Punjab University female teacher's revelations

PU under the spotlight, yet again
Lahore, May 17: A Punjab University senior female teacher's stand against the alleged corruption by pro-Islami Jamiat Taliba (IJT) teachers has once again left the entire educational community in shock and instead of seeking help from a controversial vice chancellor, they are expecting the government to take notice of the issue and rise to their rescue.

The alleged corruption story that the female PU teacher has mentioned in her five-page application has blown the lid on the activities of two corrupt pro-IJT teachers and their violations of merit since they think that working under the banner of a so-called religious group makes them immune to rules and regulations of the varsity. They are so confident in their authority because they believe that even the government is helpless when it comes to the IJT.

The corruption alleged in the application and the fact that no action was taken against the accused exposes the double standards of PU VC Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran, who did not hesitate to rush to Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif seeking help against the IJT activists who attacked a teacher, but chooses to remain silent in the case of IJT-sympathising teachers accused of corrupt practices.

One has to wonder why the CM does not ask Kamran why he had allowed the university to stay closed for 30,000 students just so that the IJT could hold its elections in the varsity. Last week, PU Institute of Communication Studies (ICS) senior faculty member Dr Afira Hamid Ali submitted an application to the PU VC, in which she revealed how students were illegally admitted into the varsity and passed in their exams by violating PU rules. She also claimed that mark sheets were allegedly tampered with by former PU ICS director Dr Qari Mughessud Din Sheikh and ICS Director Dr Ahsan Akhtar Naz.

Submit proofs: Dr Afira, in her application, said that she had proof of the corrupt practices, adding that she would present the proof at a "proper time", as she plans to first submit the application to Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer, Chief Minister Shabaz Sharif, the Higher Education Commission chairman and Lahore High Court Chief Justice Khawaja Muhammad Sharif. The former ICS director was quick to respond, saying that he would face Dr Afira in court.

Perhaps the saddest fact in this entire episode is the fact that no government authority has shown even a hint of being interested in asking the VC why he rushed to the CM for aid any time a teacher was attacked by the IJT, but ignored any hard facts that were revealed regarding the corrupt practices of the group. Revelations that would make any VC take strict and stern measures against the IJT. Who would have thought the VC would go as far as to ignore the fact that even his own appointed inquiry officer, in his report, had revealed that admissions in M Phil were being conducted in violation of merit and that the admission committee was not fulfilling all the requirements for admissions.

Several PU teachers claim that these inquiries are pointless and are nothing but a show of strength on the part of the VC. According to them, taking action against the IJT is never considered an option and the VC launches such inquires to ensure the group does not overstep its reach and make any moves against the varsity head.

They said that the allegations levelled against the pro-IJT teachers were disheartening for the rest of the teachers at the varsity, students, civil society and the human rights activists who had protested against the group in every corner of the city.

With this latest corruption issue, foreign universities across the globe have their eyebrows raised, as they already condemn the varsity on the issue of plagiarism. This latest fiasco could result in foreign universities denying admissions to PU students. In such an environment, the government should play its due role, with the Punjab CM inquiring from the VC why he had conveniently chosen to leave out the instances of corruption while seeking his help whenever he feared an imminent attack from the IJT activists.

It is worth mentioning that no male PU teacher has thus far dared to raise his voice against the IJT's corrupt practices. It took a female teacher to rise up against such a group and the government should not only appreciate the teacher's courage, but should also consider the sensitivity of the matter and hold the PU VC responsible for the bad name currently being given to the varsity.

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"salam with a due respect. dear i am the student of Internatiol islamic university islambad. and alomost 99% of the students are against IJT. they have forcly put this terrorist group in university by the support of our Addminstration. and our addministration is fully suporting IJT becouse it is coposed of there own persone they hired by force themselves. the managment of our university is nill becouse of them , the persons they forcly hired do not have any ethics to deal with the student even they do not know what actully charactere is . fellows and teachers . the illegal activities started by the islami jamiat e tulaba is increases day by day. IJT had covered saveral universities in pakistan making an illegal activites in the universities.. i have been told from the reliable sources by one of my friend who used to be involed in all the activivities of IJT that it IJT is has a forign support. saudi arebia , israeal and some other countries involed in financing IJT. Friend told be it seem to be a terrorist g roup, washing the brain of student for the jiahad by the name of islamic jiahad. two months before they have put addnan to death. 150 students of IJT , indeed not student the terrorest of IJT had beaten Adan the student of UET peshawer bruterly with sticks and other arms... so he was addmited to hospital in which due to saver pain he had lost his life . His mother became a psychi patint and she too had passed away in vary week. she had lost her memory in that days. Adnan was the only son of his parents. his fater died saveral years before.the only mistak of Adnan was that he was listning a music in his hostel room. this is what they call Islam, forcly implementing. Every day they beat on of the our universitys student with out any couse."
Email: khan77@yahoo.com
City, Country: Islamabad

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PU IMPP students, parents continue protests for 5th day
Lahore: Students of Punjab University's Institute of Mycology and Plant Pathology and their parents continued their protests for the fifth consecutive day on Saturday against the varsity administration and Higher Education Commission on the issue of their degrees.

