Learning disorders with reading, writing, mathematics

Learning disorders hinder achievements
May 21: Learning disorders are academic difficulties experienced by children and adults of average to above-average intelligence. People with learning disorders have difficulty with reading, writing, mathematics, or a combination of the three. These difficulties significantly interfere with academic achievement or daily living.

Description: Learning disorders, or disabilities, affect approximately 2 million children between the ages of six and 17 (5% of public school children), although some experts think the figure may be as high as 15%. These children have specific impairments in acquiring, retaining, and processing information. Standardized tests place them well below their IQ range in their area of difficulty. The three main types of learning disorders are reading disorders, mathematics disorders, and disorders of written expression. The male: female ratio for learning disorders is about 5:1.

Reading disorders: Reading disorders are the most common type of learning disorder. Children with reading disorders have difficulty recognizing and interpreting letters and words (dyslexia). They aren't able to recognize and decode the sounds and syllables (phonetic structure) behind written words and language in general. This condition lowers accuracy and comprehension in reading.

Mathematics disorders: Children with mathematics disorders (dyscalculia) have problems recognizing and counting numbers correctly. They have difficulty using numbers in everyday settings. Mathematics disorders are typically diagnosed in the first few years of elementary school when formal teaching of numbers and basic math concepts begins. Children with mathematics disorders usually have a co-existing reading disorder, a disorder of written expression, or both.

Disorders of written expression: Disorders of written expression typically occur in combination with reading disorders or mathematics disorders or both. The condition is characterized by difficulty with written compositions (dysgraphia). Children with this type of learning disorder have problems with spelling, punctuation, grammar, and organizing their thoughts in writing.

Causes and symptoms: Learning disorders are thought to be caused by neurological abnormalities that trigger impairments in the regions of the brain that control visual and language processing and attention and planning. These traits may be genetically linked. Children from families with a history of learning disorders are more likely to develop disorders themselves. In 2003 a team of Finnish researchers reported finding a candidate gene for developmental dyslexia on human chromosome 15q21.

Learning difficulties may also be caused by such medical conditions as a traumatic brain injury or brain infections such as encephalitis or meningitis.

The defining symptom of a learning disorder is academic performance that is markedly below a child's age and grade capabilities and measured IQ. Children with a reading disorder may confuse or transpose words or letters and omit or add syllables to words. The written homework of children with disorders of written expression is filled with grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and organizational errors. The child's handwriting is often extremely poor. Children with mathematical disorders are often unable to count in the correct sequence, to name numbers, and to understand numerical concepts. Diagnosis: Problems with vision or hearing, mental disorders (depression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), mental retardation, cultural and language differences, and inadequate teaching may be mistaken for learning disorders or complicate a diagnosis. A comprehensive medical, psychological, and educational assessment is critical to making a clear and correct diagnosis.

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Gomal varsity teacher on ECL
Dera Ismail Khan: Commissioner Humayun Khan on Thursday recommended to the provincial government to put the name of a teacher of Gomal University on Exit Control List (ECL), officials said.

Rashid Muneer, a teacher in Statistics Department at Gomal University, reportedly had an affair with a married woman in Dera city and both of them were willing to marry once she would get divorce from her husband.

However, the video clip of their immoral act brought the matter to light. The teacher escaped and went into hiding while the city police registered a case under sections 376, 337-L and 354-A PPC against him.

Gomal University Vice Chancellor Mansoor Akbar Kundi constituted a three-member committee comprising Dean of D-Pharmacy Faculty Dr Gul Majeed, Dean of Agriculture Faculty Professor Dr Said Muneer and Professor Dr Khalid of Physics De-partment to investigate the case.

Meanwhile, DI Khan Commissioner Humayun Khan intimated the Additional Home Secretary for putting the name of the accused on the ECL, besides informing the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa governor and inspector general of police about his recommendation to the provincial government against the accused. The sources said the medical examination conducted into the case proved the occurrence of the incident. The news

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Education department refuses to surrender building to police
Peshawar: The education department has refused to hand over the building of Government Degree College Badbher to police for setting up a police station there.

During a visit on Thursday, the college staff said that police had requested the provincial government to give the college building to them for changing it into a police station. The police station in the areas was blown up in a bomb blast last year.

The teachers said that there was no other college in the area. If the building was handed over to police the students would have to say goodbye to education as most of them belonged to poor families and could not afford to go to the city for getting education, they added.

They said that the covered area of the college was about 22 acres while the police station needed hardly four acres. But if police were shifted to the college the rest of the building would be of no use, they added.

They said that the college was damaged in the suicide bomb blast last year and government approved funds for its repair and reconstruction. "The repair work of some portions of the college has also been started," they said.

The Badbher police station was blown up by terrorists last year and since then police have been trying to occupy the college building. The college is located very close to the police station site."For the time being, police have hired a residential house to use it as police station. But it is located away from the main road and cannot fulfil the requirements," an official of the police station said.

He said the police station also needed a vast ground for parking the impounded vehicles and other properties cases. He said it was duty of the government to reconstruct the building of police station.

He admitted that government had allocated sufficient funds for the reconstruction of police station but it would take a lot of time and the delay would cause problems for police as they were not safe in the residential area. The official said that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly deputy speaker was trying to help expedite reconstruction of the police station. Dawn

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