Irregularities in UoE result detected

Irregularities in UoE result revisions detected
Lahore: The University of Education (UoE) has allegedly made a mockery of examination system as the results of different examinations have been revised on various occasions instead of conducting special examinations.

Documentary evidence available with The News reveal that dozens of students who otherwise were failed were declared pass through the revised results creating strong doubts about the whole process. In some cases the results were found revised more than twice.

According to details, result of BSc Hons (Part-IV) Chemistry Session 2004-08 was declared through notification No 316 on 06.02.2009 according to which only two students had appeared for the exam and both had failed in paper II. However, both students were declared pass after revision of result through a notification No 384 on 05.05.2009.

The notification of revised result reads "In supersession of this office Notification No. UE/CE/2008/316 dated 06.02.2009 regarding BSc Hons Chemistry Part-IV, Session 2004-08, Annual of Fall 2008, held on August 26, 2008, the result of following candidates is hereby declared after removing the objection concerned."

According to sources, the UoE Vice Chancellor had constituted a committee on 05.05.2009 to address grievances of the students of programmes BS (Hons) Chemistry BEd Part-I, Paper-II, BSc (Hons) Chemistry BEd Part-I (Medical/Non Medical) Papers I, II, III, BS Ed Part-II, Paper-I, MSc Chemistry BEd Part-I Papers I, II, III and BSc BEd Part-I.

They added that instead of conducting exams again to address their grievances in true spirit the students were awarded extra marks. "The answer sheets were re-evaluated despite the fact the same was not allowed under any rule," sources added.

A study of the documents also reveals that a number of notifications of revised results were issued much before constitution of the committee by the VC creating further doubts over the whole process of "addressing grievances of students."

According to the documents, the result of BS (Hons) Chemistry Part-I was declared through Notification No 317 on 09.02.2009. However, afterwards three notifications of revised results were issued which were notification No 362 (06.04.2009), 381 (04-05-2009) and 385 (05.05.2009).

Similarly the result of MSc Chemistry Part-II was declared through notification No 327 on 18.02.2009 however three different notification of revised results were issued afterwards which are notification No 336 (26.03.2009), 366 (10.04.2009) and 395 (14.05.2009).

The result of MSc BEd Part-I was declared through notification No 294 on 05.01.2009 while the result was revised twice afterwards through notifications No 347 (13.04.2009) and 388 (08.05.2009).

Likewise the other programmes that witnessed revised results include BSc BEd Part-I first notified on 18.03.2009 (notification number 334). The result of the same programme was revised on 02.05.2009 (376), 02.05.2009 (380), 04.05.2009 (382) and 12.05.2009 (393).

The result of BS Ed 2nd Prof was declared through notification No 302 on 17.01.2009 while the revised results were issued on five different occasions through notifications numbers 322 (12.02.2009), 379 (02.05.2009), 383 (05.05.2009), 389 (09.05.2009) and 391 (12.05.2009).

Similarly the programmes of BS Ed 3rd Prof (result announced on 29.12.2009), MSc Mathematics Part-I (09.02.2009) and MSc Chemistry BEd Part-I (11.03.2009) witnessed revised results.

Officials of the University of Education insisted that everything was done as per rules to provide relief to the students who had grievances over the exams.

When contacted, UoE Vice Chancellor Prof Dr MS Mirza said since the matter was a year old she could not recall the exact details. She, however, added that students had pointed out that the papers were out of course for which a committee was constituted.

She said that after thorough review relevant teachers and paper setters were asked by the committee to suggest solution so that students' genuine grievances could be redressed.

When asked whether the results could be revised without conducting exams, the UoE VC said the committee after thorough deliberations had decided to adjust the students. "This is something which is practiced in other universities as well," she claimed.

Dr Mirza said the results revised did not involve a single individual rather dozens of students were involved adding proper procedure was followed to issue the revised results.

She said the university had also blacklisted the examiners who had prepared out-of-course papers.

