"i like it very much my dream is that i will fass the css exams"
Name: raja sunny
Email: rajasunnybhatti@yahoo.COM
City, Country:minchinabad

"Those who are interested in this css professional filed they have to do work very hard, they have to became a polite, they have also set their body language and main thing to give a css exam that they have to improve their grammer. I also will be have to give the css exams in coming css session loving freinds say me best of luck.?"
Name: Usaid ali chandio
Email: usaidchandio@gmail.com
City, Country: Hyderabad, Pakistan

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Scholarship for Pakistani students
Lahore: An agreement has been signed between WWF-Pakistan and Dr. Ruedi Hess, a Swiss Zoologist, to initiate an annual scholarship for Pakistani students to support the research work on ecology and conservation as part of their postgraduate degree within Pakistan. According to a news release, this agreement has been signed for five years. The scholarship would provide research grant as well as technical assistance to one or more postgraduate degree students every year.

The selection committee comprises of Dr. Ejaz Ahmad, Chair (Deputy Director General, WWF - Pakistan), Ruedi Hess, Uzma Khan (Manager Conservation Programme, WWF - Pakistan) and Babar Khan (Head Northern Areas, WWF - Pakistan) This scholarship would be beneficial for the students to help them pursue their academic goals and strengthen ecological research in Pakistan. The first scholarship will be announced later this year. This competitive scholarship aims to encourage young, and ambitious scientists to undertake research and publish their work internationally. App

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Probe begins in irregularities in teachers' allowance
Attock: An inquiry has been initiated into alleged misappropriation of 134 female teachers' dearness allowance and other malpractices by officials in the office of the deputy district officer education (females) Fatehjang during the last three years.

The investigation was ordered on the complaint of Ghulam Abbas, the general secretary of the teachers' association Attock, it has been learnt.

It may be noted that there has been no regular DDO (females) for the last five years and low grade officials have been running the affairs of the office.

A three-member inquiry team comprising Principal Government Pilot Secondary School Attock city Sheikh Asif Saddique (chairman), Headmaster Government High School No-2 Attock city Malik Mumtaz and Headmaster Government High School Kamra Hanif Khattak visited the office of the DDO to obtain and examine the record of account bills, salaries and allowances. However, the team was not provided with any record under one pretext or the other, the sources added. The inquiry team directed the staff to present the entire finance record of the office to it on May 30.

In the meantime, some influential political figures have started to hush up the inquiry to protect the officials involved, the sources added.

In February, an inquiry had also been initiated into the alleged financial irregularities but despite repeated reminders neither the officials presented any record to the inquiry officer nor appeared before him to record their statements. The matter was also brought into the notice of the authorities concerned of the district administration but to no avail.

The complainant alleged that an assistant and two clerks working in the DDO office for the last 10 years had withdrawn Rs584,507 from the National Bank of Pakistan's Attock branch on March 10 last year after the clearance from the district account office.

But the amount was not paid to the teachers concerned under the plea that the government had not provided any budget for it. Similarly, Rs44 per month were deducted from the salaries of the female teachers during the year 2006 by these three officials under the head of "group insurance" despite the fact that they were not authorised to do so. Dawn

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