Wheat grown on Punjab University | BNU students' thesis diplay

Wheat grown on PU land distributed among employees
Lahore, May 30: Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran distributed wheat among low scale employees of the varsity at his official residence on Friday.

According to a press statement, the wheat was grown on the land which is a part of the VC House. Resident Officer-II Malik Zaheer and a large number of employees were present there. Over all, the Punjab University reaped a bumper wheat crop of 3,000 maunds this year at 35 maunds per acre yield. The wheat crop has been harvested under the self-cultivation scheme, which is a research project for the welfare of the PU employees and teachers.

PU is running self-cultivation scheme for the last 30 years. Under this scheme, wheat and rice crops are cultivated and sold to the Punjab University employees on the rates fixed by the government.

The scholars and students of Botany Department, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Department, Mycology and Plant Pathology Department also conduct research on the crops to increase the yield and get best quality products including wheat, rice and vegetables.

Resident Office-II Malik Zaheer said that Punjab University also grows best quality vegetables and also produce honey and fish and provide the same to its employees on subsidized rates. These projects are also part of the self-cultivation scheme. The News

PhD degree awarded at PU
Lahore: Punjab University has awarded PhD degree to Muhammad Muhammad Akhtar S/o Muhammad Latif in the subject of Earth and Environmental Sciences after approval of his research thesis entitled "The Climate change impact on water resources of upper Indus basin-Pakistan". He completed his thesis under the supervision of Punjab University Director Institute of Geology, University of the Punjab. F.P report

Punjab University lecture
Lahore: The Punjab University Department of Political Science organised a lecture on Pakistan in the comity of nations after nuclear explosionsÓ here on Friday. According to a press statement, former Foreign Secretary Shamshad Ahmad Khan was the keynote speaker while faculty members and a large number of students attended the lecture. The News

PUCIT students win fame for Pakistan
Lahore: The students of Punjab University College of Information Technology (PUCIT) are very active and extraordinary in curriculum and extra-curriculum activities and they have won fame for the college, university as well as for Pakistan at national and international contests. This was stated by Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran during the annual prize distribution ceremony of the college at Old Campus. PUCIT Principal Dr Mansoor Sarwar, Prof Dr Khawja Amjad Saeed and faculty members of the College and a large number of students were present on this gracious occasion.

The VC said that PUCIT students have won best delegation award at the European Model Conference where they competed with the students of European universities. It is not an easy task to won competition form European students, he added. The kind of educational and healthy environment, which the college have today, is the reflection of the leader of the college, Dr Mansoor Sarwar, who deserves laurels for these achievements which are based on his merit based decisions. He also congratulated the students who won various distinctions.

VC expressed his hope that such achievements of the college will help continue in the future. Speaking on the occasion Principal Dr Mansoor Sarwar praised his students who won distinctions for Punjab University as well as for Pakistan. He honorably mentioned the names of Atif Ali, Maria Majeed and Tasneem Sarwar. He said Atif Ali won 8 awards of national and international fame for the varsity during the last year while Tasneem Sarwar and Maria Majeed won best delegates award in the European Model Conference in Germany and Netherland.

Earlier the Vice-Chancellor and Principal awarded appreciation certificates to the students who won distinctions in quiz competition, naat competition, poetry competition and various other national and international events. The students also presented an excellent skit on our social problem of feudalism. Their skit highlighted that how in feudalism the children of poor farmer are kept away from education. F.P report

Court calls VC in appointment case
Lahore: Justice Hafiz Tariq Nasim of the Lahore High Court has summoned the Punjab University Vice Chancellor, Director Institute of Education & Research (IER) and Registrar of the University in a petition filed by removed Chairman of Business Education Department of IER.

The Judge has directed the respondents to appear in person before the court on June 03.

Petitioner Dr Abid Hussain, associate professor, IER, Punjab University submitted that he joined the institute in 1992 as lecturer.

According to him, as per rules of PU, every institution of the university maintains its separate list of seniority, vis-a-vis teaching faculty, and that he was at No.5 of the IER seniority list.

Being one of the senior faculty members of IER, he was appointed by the director as chairman Business Education department of the institute on March 06, 2009.

He pointed out that under calendar of the university only director of the institute was competent to nominate amongst the faculty member in accordance with seniority list to act as chairman of the various departments of the institute. Dr Abid further told that he started discharging his duties as chairman of the department peacefully to the best of his ability.