UoE Controller of Examinations Prof Dr Shaban Ali Bhatti said the students had not only pointed out the out-of-course question papers but they had expressed concerns over strict marking for which two separate committees, one representing Division of Science and other Division of Arts, were constituted by the VC.

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Orders for slips to GCU students
Lahore: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Thursday directed the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Lahore to immediately issue roll number slips to 88 students of the Government College University, Lahore.

The students were denied slips after the university administration had told the board that they were short of 75 per cent attendance.

Justice Sheikh Ahmed Farooq also suspended implementation of the GCU vice-chancellor's order through which he had asked the BISE authorities not to issue slips to the students.

After giving interim relief to the students, the court adjourned proceedings for a date to be fixed by LHC' registrar's office.

On the orders of the court, the BISE controller examination, the deputy controller examination, and the registrar of the GCU appeared before the court. Written reply on behalf of the VC was also filed in the court.

The GCU officials said that as per the university rules the students should have completed 75 per cent attendance.

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'PhD lecturers in varsities soon'
Lahore: Government College University (GCU) Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Khalid Aftab, highlighting the importance of quality research, said the people, teaching in universities, should have PhD degrees in their relevant fields. "Days are not far when the PhD will be the minimum required qualification for the appointment of lecturer in a university. So, make yourself ready for that time," Dr Khalid Aftab said while addressing the faculties of arts, social sciences and languages at GCU Bokhari Auditorium. He urged the GCU young faculty members to get themselves enrolled in the PhD programmes and produce quality research.

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PU organises Punjabi Mushaira
Lahore: The Punjab University's Department of Punjabi organised the world Punjabi Musahira in Sheerani Hall of the Oriental College on Thursday.

Renowned poets who recited their poems included Anwar Masood, Dr Inam-ul-Haq Javed, Saleem Kashir, Saleem Tahir, Dr Younis Ahqar, Shafiq Saleemi, Waliat Ahmad Farooqi, Imran Naqvi, Ali Asghar Abbas, Bushra Ejaz, Anjum Qureshi, Majeed Khawar (Mailsi), Zahid Nawaz (Jhang), Maqbool Gillani (Multan), Dr Adil Soomro (Sindh), Dr Aman Ullah (USA) and Dr Tufail Khalish (Germany).

The recitation of fascinating and elegant verses repeatedly made the audience break into spontaneous and thunderous applause. Dr Naheed Shahid acted as stage secretary during the Mushaira.

On the conclusion of the poetic session, PU Vice Chancellor Dr Kamran observed that nations which kept their literature and culture alive always inherited great civilisations.

Seminar held on Press Freedom Day: Freedom does not mean freedom of criticism on the government rather it should be taken as freedom to inform people about real issues.

This was stated by noted journalist Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami at a seminar held in connection with 'World Press Freedom Day' at the Punjab University's Institute of Communication Studies (PUICS) on Thursday, said a press statement.

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UHS to hold paramedics exams
Lahore: The Punjab government has handed over the task of conducting examinations of different categories of paramedics to the University of Health Sciences (UHS), Lahore.

The examinations were earlier conducted by the Punjab Medical Faculty (PMF). The decision was made by the Governing Body of PMF under section 17(v) of the by-laws of the Punjab Medical Faculty, according to a press release here on Thursday.

In a notification, issued in this regard by the Punjab Health Department, it has been said that the UHS would develop revised curricula for courses of paramedical categories by the end of next month and conduct examinations according to approved courses from academic year 2011 and onwards. The news

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PUASA protest
Lahore: PU Academic Staff Association (PUASA) is to stage a protest rally today, from the Institute of Chemical Engineering to the Institute of Education and Research, to show solidarity with Prof Iftikhar Baloch, and for the early arrest of the remaining fourth culprit nominated in the FIR. Academic Staff Association (ASA) President Prof Dr Mehr Saeed Akhtar and General Secretary Prof Javed Sami will lead the protest demonstration. The protesters will wear black gowns, badges and ribbons and carry banners, bearing anti-Islami Jamiat Talaba slogans. Daily times

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