The protesters chanted slogans and demanded their futures be secured, saying the HEC should consider their degrees equal to an agricultural degree, as it was proving to be an obstacle in getting jobs. PU Registrar Dr Naeem Ahmad Khan said the PU administration had set up a committee under the supervision of IMPP Dean Dr Shahida Hasnain to look into the matter and it would be resolved soon. He said the varsity would also get in touch with the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, adding he is hopeful that the students' demands would be met soon. Students of PhD, MPhil, and BS (hons) at the IMPP and their parents had gathered at the PU campus, which was open to catch up with the classes missed due to last month's strikes.

Threats: The students said the varsity administration was threatening them to end their protests instead of considering their demands. They said the disinterested attitude of the administration and HEC would ruin their futures, as they had not been employed despite getting degrees.

A female statement elaborated on the issue, saying they were studying agriculture-related subjects in their curriculum, but the HEC and PU were not regarding their degrees as agricultural degrees, hence they were not getting any jobs. The students blamed the HEC and the varsity administration for the unemployment of several IMPP graduates.

The students' parents also condemned the administration's policies and said it seemed they were paying thousands of rupees for nothing. Dr Ghazala Naseem, the IMPP in-charge, had already said that the HEC was confused over the department's name, which did not imply to an agricultural department. She said the PU administration was making efforts to first change the name of the department and will then introduce new syllabus – approved by the HEC. She said they will then contact the agricultural university to consider the PU degrees equal to their degrees. Dr Ghazala said they had also sent suggestions to PU's Board of Study, and are making efforts to help their graduates get jobs. Daily times

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PU MA, MSc, MBBS date-sheet
Lahore: The Punjab University Examinations Department has announced the rescheduled date-sheets of MA/MSc Annual Examinations 2010. The MA/MSc, Part-I, Annual Examination 2010, will now commence from 18-06-2010 while Part-II, Annual Examination 2010, will commence from 08-07-2010. LLB Part-I, Annual Examination 2010, will commence from 12-07-2010 while Part-II examinations will start from 13-07-2010. The Punjab University also announced the date-sheet for the Third Professional MBBS (New Re-Organised Scheme) Supplementary Examination 2009 to be held from May 19, 2010. The news

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PU awards PhD to Zaheer Ahmed
Lahore: The Punjab University (PU) has awarded a PhD to Zaheer Ahmed Shafique, after approval of his research thesis titled the 'Punjabi Addab Vich Tarjame De Revayyat', according to a notification issued on Sunday.

Shafique, a faculty member in the PU Punjabi Language Department, has completed his thesis under the supervision of Dr Nabeela Rehman. app

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LHC stays PU from terminating lecturer
Lahore: Justice Farrukh Irfan Khan of the Lahore High Court has restrained the Punjab University from terminating the service of a female Philosophy lecturer, issuing notices to the varsity authorities for June 2.

The judge issued the order on the petition of Beenish Javed, who through her counsel, submitted that she had passed her B.A examination in 2005 and got admission to M.A Philosophy.

The petitioner said that she was not satisfied with her B.A result and applied for improvement of marks after the getting permission from the varsity authorities. She passed her BA exam in 2006, securing better marks. She got her new BA result card, getting the previous cancelled.

She also passed her Masters exam, securing third position in the university. Consequently, s0he was selected as a Philosophy lecturer at the varsity.

She said the PU authorities issued her a notice on April 17, 2010, canceling her masterís degree on account of alleged use of unfair means and cheating the university.

She alleged that the university authorities started proceedings against her after her selection as a lecturer because they wanted to appoint a person of their own choice in her place.

She requested the court to stop the respondents from posting a new person against the seat in the Philosophy department.

Restringing the varsity from terming her service, the court sought para-wise comments from the vice chancellor, the disciplinary committee secretary, the controller examination and the election board of the Punjab University chairman. The news

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Sichuan University team visits PU today
Lahore: A 26-member delegation from Sichuan University China, led by its Vice-President and accompanied by 5 teachers and 20 students from various disciplines will be visiting Punjab University New Campus today (Monday) at 9:00 am to hold a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor and interaction with PU scholars and students on academic and research matters.

On their arrival at the Institute of Bio-Chemistry and Bio-technology, the delegation will be extended a warm welcome by the Vice-Chancellor along with senior PU faculty members and students. Later, signing ceremony of a MoU will be held at the office Committee Room of the Vice-Chancellor which will be signed by Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran and the Sichuan University Vice-President. The Vice-President and the Chinese students would also be taken for a tour of the PU to apprise them about the on-going academic pursuits at various faculties of the varsity. The nation

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