High school teachers' test | KU guard beaten

6,000 appear in high school teachers' test
Karachi, May 27: Over 6,000 candidates appeared for the recruitment test of high school teachers, held at the Karachi Expo Centre on Tuesday.

The test was the last one and 4,631 female candidates and 1,369 male candidates appeared. The candidates were satisfied with the arrangements, while, during the examination, Sindh Assembly Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza also paid a visit to the examination center and expressed satisfaction over the arrangements.

She said that the standard of education would improve by recruiting teachers on merit, adding that positive changes will occur in society by recruiting competent teachers. She said that the greater number of female candidates shows that our nation gives importance to women's education.

Raza added that, on one hand, the government is trying to promote standardised education by recruiting teachers, while on the other, it is making serious efforts to eradicate poverty.

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Edu Dept audit report settled: PAC
Karachi: A meeting of the Sindh Public Accounts Committee (PAC) declared all paras of the audit report of the Education and Literacy Department as settled, however, the education secretary and Sindh Audit director general were asked to get verification of accounts of para number two by the Governor's House Secretariat.

At the meeting, presided over by PAC Chairman Jam Tamachi Unnar, the Sindh Audit officials mentioned that in the office of Chairman, Charter Inspection and Evaluation Committee, Education and Literacy Department, it was noticed that 21 private universities and institutions were issued charters during 2001 to 2004 but an amount of Rs 10.75 million on account of feasibility report, site inspection and annual monitoring fees was not recovered from them.

They further said that the non-recovery of dues was pointed out to the department and after that only Rs 7.5 million were recovered. Responding to them, Education Secretary Rizwan Memon presented his stance, saying that the Sindh Audit officials have committed a mistake while auditing the accounts of these institutions. He maintained that the actual dues against the institutions are only Rs 3.4 million. The PAC made Memon and Sindh Audit DG Ghayyoor Khan Soori bound to verify the accounts of this para by the Governor's House Secretariat, while the remaining paras were declared as settled. The PAC chairman lauded the performance of the education secretary regarding the maintenance of accounts and said it was the first department of its kind in the Sindh government that had all paras settled.

Meanwhile, Tamachi gave his observations regarding the handing over of contracts for construction of buildings of education institutes to inefficient and corrupt contractors. He raised the question as to why penalty was not imposed on contractors who could not complete the construction of buildings of three schools within the stipulated time. ppi

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KU guard beaten by student activists
Karachi: The University of Karachi (KU) witnessed yet another case of lawlessness when activists of a student organisation severely beat a security guard at the Maskan Gate of the university on Tuesday evening. The guard had to be hospitalised.

According to the details, some students belonging to a student organisation tried to enter Karachi University in a car with dark window glasses. The guard on duty at the gate, Iqbal, asked them to show their cards. At this, the students used abusive language and then mercilessly thrashed the guard. The Rangers personnel stationed at the gate remained a silent spectator.

Quite a large number of activists of the party gathered at the scene and then proceeded to the administration building and allegedly ransacked the office of the security officer Arman Ahmed and Student Advisor Dr Tanweer Khalid.

An insider from the KU administration confided that there was a feud between Arman Ahmed and Campus Security Advisor Dr Khalid Iraqi and the former wanted to use the occasion to put pressure on Dr Iraqi. "Arman Ahmed wanted to obtain some money on different pretexts and Dr Iraqi did not forward his requests as he (Dr Iraqi) thought the demand dubious", the source said.

Arman Ahmed denied the accusation saying that it was 'far fetched'. "There is always some professional jealousy and clash of interest, but it has nothing to do with current situation", he clarified.

Many calls to the office bearers of Employees Union and Officers Association went unanswered.

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LUMHS students go on fast unto death
Hyderabad: A group of the final year (MBBS) students of the Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS) on Tuesday started fast unto death outside the Hyderabad press club against the delay in providing house job. The students had warned at a news conference on May 20 to resort to this mode of protest if the higher authorities failed to take notice of the injustice.

The students say that nine monthsí late start of house job is keeping them several months behind their counterparts of other universities of the province. They add that because of delayed house job the students of LUMHS are unable to appear in public service commission, post graduate, national as well as international examination on time. The News

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