70pc want permanent ban on Facebook

Public poll conducted by a technology blog
Karachi, May 26: The 70 per cent people in Pakistan want permanent ban on Facebook, while another 14 percent said they support court's order for banning the website till May 31, 2010.

In a public poll conducted by a technology blog, the participants expressed their sheer anger on Facebook for displaying blasphemous drawings of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW).

The vote count is in thousands while the poll is still running. In the first three days of the poll, some 70 per cent of participants said they want Facebook to be banned permanently in Pakistan, while another 15 per cent supported Facebook's ban till May 31 only.

The eight per cent participants were of the opinion that single URL ban was enough while the remaining seven per cent said they did not want ban on Facebook at all.

Lahore High Court has earlier ordered banning Facebook and YouTube till May 31 for showing inappropriate content on websites.
Commenting on poll results, Jabran Rafique, a student in London said that thousands of people had complained Facebook to remove the blasphemous content through Facebook's standard reporting procedure but no action was taken at all by the Facebook administration.

"But on the other hand they only took 20 minutes to shut down a page against Jewish on demand of some so-called Jewish cyber force.

Does it not a discrimination against only one race and religion? We must not use Facebook ever again," he concluded. The nation

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City, Country:USA

"This world has turned out to be a global village now, no wonder excess of everything and negative use of anything could be harmful (most of the times). Facebook when started it started out very well. Its CEO became the youngest millionaire in the year 2008. At the same time, when we talk about the usage rate of facebook in Pakistan in simple words facebook earns almost 47percent of its total revenue from Pakistan. The more we sign in to facebook the more we give money to them. For instance, i would like to tell you where the market of facebook game users lie in this world, without a doubt Pakistani market has such a potential to avail such opportunities, (rest of the world doesnt even have time for all such stuff). Facebook was built to develop a platform where social gatherings could meet and make stronger relations. Events, blog posts, communities and it has all that we need today to exchange our views and to broaden our minds, Pakistanis did everything except its above mentioned characteristics. But one mistake that facebook did recently was the competition that was held under the lead of Facebook team. This is where their frustration appeared. Now, this is the time we should wake up and serve them with some reply. The best we could do is to deactivate our accounts from the facebook to turn their profits (which they have been using against us) into losses.May Allah help us in these hard times."
Name: Bahrooz Ali Hashmi
Email: bahrooz.ali@live.com
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"what is the problem with this salman taseer and rehman malik all people of pakistan are demanding ban on facebook and they are going to unban it are they not muslim is this not elected party shame on them and salman taseer is the biggest ********"
Name: adnan
Email: adnan.malik25@yahoo.com
City, Country: lahore

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A writing on the wall(paper)!
Lahore: A local developer has come up with social networking website by the name of 'MillatFacebook' to facilitate the users of the banned Facebook in Pakistan.

The website was launched through the Judicial Activism Panel at the Lahore High Court Bar Association here on Tuesday.

The developers of MillatFacebook say they have launched the website for those who want to seek alternative to Facebook after its ban in Pakistan. The local network has all the features and efficiency which the banned one would offer, they claim, and add that their website will also serve as a warning for every website which would try to commit any sacrilegious act in future.

JAP chairman Muhammad Azhar Siddique said Pakistanis were not against modern technology but wanted its use within moral and religious bounds. He lauded the effort of Global IT Vision, the creator of MillatFacebook, and appealed to the Muslims to make the website a great success.

"We should give a strong message to the western world that we are independent Muslims who do not rely on such websites which insult our worthy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)," Azhar added. LHCBA President Mian Abdul Qaddus, Secretary Babar Murtaza Khan and Advocate Ahmad Sibtain Fazli also spoke. Dawn

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Facebook, knowledge-based website: Taseer
Lahore: Governor Salman Taseer has said knowledge-based corporations such as Facebook have significance in the current age and they are a great source of knowledge which should be utilised.

Addressing the 8th Convocation of the University of Central Punjab (UCP) on Tuesday, Taseer said the knowledge-based corporations were replacing industries in the current age. He said the country is being governed by genuine democracy and despite all the difficulties its journey would continue successfully.

He said that Pakistanis are peace loving who could never support terrorism in any form, adding that terrorists have no religion and they are losing ground in the country.

Talking about his recent visit to the US, the governor said he had told the people of the USA that Pakistan has played the most important role in the war on terror. He said the country is under a true democratic set-up at present and there is freedom, free media, no political prisoner or anything against the democratic norms. He said the democratic government has successfully countered all the challenges facing it including terrorism and internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Taseer further Pakistanis stands united against terrorists and supported the army in Swat in its successful operation which purged the area of militants. He said people like Faisal Shahzad, the accused in Times Square bombing, don't reflect the Pakistanis who have no liking for the subversive elements. He said the present government has remarkable success in handling the issue of millions of the IDPs who were sent back to their homes within months.Taseer said Islam was not spread due to militants in the sub-continent, rather Sufis spread the light of religion in the region. He said women have a remarkable role in the progress of the country and their education has great significance in this age.

The governor appreciated the role of Board of Directors Chairman Mian Amir Mehmood and former Governor Punjab Khalid Maqbool on the occasion. He hailed the role of Mian Amir Mehmood for improving standard of education in the private sector.

