FDE eight DGs in only one-and-a-half years

FDE saw eight DGs in just one-and-a-half years
Islamabad, May 12: The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has seen eight directors general (DGs) within a span of one-and-a-half years.

After Atiqur Rehman, who quit as the director-general on August 31, 2009, the phase of frequent changes in the directorate started.

On September 1, 2009, Shaista Peerzada took over the charge of the FDE. But she was removed from the post in just four months.

She was followed by Dr Shahnaz Anjum Riaz who took over on January 9, 2010 but left the office in one month.

Dr Shaheen Khan survived for a month, and on March 11, 2010 Ms Anjum Riaz got the charge back again. However her second tenure was even shorter than her previous stint and she was out in about two weeks.

The vacant slot went back to Dr Shaheen Khan again on March 25, 2010 and she served till November 14.

The next director-general was Aurangzeb Rehman who assumed his duties on November 15, 2010, only to quit on January 19, 2011.

Dr Shaheen Khan was in charge for the third time but was removed again on April 5, 2011.

The position was then given to Chaudhry Mohammad Nazir who is the present FDE director-general.

"Eight directors general in just one-and-a-half years speaks volumes about the performance of the government," a senior official of the FDE said on condition of anonymity.

He blamed "the irresponsible attitude of the people sitting at the helm of affairs for the sorry state of affairs of the department".

Another official said every DG wanted to run the institution the way he wanted, paying no heed to the rules and regulations.

He said originally the tenure of the post of DG was three years.

Criticising the frequent changes, another high ranking official of the department said every change affects the whole structure of the department, which in turn affects its efficiency.

Education plays a key role in the development of a country but it seems that "our policymakers have different ideas".

He believed that if a director-general was allowed to complete his or her tenure it would have enhanced the efficiency of the department and provided quality education.

Joint Secretary Education and Establishment of Capital Administration Development Division (CAD Div) Mohammad Rafiq Taher admitted that frequently changing the directors general had affected the overall performance of the department.

However he refused to comment when he was asked as to why these frequent changes were made at this important position. Dawn

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Seminar on women's role in art held at FJWU
Rawalpindi: By keeping the factors in mind that gender equality is the key element in the process of development and women play a pivotal role in the socio, political, cultural and economic sectors, the Department of Gender Studies, Fatima Jinnah Women University, organised a seminar titled 'Women's Participation in Tangible and Intangible Art' here on Wednesday.

The aim of this seminar was to highlight the women's contribution in art. Dr. Shamim Zaidi, Chairperson of Communication and Media Studies Department was the chief guest. During her address she highlighted women's contribution in the field of art. She focused on the patronisation of cultural heritage and the role of women as custodian of this heritage must be recognised.

On this occasion, Adeela Rehman, Lecturer Gender Studies presented her website on 'Gender, Art & Culture Research Network', which is the web of women's participation in tangible and intangible art as well as promotion and preservation of culture.

The university students added colour to the function by presenting the beautiful cultural dance on 'Mane-de-Mauj' under the supervision of Adeela Rehman. The performance was primed to enhance women's work for the promotion of culture.

Dr. Rukhsana Hassan, Chairperson, Department of Gender Studies concluded the session. Number of students and faculty members attended the seminar. They all appreciated the teamwork of gender studies department for holding such events, which promote women's contribution.

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IIU information centre launched
Islamabad: International Islamic University, Islamabad, Rector Professor Fateh Muhammad Malik inaugurated the information centre at Faisal Mosque established by Da'wah Academy of IIU here on Wednesday. Speaking on the occasion, Sahibzada Sajid-ur-Rehman, Director General, Da'wah Academy highlighted the importance of the newly established information centre. He said that it will provide information about the functions and achievements of the university.

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Dr Presler named Edwardes College principal
Peshawar: Rev Canon Dr Titus Presler has been appointed as the principal of the Edwardes College, Peshawar.

According to a press release, Dr Presler was selected for the position after a national and international search conducted by an inter-religious committee formed by the college board of governors, which is chaired by the governor of the province.

Dr Presler brings with him a background of academic and church leadership, scholarly productivity and cross-cultural and inter-religious engagement.

As President of the Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas, where he was Professor of Mission and World Christianity, he oversaw development of a detailed strategic plan and completion of an $8.1 million capital campaign.

As Sub-Dean and Vice-President of Academic Affairs at General Theological Seminary in New York City, Dr Presler energised consultation in faculty committees, initiated a broad-based curriculum review, and developed an academic programme in mission and world Christianity. He earlier taught at the Harvard Divinity School and at Episcopal Divinity School, both in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

He also remained rector of St. Peter's Church, Cambridge, Massachusetts, for 11 years. Recently he was interim pastor of the Church of St. Simon the Cyrenian in New Rochelle, New York, and earlier served several other congregations. He was for five terms a deputy to the Episcopal Church's General Convention and chaired the church's Standing Commission on World Mission.

Dr Presler is honours graduate of Harvard College and later studied and taught at Harvard Divinity School. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from General Seminary and a Doctor of Theology degree from Boston University.

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Miramshah school lacks basic facilities
Miramshah: The students and staff members at the Government High School (GHS) Miramshah have been exposed to a host of problems, as there are no basic facilities, learnt on Wednesday.

The school lacks basic amenities and its infrastructure is in a shambles. The school has 1,200 students who regularly attend their classes. However, the classrooms lack windows while the furniture is in bad shape.

Drinking water is also not available to the students. There is no boundary wall, electricity and water storage system. Students have no option but to go to a nearby mosque to quench their thirst. The residents have asked the authorities concerned to renovate the school and provide facilities to the students and staff as soon as possible. The news

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