But the Registrar of the university without any lawful authority and without the permission of the director IER on March 26, 2009 issued appointment order of a lecturer, Shaukat Ali Raza, in place of the petitioner.

Petitioner contended that the respondent Shaukat Ali was at No.32 in the list of seniority of the faculty of the institute. Petitioner prayed to the court to set aside the order of respondent's appointment and order his restoration to the office of chairman Business Education Department of the IER. The Nation

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BNU students comment on society through art
Lahore: Students of the Beaconhouse National University (BNU) departments of students of Fine Art, Visual Communication Design and Jewellery Design displayed their final theses at the Alhamra Art Gallery on Friday.

The thesis display, which will continue until June 4, is a chance for the students to present their ideas to a mass audience. Most students chose to comment on various contemporary issues in a subtle manner. Ana Mahgul Farooq, a Fine Arts Department student, has chosen to depict various celebrities, including Quaid-e-Azam, Benazir Bhutto, Amitabh Bachchan and Osama Bin Laden, on empty cans for her thesis.

Explaining her theme, she said: "We sublimate the desire to fulfil our existence through the rewards of buying and owning materials, and are provided with substitutes for acculturating experiences of art, religion and family. This creates a paradox in which we see the image but are unaware of the original, leaving us as mere products suffering from inertia. This new conventional wisdom is my focus."

Preservation: Visual Communication Department student Ferwa Naqvi, meanwhile, has presented a new idea through her work; she plans to open a gallery where she can arrange workshops for Pakistan's local craftsmen and showcase their furniture, pottery, and fabrics. Named Chitarkari, she said her work on traditional items represented an initiative aimed at preserving a vital part of the Pakistani identity.

Another Visual Communication student, Rizwan Abbas, designed a board game, The Confinement. The game's main protagonists are a group of prisoners trying to escape a maximum security detention centre on an island near Karachi while a jail warden and his associates thwart such attempts. He said the game, which can be played by four people, was ready for sale. Tanya Masood, a student of Jewellery Design chose to redesign traditional Punjabi jewellery within a contemporary framework. Her work delighted many people due to its modern appeal.

Environmentally conscious: Maheen Marghub has worked to transform the Lahore Inter-city Public Transport. "As a Lahori, I feel there are a few aspects that can help change this city for the better. I have created a route map for the City BRT system as my thesis," she said. Umair Ishtiaq, meanwhile, has worked to promote using alternate fuels in Pakistan. He said: "My thesis project is based on promoting the use of alternative fuels and energies in Pakistan through a guerrilla marketing strategy. I opted for this concept because my research concludes that no one is creating this awareness in our part of world." Daily Times

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Panic grips Isakhel after suspects film colleges
Miawali: Panic gripped Isakhel town after two boys in the garb of PTCL officials snapped and filmed various portions of government degree colleges for boys and girls, respectively, on Thursday.

Two youngsters on a silver colour car reached Govt Degree College for Boys at around 2:30pm. Speaking in a Pushto dialect, they inquired about the principal from the security guard.

They were taken to the principal's office where they introduced themselves as PTCL officials conducting a survey to install high-speed internet and multimedia services in colleges.

One of the visitors engaged the principal in conversation about the area already provided with internet facility while the other guy went out and took snaps and video shots of every nook and corner of the college. Later, they went to the girls' college and repeated the same exercise.

In the meantime, the principal informed his staff about the PTCL survey. When they raised certain doubts, the principal decided to confirm the activity from local PTCL office.

The principal was shocked to hear from the PTCL officials that their department had not launched any such survey.

The principal informed the colleges district officer who advised him to contact the police in view of prevailing security situation.

It is worth mentioning here that nowadays exams are in progress in these colleges besides a large number of aspirants for their recruitment as educators visit these premises daily. Isakhel is located on the frontier of NWFP and Punjab and presence of Taliban in the surrounding areas is a constant threat to the local population.

Isakhel SHO Ahmed Abbas Khan said that they had increased the security around colleges and schools after the principal had informed them about the doubtful activity besides instructing the institutions' heads to keep a check on suspects entering the premises.

He also urged the heads of educational institutions to allow visitors only after verifying their national identity cards and recording their brief bio-data in a register. Dawn

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