During the convocation, 928 degrees were awarded to students whereas medals were given to 51 position-holders.Former Governor Punjab Lt Gen (R) Khalid Maqbool, Chairman Board of Governors Mian Amir Mehmood, UCP Pro Rector Tahir Hijazi also spoke on the occasion. The news

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NA body on IT recommended legal action against Facebook
Islamabad: National Assembly Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunications Monday passed a resolution against blasphemous activities of Facebook and recommended to take international legal action against the responsible parties. The committee meeting chaired by MNA Chaudhry Muhammad Barjees Tahir, in the very onset drew the attention of the members towards blasphemous activities on face book and desired to have discussion on it first followed by the Ministry and concerned organizations' explanation about their performance against such blasphemous activities.

The Advisor to the Prime Minister on Information Technology and Telecommunication, Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Technology and the Chairman Pakistan Telecom Authority informed the Committee that blasphemous URL was blocked by the PTA, one day before the High Court ruling.

They also informed the Committee that no country has done any specific activity in this regard, except in Turkey where students have backed the blasphemous websites.

The Advisor told the Committee that the whole nation wanted to take measures against blasphemous activities and we blocked, not only the face book itself, but other websites also which were linking towards such blasphemous materials.

"We shall be doing this for all times to come. Though in Christianity they create movies and pictures of their Prophet but we would not tolerate caricature of our Prophet," he said.

The Chairman Standing Committee expressed the heart burning of Committee members on such hateful mater and put before the Committee to resolve that the Committee reject all times of blasphemous activities.

The Committee had on its agenda; to further probe into the privatization of PTCL in the light of previous meeting held on April 20, 2010; comprehensive briefing by NTC, on its performance during last two years and other items.

But, the agenda about the privatization of the PTCL was deferred for the next meeting as the Advisor to the Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh could not make it convenient to attend the meeting because of his heavy engagement for National budget.

The National telecom Corporation gave the presentation about their performance during last two years. After presentation few questions from members were also replied by the Advisor to the Prime Minister on Information Technology, Secretary Ministry of Information Technology and Chairman National Telecom Corporation. App

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Ban on Facebook, YouTube imposed under pressure
Islamabad: Participants of an interactive session on 'Curbing rights to information' observed that banning sites like Facebook and YouTube was done under pressure from an uninformed rightist lobby whereas these sites also contain huge body of learning material.

The session was organised by South Asian Free Media Association here on Tuesday. Prof Ashfaq Saleem Mirza conducted the proceedings.

Zafarullah Khan from Centre for Civic Education, answering questions said holding cartoon competition was a decision of some individuals and not of the institutions. He said that Gen Zia made us a single narrative generation where Urdu book after seeing its contents seems to be an Islamiat book. He asked why the courts do not take notice that minorities are forced to study a religion not of their own. He said all this emotive form is more in Pakistan whereas Muslims are there in Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc even in India. He said that Pakistanis living in other countries having access to Facebook will not be browsing the controversial pages anyway. It is up to you to browse a website or not. He said read Khilafat-o-Malukiat of Maulana Maudoodi and you will find how our system deteriorated.

Anchorperson Mazhar Abbas said activities like cartoon competition are increasing extremism in the Muslim world. He said that the government banned such sites for other reasons and not out of Islamic zeal. It provided relief to the government. The participants, however, said that it was banned by Lahore High Court and the government implemented the decision. Mr Abbas said that Pakistani people always rejected extremism in electoral votes. They know they can never win so they are doing politics of violence and oppose democracy, he said.

Zahid Hussain, a senior journalist, said that one can find hate material in East and West but the reaction and its justification in our country is quite different. He said something wrong there does not justify the same thing here. He said he heard even generals saying 9/11 did not take place.

Social scientist Harris Khalique said that international media and websites should definitely be more responsible when it comes to hurting the feelings of any community but opposed the mullas who wanted to try all those organising the websites like Facebook. He said that Article 2 of the Constitution contradicts fundamental rights.

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Facebook ban pushes second drive-in cinema project off-course
Karachi: The second drive-in cinema project, which was being organised by a separate group of students, has hit some snags after the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) imposed a ban on Facebook in the wake of a Lahore High Court (LHC) order.

The first drive-in cinema project, 'Cine Drive.' had been organised as a class project by some students from the Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST). Inspired by their success a group of four students, Pir Ali Gul, Ali Dadi , Shahrukh Ali and Muhammad Salman, all from separate universities, decided to follow up. They started marketing their project, 'Cinema on Wheels,' on Facebook. Everything was going well, until the Facebook ban "halted all progress," Gul said.

Marketing for the project had started a week before the ban on Facebook. The group had been using the social networking website to host polls, asking potential customers to vote for the movies that they want screened. Among English movies, the choice was between Ace Ventura-1, 2012 and Dark Knight; while in Indian films, users were asked to vote for either Sholay, Dil Chahta Hai or Hera Pheri. "As per our last updates, Sholay and Ace Ventura-1 were leading the polls, but since the ban, not only has the voting stopped, people are also confused whether the project is actually going ahead or not," Gul said.

The Facebook ban, the group said, had badly affected small businesses and events organised by students like them, who take on small initiatives to provide alternative forms of entertainment. "Groups such as ours don't have much of a budget. We can't spend money on billboards and heavy marketing; websites such as Facebook were our only option," they said, explaining that the cost of arranging a drive-in cinema in a space such as the one opposite the National Sailing Club costs around Rs150,000 per day. "If the Facebook ban is not lifted by May 31, as anticipated, the project may have to be cancelled for good, the group said. The news

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